September 2019
Board members praised the afternoon workshop on accreditation given by Sean Hancock, Vice Chancellor of Student and Institutional Success; Catherine Webb, Grossmont College Dean of College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness; and Bri Hays, Cuyamaca College Senior Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Success and Equity. Trustee Elena Adams said that learning more about the Governing Board’s role in accreditation made her feel more comfortable about the accreditation site visits September 30-October 3.

Trustees also complimented the colleges on the convocations held at the beginning of the academic year. Trustee Debbie Justeson said she always enjoyed attending convocation to hear about the colleges’ plans. Trustee Bill Garrett said the convocations were well done and a good way to get back into the school year.

Trustee Brad Monroe commented on the groundbreaking for the Ornamental Horticulture facility renovations, where he spoke about his connection to the program as its founding coordinator. He also discussed his visit to a facility where migrant children are being housed.

Cuyamaca College Student Trustee Sonia Mendoza-Reyes discussed activities at the college, including a project to assist homeless students by providing them toiletry items. She and Grossmont College Student Trustee Amy Bianchi both attended a conference for student trustees. Bianchi reported that Grossmont College’s ASGC held its first meeting of the school year, and the organization’s website is being revised.

Board President Linda Cartwright also attended both colleges’ convocations and the groundbreaking for the Ornamental Horticulture facility renovations. 
At its September 10 meeting, the Governing Board:
  •  Approved the District’s 2019-20 Adoption Budget, with a general fund budget of approximately $562.4 million, after holding a public hearing.
  • Heard a presentation on metrics for board monitoring of student access/equity/success from Chris Tarman, Associate Vice Chancellor, Research, Planning & Technology; Catherine Webb, Grossmont College Senior Dean, College Planning & Institutional Effectiveness; and Brianna Hays, Cuyamaca College Senior Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Success and Equity.
  • Approved an amended and restated Joint Powers Agreement for the Water Conservation Authority.
  •  Established an advisory ad hoc board facilities and construction committee, and selected Trustees Bill Garrett and Brad Monroe to serve on the committee.
  •  Reviewed and approved updates when necessary to Administrative Procedure and Board Policy 2410, Board Policies and Administrative Procedures; AP and BP 3310, Records Retention and Destruction; BP 3710, Security of Copyright; BP 3715, Intellectual Property; AP and BP 4250, Probation, Dismissal, and Readmission; AP and BP 5010, Admissions and Concurrent Enrollment; and AP and BP 6320, Investments.
  • Adopted Student Equity Plans for Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges.
  • Reviewed purchase orders and warrants for July and August totaling more than $75.9 million.
  •  Ratified awarding a contract to Janus Corporation for the Grossmont College fan coils 53 and 55 replacement abatement.
  • Ratified awarding of a contract to M.A. Stevens Construction, Inc. for the Cuyamaca College Learning Resource Center roof replacement.
  • Ratified awarding a contract to Elite Relocation for Grossmont College move services.
  • Approved an emergency contract to repair damage at the classroom sink cabinets at the Cuyamaca College Child Development Center.
  •  Approved travel by Grossmont College instructor Gareth Davies-Morris to London, England to attend the H.G. Wells Society conference.
  •  Approved travel by Grossmont College Counseling Professor Dave Dillon to Milan, Italy to attend the Open Education Consortium global conference and to accept an award for his online textbook.
  • Ratified the employment of Marvin Brown, Grossmont College custodian; Steven Carpenter, Grossmont College custodian; Ignacio Castaneda Garcia, Cuyamaca College Automotive Technology Instructor; Enrique Cervantes, Grossmont College English Instructor; Herschel Fagan, Grossmont College Custodian; Francisco Gonzalez, Cuyamaca College Director, Campus Facilities, Operations and Maintenance; Alyona Gorokhova, Grossmont College English as a Second Language Instructor; Terrell Hale, Grossmont College Custodian; Eric Klein, Grossmont College Learning and Technology Resources Dean; Gabriel Neri, District Services Web Application Specialist; Nancy Saks, Senior Dean, Allied Health and Nursing.
  •  Ratified salary placement and position changes for Bryan Cooper, Cuyamaca College Instructional Media Services, Lead; Paulina Downing, Cuyamaca College Evaluations Advisor; Regina Sandoval, Cuyamaca College Financial Aid Assistant, Senior. Position transfers were also approved for Barbara Gallego, Grossmont College Financial Aid Supervisor; and Sandra Kuntz, Grossmont College International Student Specialist.
  • Approved a short-term hourly position for a graphic designer at Cuyamaca College.
  •  Heard public comments from Cuyamaca College Assistant Bookstore Manager Jacqueline Hernandez and from Grossmont College Faculty Evaluator Carolinn Torwick regarding employment issues. 
Governing Board
 Linda Cartwright
Debbie Justeson
Elena Adams
Bill Garrett
Brad Monroe

Student Trustees:
Amy Bianchi
Sonia Mendoza-Reyes

Cindy L. Miles, Ph.D.

Grossmont College
Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh, Ed.D.

Cuyamaca College President
Julianna Barnes, Ed.D.

Vice Chancellors
Tim Corcoran, Human Resources
Sean Hancock, Ed.D. Student & Institutional Success
Sue Rearic, Business Services
Next Meeting
The Governing Board's next regular meeting will be held Tuesday, October 15, at Grossmont College's Griffin Gate. The open session will begin at 5:15 p.m., with closed session to follow.

Site Reports
Meeting agendas are posted on the District website and in the district and presidents' offices 72 hours before regular meetings and 24 before special meetings.
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Cuyamaca College President Julianna Barnes and Grossmont College President Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh reported on the colleges’ convocations. Barnes said the college is reevaluating its vision, mission and values, and participants turned in 284 responses when asked to give one word that describes Cuyamaca College. Among the top choices were “student-centered,” “caring” and “family values.” Abu-Ghazaleh said the college’s slogan of “Dare to Care and Care to Dare,” demonstrated the colleges’ support of students and shows a willingness to take risks to better serve students.

Chancellor Cindy Miles discussed her attendance, along with Anne Krueger, Communications and Public Information Director, and Michael Williamson,Chancellor's Executive Assistant, at the State of the City address given by Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez (pictured) . She said district leaders are engaging with the community through service groups and City Council meetings to spread the word in East County about the excellent work being done by the District. Miles also commended the many activities offered by both colleges during Welcome Week to help make sure students get a good start to the school year.