September 2019
Message from our Board
The Board of Naramata Centre Society met the weekend of September 6-8. As you are likely aware, the Centre must raise funds to repay our debt to the Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church. In addition, we need funds to renovate or replace many of our aging facilities on the Centre site. 

There are two key areas to report on following our September board meeting;

  1. Our plans going forward, based on the Master Site plan presented to us at the board meeting by Modus consultants.
  2. Our discussion of how we welcome and include everyone when they come to be part of our community at the Centre. Read More

Community Highlights

Something borrowed, something blue
Fall is definitely the time for tying the knot here at the Centre. We hosted 3 weddings in partnership with Vines and Vows, our go-to wedding specialists. Congratulations to the families on their special days.

 Co-work Penticton recently held a retreat at the Centre where they participated in many
team building exercises.

Watch them enjoy a frien dly medieval cardboard battle on Columbia Hall lawn.

Spiritual Eldering

Our fourth annual Spiritual Eldering retreat was held at Naramata Centre this month.

This program celebrates the transition into eldership, allowing folks 55 and over to spend  time together listening, remembering, exploring, practicing, creating, and building a culture in which experience and wisdom become a resource and gift to the community.

"A unique opportunity for growth, guidance and mentoring, really outstanding facilitators.
The small group, fluid edges sessions were most effective and powerful!"

Up and Coming
Naramata Roots

Naramata Roots Retreat, a program for youth, ages 9 – 16 years will be held Thanksgiving weekend. Join the climate change movement by learning how to care for our beautiful planet.

This is a free program!

Bring the whole family and join us. Naramata Roots is an environmental and personal growth retreat for youth, exploring environmental issues and sustainability practices, learning to create positive impact today.

Parents can join in on the fun and stay on site by participating in our Hearts and Hands program.

Accommodation is included. Lunch and snacks will be provided on the Saturday and Sunday for youth. On the Sunday evening we will end with a community Thanksgiving Potluck dinner. Click here to register.
Cittaslow Long Table Dinner

Naramata will be hosting the 4th annual NaramataSlow Long Table Potluck Dinner
on Sunday, October 20th.

The meal will be ‘potluck-style’ with guests challenged to showcase Naramata sourced ingredients to their dish.

Location: Columbia Hall Lawn

Tickets will be on sale in a few weeks.
Watch for details on the website.

The NaramataSlow Dinner is meant to raise awareness and create conversations around Naramata’s designation as a Cittaslow Community. In 2010, the Regional District of Area E, commonly known as Naramata was only one of two communities in Canada to receive the Cittaslow designation.  

Programs and Community Experiences Update

This month we delved into our program planning for 2020 and are very excited by the number of new and inspiring programs we plan to deliver throughout the year. Our program calendar is expanding as we will offer more programs in the spring, fall and winter seasons. We are also looking forward to offering more youth, and health and wellness programming during the summer.  

In the coming months we will be loo king for program leaders to submit expressions of interest for specific programs based on your feedback from 2019.  You spoke, we listened!

The Program Committee will meet in October to finalize the program plan. Once the Program Committee has met, we will be inviting identified program leaders as well as aspiring leaders to submit their interest!

Keep an eye out in next month's newsletter for more information. 

 Charmaine Pearce
Would you like to submit a program idea?

August Poll Results
In our August poll we surveyed the perceived value for having a membership with Naramata Centre Society. We will be using the data collected to review how we can enhance the value of membership at the Centre.

A full report on the data collected can be found using this link:

Thank you to everyone who responded - your survey results influence our operations!
in this month's poll we are surveying to identify our participant demographics...
Spring Program

We've been diligently working on finalizing the details for the 2020 Spring Program Calendar. Stay tuned for the final copy and launch party in early December.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the Centre's office will be closed on Monday, October 14th.
Contest Winner!
Congratulations to our Facebook contest winner Meghan Aroon who won a $100 gift voucher towards any program of her choice.
"Naramata Centre is a great place for the whole family. I loved watching my kids build confidence during music week this year."
Megan Aroon
T hanks to everyone who entered.
Our People
Meet our new Site Manager,
Miles Miller.

Miles brings with him many years of practical and technical building and land use experience. A dedicated advocate of re-purposing and re-using building materials, he enjoys collaborating and learning new and innovative ways to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Miles is excited to be a part of the new direction the Centre is embarking upon. He encourages everyone to stop by to say hello. e
Greening our Space

Harvest Bounty at Naramata Centre Garden

This year our community garden was tended by locals Tomas Oyarzún and Catalina Polloni. They are both highly skilled in permaculture farming and have been working hard to bring the garden to its full potential.

Their work in the garden has not only been about the produce itself, but about caring for the ecosystem that supports the food production, community-environmental education and healthy food access to the community.  We look forward to seeing what next year brings as they have grand plans to help bring this project to the next level. We thank Tomas and Catalina for their hard work.
Celeriac & Apple Soup Recipe

In keeping with the local harvest theme, we are featuring a fall harvest recipe from Brodo Kitchen.

Along with being a fabulous restaurant,
Brodo Kitchen, based out of Penticton, is one of our partners as an events caterer. They feature locally-sourced ingredients where the menu changes seasonally to reflect what's fresh from the harvest. Their service is fresh and fast, true to C hef Paul Cecconi's motto: simply fresh food.

Click here for Chef's fall recipe, Celeriac & Apple Soup. Read more .
Stay Involved!
Fall Hearts and Hands

Hearts and Hands is an opportunity to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends as we come together and volunteer in the Spring and Fall. During Hearts and Hands, volunteers help to clean up and maintain the grounds and buildings, which provide an inspiring, safe and inclusive space for over 2,000 participants every year. Whether you enjoy weeding, cleaning, painting, organizing or pitching – there is a need and a place for you! We provide free accommodation, and the opportunity to gather in community . Register Now

An example of our volunteer's hard work!
A big thank you to Laurie Letwinson for her contribution towards bringing our Labyrinth out of the weeds.
We recognize that not everyone is able to make this time commitment
but would still like to be involved.
We ask you to consider a donation to this program.

Membership with Naramata Centre Society is a way to show your support and stay informed! Sign up.