September 2019
Japanese Stiltgrass ( Microstegium vimineum)
"Insidious and Formidable Invasive Species"
A.K.A. Nepalese Browntop, Asian Stiltgrass or Packing Grass
What started out as some innocuous packing material for porcelain shipments 100-years ago has invaded the under-story and riparian zones in 18 states and counting...Japanese stiltgrass ( Microstegium vimineum ) .

It creates a wavy, green carpet of delicate grassy tendrils blocking new plants or choking out existing growth of younger plants. Each little stem can make up to 1,000 seeds each season.

Our friends over at the Blue Ridge Partnership for Invasive Species Management put together a concise two-page fact sheet/battle plan for Japanese Stiltgrass.
Mission Moment: Nestbox Monitoring
August saw the end of a very busy nestbox study season. Our cavity nesting birds used 35 of the 38 boxes Owl's Hill maintains along three nestbox trails.

Between March 20, when we observed the first nest, and August 15 when the last birds left their box, Eastern Bluebirds, Carolina Wrens, Carolina Chickadees and a lone Tufted Titmouse pair successfully fledged 161 birds.

We appreciate all who participated in this exciting 2019 season, monitoring the boxes and collecting data on a weekly basis. Special thanks go out to our dedicated nestbox team including Jean Buchanan , Margaret Howell , Nancy Garden and land intern, Julia Liggett . This marks the 29th year of our longest running wildlife conservation project.
NABA Butterfly Count
Monday, September 9, 2019
9:30am - 12pm ($3 cash on the day)
**PLEASE NOTE: New Time**
Batty for Bats
Saturday, September 14, 2019
Fall TOS Bird Count
Saturday, September 21, 2019
7 - 11am
Fall Color Hikes
Saturdays, October 5 - 26
Girl Scout Camp Out 2019
Cost: $30/scout; $15/adult
Registration Deadline: October 2 

Join us at Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary for a wild evening learning about native animals. This overnight experience is for Junior Girl Scouts to earn the Animal Habitat Badge. Scouts bring and spend the night in their own tents. Enjoy an evening under the stars and listen to the soothing sounds of nocturnal wildlife in their native habitat.

To learn more and to register:
Movie in the Meadow
We have been hard at work preparing for what is shaping up to be an incredibly busy, but awesome fall (with fingers crossed a bit of winter)!

We have a plethora (big word) of opportunities:
  • office/data work
  • trail maintenance
  • gardening - weed warriors!!
  • school programs
  • public programs
  • citizen science (butterfly and bird counts, plus NEW bird banding).

There are more than 289 ways to help (yes, one of us counted) and get involved between September and January.
If you ARE an existing volunteer, check out the opportunities in VolCentral. If you'd like to become a volunteer, please fill out the application and we'll get you started.
Jean and David Buchanan
Dana C. Coleman and Ron Taylor
Betsy and George Crossley
Anne Hoos
Martha and Larry Larkin
Susan and Larry Leathers
Elizabeth and Dave Lemke
Jean and Russell Oldfield
Victoria and Seth Robertson
Molly and Steven Rollins
Polly Rooker
Barbara and Charles Smith
Owl’s Hill relies on private gifts from individuals, foundations and businesses to annually carry out our mission to protect the 2,000+ species that call the 300-acre Sanctuary home and to keep us operating as a thriving environmental education destination. Our sincere gratitude to all those who generously gave gifts in August.

If nature matters to you too, please consider making a gift today . Every gift — large or small — directly impacts the land, the wildlife and the ecology of Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary.