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September, 2019
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Illinois Changing Employment Landscape
By Walter J. Liszka, Esq.
The Honorable J.B. Pritzker has been very busy in enacting sweeping changes to the Employment Law Landscape through the passage of various pieces of legislation in the State of Illinois. These legislative changes have modified the Illinois Human Rights Act and the Illinois Victim Economic Security and Safety Act and created the new Workplace Transparency Act, which has imposed new reporting, training and contracting requirements as well as expanding the potential legal liability of employers.
As well, Amendments to the Illinois Equal Pay Act have raised issues with regard to the hiring process and the Organ Donor and School Activity Leave has added to the Changing Landscape.

Here is a "quick summation" of the various changes:

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Yes, There are Certain Categories of Workers who are Independent Contractors by Law Under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act
By Nancy E. Joerg, Esq.
Under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act (hereinafter "Act"), there are certain kinds of workers (for example, real estate appraisers, direct sellers, certain kinds of newspaper delivery people) who are exempt from employment (i.e., independent contractors) as long as the specific legal requirements are met.

If your company uses any of these types of workers, it is important to know the details of the specific exemption under the Act so that you don't unwittingly fail to meet the requirements of the exemption.
As an illustration, in Illinois, truck owner-operators are exempt from employment under Section 212.1 of the Act, but specific legal requirements must be met in order for the truck owner-operator to be exempt from employment. If all six parts of Section 212.1 are not met, then the truck owner-operator will be considered an employee and not an independent contractor under the Act.

The following is a list of some of the many industry specific and other exemptions under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act:

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Get Ready! All Owners of Hotels and Casinos in Illinois Must Soon Protect Their Employees from Sexual Assault with Panic Button Safety Devices!
By Anthony J. Caruso, Jr., Esq.
Employers covered under the new law : All hotels and casinos located in Illinois, regardless of the number of employees, number of guest rooms, or size.

Employees covered under the new law : Any employee (full or part-time, as well as employees of subcontractors) assigned to work in a guest room, rest room, or casino floor.
Employers must do the following :
  1. Equip employees with a portable emergency contact device or panic button that can be used to summon help if an employee reasonably believes there is an ongoing crime, sexual harassment or assault, or other emergency.
  2. Develop and adhere to a written anti-sexual harassment policy.

The anti-sexual harassment policy must contain the following:

Employee Handbooks for Illinois Employers. What Policies to Include (and Why)!
When: Thursday, November 7, 2019, 2-3pm

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Have you ever wondered if your employee handbook is really up to date and complete ? Are you in the process of re-writing your handbook and you're not sure what you should, or should not, include? Join us to learn the true purpose of a handbook; Illinois specific language to use ; what policies to leave out; how to treat employee benefits; and what handbooks should say about performance reviews and salary.

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