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Aligning Employee & Customer Experience
Your Planning: Is it a Motivator or a Downer?
Planning for the start of 2020
by Len Romano Director Non-Profit Practice TLG

September is the month when organizations on a calendar fiscal year should be in the budget and performance planning process. With a major focus on the construction of the new budget, it is easy to take for granted how the performance plan template that has been used for years can have either a positive or negative impact on achieving financial targets and strategic goals of the organization.  Read More...
"...the performance document can be a motivating factor in the success of the organization..."
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As we think about what we would personally like to work on next year, this topic of Emotional Mastery is timely...
Answered by Bob & Lyn Turknett, Co-chairs & Co-founders TLG
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What can you do to keep your cool and not jeopardize your job?
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Tino's Corner
A Company Without a Plan, Plans to Fail
“here are my ten key suggestions...”
By Tino Mantella

I selected the theme for this article based on an experience I had at the Chicago YMCA. I took the helm of one of the largest YMCAs in the world in 1991. In March of 1991 the Rodney King incident took place. Mayor Richard M. Daley reached out to me directly and expressed concern that a violent summer of gang violence was going to overwhelm a city that already was known for its level of gang violence. Our Y team was able to rally the community and we created an aggressive program to not just maintain the status quo but to reduce gang violence during the summer of ‘91’ in the city. There were lots of factors that made the “experiment” work.   Read More
"I always think back to the words of Kenny Ruiz, Executive Director for Gang Intervention .. . Read More
Saying No
By Dr. Patricia Thompson, TLG Senior Consultant

The word “no” is one of the shortest in the English language, but it is often one that we struggle to use, especially when it comes to the workplace. Nobody wants to be seen as anything but a team player. Still, when you start to feel overwhelmed with too many responsibilities as a result of wanting to be helpful, something has got to give. In the end, if you become  burned out, you won’t be of much help to anyone!

When you say yes to everything, it takes a toll . Continue reading to learn how to avoid that over-commitment mistake of saying yes every time as you plan for a more in intentional next year.
Celebrating Budget Time!
How HR Can Help Business Partners Own their Team’s Development

by Nancy Cranford VP Talent Solutions TLG

I love budget time! No, I’m not crazy. I’ve found that budgets are a great way for HR to help their business partners understand that development of their team should be owned by every department leader - and why that is so important to improving business results. 
We’ve learned that employees that know their Manager truly cares about them, their development, and their growth in the organization are more productive - and more likely to stay. It is more important now for department leaders to take an active role in the development of their team and their future in the company. Learning and development no longer comes only out of an HR budget if the business leader is serious about playing a key role in their teams’ results.   READ More...
Planning your Strategy
"Here are some resources I enjoyed while thinking about planning for the next year"

Lynn Turknett, Cofounder & Co-chair TLG

As we all begin thinking about strategic and operational planning for 2020, here are a couple of recent articles I’ve enjoyed plus an older favorite:
Are your Company’s Strengths Really Weaknesses?  is a recent article from HBR that helps us realize that our organization strengths can become rigidities that keep us from changing – or even seeing the need to change. The expanded SWOT analysis adds others’ strengths and others’ weaknesses to the typical matrix, and forces an assessment of ways that your strengths can be threats and your weaknesses can be opportunities. See the “Testing Your thinking with the New SWOT” portion of the article for a team exercise that allows you to open up your thinking.
One of the lead articles in the most recent issue of HBR is Put Purpose at the Core of Your Strategy. The authors argue that their recent research shows that the driver that most boosts growth is PURPOSE. It’s more effective than creating new markets, serving broader stakeholder needs, and changing the rules of the game. The article includes tools for developing and implementing purpose.
Roger Martin is one of my favorite management thinkers because he makes me question assumptions, and I like his 2014 article, Strategy is Iterative Prototyping . It’s been a long time since we’ve thought of strategic planning as creating a five year plan that’s followed to the letter, but Martin argues that just because the future is more uncertain doesn’t mean that we can abdicate planning. Martin argues that we should think of strategic possibilities as prototypes that are tested, modified, and enhanced.
(Lack of ) Planning Story
What Would You Tell Your 22 year old Self?

"Failure to think ahead to my goals was a poor choice in my younger days. Here's the story of two brothers...and the summer when one played and one planned and prepared."

