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September  2019
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The month of September started with an extended cruise to Cape Ann for the annual Mayor's Race for the Esperanto Cup with visits to Isles of Shoals, Peaks Island, Boothbay Harbor, and Port Clyde along the way.  We won the race for the twelfth time ( We've raced in this one about thirty times). All three skippers in our class have sailed with or for each other before, so that added to the fun as well as the lighted boat parade, fireworks and a warm welcome from the festival committee.

The 2020 schedule is up on the website and has already generated a lot of interest. Watercolor cruises with Carol Douglas, a music cruise with Castlebay, our longer adventures to Portland and to Gloucester; all ready for your vacation planning.

courtesy of Len Burgess

The start of the race. Left to right: American Eagle, Roseway, 
Brilliant, and Tree of Life.

 Cruise News

Below is the ship's company for the Music Cruise boarded September 15th. Besides the leadership of Castlebay there were two mandolins, four guitars, a banjo, two fiddles, and an unending supply of tunes and songs. Next year that trip will be on August 23rd.

MB Rolfe photo

September is great for sailing breezes

Watercolors done on a fall cruise by Bob Mesrop

For next year, the scheduled watercolor workshops are 
 June 7th and  September 25th with Carol Douglas.

And here's her happy crew from this month's workshop

courtesy of Bill Roberts

Fall sailing in Eggemoggin Reach

Carol Douglas captures the flags
courtesy of Carol Douglas

Capture the flag. 
Furling the main while tide horsed in Winter Harbor

courtesy of MB Rolfe

Logan coiling as Christa hauls down the staysail.

courtesy of MB Rolfe

The silent man, Kevin, pleased with whatever he does on board.

courtesy of MB Rolfe

The mate steaming while the lobsters boil

courtesy of MB Rolfe

Lanterns out and anchor light up before a fall sunset

courtesy of MB Rolfe

"The benevolent dictator issues new orders and the
 obedient mate executes them"

Pictures from the Railway

This is the first landing craft we have hauled on our railway. 
She is blocked up three feet so the bottom could be scraped 
and painted.  Built in 1968 she is 56 feet long and can transport 
a big dump truck  as long as it isn't fully loaded. With two very 
loud Detroit diesels she  is appropriately named Sunset Destroyer.

Sunset Destroyer services moorings around Islesboro as well 
as moving equipment and materials from the mainland   to the island.   It was a bit intimidating when the bow ramp was lowered with a great squealing of cables and gears; sort of a seagoing drawbridge!

by Anna Yates

This is what happens when you have an artist on board
  John and the crew

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