Tino Mantella
President & CEO TLG
W omen in Leadership - Friday, September 20
Friday, September 20:    “Purpose-Driven Leadership in Business, Non Profit, the Arts & More” 

featuring Doug Shipman, President and CEO of The Woodruff Arts Center

Previous leadership roles include CEO/Managing Director, BrightHouse, founding CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and principal with the Boston Consulting Group with offices in NY, ATL, and Mumbai.

Across multiple sectors, Doug’s contributions are extraordinary - from strategic planning, to fundraising, to transformation and value creation. A magna cum laude graduate of Emory Univ., he also holds master degrees in Theological Studies and Public Policy from Harvard.

Doug serves various organizations, e.g., the BD of the Carter Center, the Metro Chamber, the ATL CVB etc. Not surprisingly, he’s recognized among ATL & GA’s “Most Influential” citizens. 

Commerce Club
7:30am - 10am
Breakfast & Complimentary P arking
To attend, contact Nancy Cranford at
or call 770-270-1723

Best Moments from Women in Leadership Last Month Meeting

Dr. Ayanna Howard

 Chair of the School of Interactive Computing, Endowed Chair in Bioengineering and Director of the Human-Automation Systems Lab at Georgia Tech. 

“An American Roboticist: A Dream Fulfilled” 
For a summary of her presentation including her days at NASAglaciers and spiders and snow mobots, click Read More

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Turknett Buzz
Nancy Cranford, VP Talent Solutions TLG, was surprised and delighted this week when she received these flowers at the office. One year ago, she had helped a veteran who was in transition by sharing some leads and inviting him to attend Women in Leadership. (Yes, men attend also!)

He was celebrating his one year anniversary with his new employer and wanted to reach out to Nancy to thank her for helping him during that time. A beautiful gesture to someone who puts the" solution" in Talent Solutions.
Congratulations to TLG's own Tino Mantella

Finalist for IMPACT AWARDS Atlanta Technology Professionals.

The award will be presented to the winner on November 21, 2019. Good luck Tino!

TLG helping to raise money for Roswell Rotary Community Grants.
Perfect day to play golf & raise money!
Bob Turknett, TLG Co-founder & Co-chair, Kathy Igou, VP Operations, Tino Mantella President & CEO
They Said WHAT??
Angry woman
My Peer Said What??!! Webinar

Do’s and Don’ts of 360-Degree Feedback for Positive Results " was a huge success. thank you everyone who attended and thank you Talent Connections/Career Spa for your partnership. 
Need help with 360 assessments? Check out the TLG Turnkey 360 Program here.
Great Opportunity for Three Lucky Non-Profits
group of multiethnic volunteers putting food and drinks into paper bags for charity
Volunteer teacher helping a class of preschool kids drawing
Work as volunteer. Experienced senior volunteer holding garbage bag and staring at camera
If you are working for a not-for-profit organization or have a favorite charity, the TLG not-for-profit practice leader, Len Romano, is offering three organizations up to 20 hours of FREE consulting in any ONE of the below four disciplines:
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1.       Board Development Mode l training for you and your Board Development Chair
2.       CEO & Board Chair advisory/coaching sessions (i.e. performance planning, organization strategic focus, etc.)
3.       Facilitated staff/board retreat
4.       A customized project 
This introductory offer is to call attention to TLG’s growing practice, while providing support to three lucky not for profits. To be considered,click on the button to complete the grant request, and return by 10/10. From the entries, three non-profits will be selected. Good luck!
Other Planning Resources

Marty Gupta, VP Strategy TLG

by Rita Gunther McGrath

Discovery-driven planning is a methodology for planning, managing and growing your business in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. 
Action plan 2020 with young freelance woman using smartphone and laptop in modern workspace_ new year resolution concept

Mindful Pondering & Planning for 2020

by Bill Dickinson, Senior Consultant TLG
Holidays can be hard!  And Holidays can be happy!

For 2019 we are in the 4 th quarter. The seasons are in transition, and so is the experience of our lives personally and professionally. And, then, before you know it, we begin our lives anew in 2020.

Typically, we make New Year’s Resolutions. My experience is that our intentions are sincere, but our actions are more limited. It is tough making a commitment to grow, change, or behave differently—more authentically. But, we can adjust and transform.   Read More...
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