September 2019 PPAC Newsletter
I saw a video that absolutely cracked me up recently. It comes from "LockPickingLawyer" on YouTube. He takes all kinds of locks and shows just how easy it is to crack them open using standard tools (such as a massive 9.5 pound padlock that was rated to stand up to 10 minutes of assault from an angle grinder). In this video...well, I'll let him explain the lock, his motives, and the aftermath. Click here to watch .

One of the most important reflections he had was, "Security is only as good as its weakest link." This concept has been applied to all kinds of other fields; a Google search for "only as strong as your weakest link" returned 53,000 results for everything from marketing to team-building and hiring to literal chains...and yes, of course, ministry. There's a ministry known as "Natural Church Development" (NCD) which has the philosophy that healthy churches just naturally grow. They take this from Mark 4:26-29, where Jesus teaches that seeds grow whether the farmer is awake or asleep; healthy plants just grow.

The pioneers of NCD discovered something interesting about "healthy churches". While its true that healthy plants grow on their own, it's also true that there are a number of factors that go into making a plant healthy - the amount of sunlight, water, nutrients, space, etc. that the plant has access to will all contribute to its overall health. A plant could have the best nutrients and wonderful amounts of sunlight, but without water it won't grow. The plants in my garden had enough light, water, and nutrients, but lacked the space to flourish (thanks to my inability to pull the surrounding weeds this summer).

NCD identifies 8 "quality characteristics" that contribute to creating a healthy church environment. They are:
1) Empowering Leadership. (Not "empowered"; "empowering". In other words, the church leaders empower others to become leaders too.)
2) Gift-oriented Ministry. (Members are engaged in doing ministry using the gifts that the Holy Spirit gave, not just doing ministry because there was a vacancy on the Nom Com report.)
3) Passionate Spirituality. (Members are passionate about their walks with Jesus. Personal spirituality - especially prayer - is recognizable and inspiring to others.)
4) Functional Structures. (Is the church organized in a way that supports growth? How well do the board, committees, etc. function? How does communication work?)
5) Inspiring Worship Services. (Members are excited to attend their worship services, and see them as uplifting. People want to attend worship.)
6) Holistic Small Groups. (Holistic means that they do more than just study the Bible. Groups connect with each other's daily lives and walks with God.)
7) Need-oriented Evangelism. (The church doesn't just "do evangelism because it's supposed to"; it sees the need in others for a relationship to Jesus and accepts His call to minister to them. This often involves meeting the physical/emotional needs of others too.)
8) Loving Relationships. (Members actually care about one another in a meaningful way. They fellowship together outside of church activities, and will often include outsiders in these gatherings too.)

My questions for you are: when you look at that list, which characteristics of a "healthy church" do you feel PPAC do well? And, on the flip side, where would you say our weak links are? I'd love to hear from you (and any feedback will be kept anonymous).

" Night and day, whether the person is asleep or awake, the seed still grows, but the person does not know how it grows. "
(Jesus, in Mark 4:27, NCV)

Pr. Michael Taylor
Our Fall 2019 Sermon Series
Get your September reading plan by clicking here . This month's readings (and sermons) come from 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Corinthians, and Romans.
The Future of PPAC
Over 70 people (representing 45 "family units") showed up for the semi-annual business meeting on August 25th at 10am.

Tony Belcher shared a very preliminary schematic of a possible building plan which will enlarge the sanctuary to seat around 300, provide additional restrooms, Sabbath School rooms, a larger fellowship room, a new foyer, a new kitchen and an elevator. See Tony if you would like a glimpse.

This plan is far from final and will undergo several changes prior to actual building begins.

The final cost will likely come in around $2 million. The church will need to have half of the money in hand prior to requesting a loan from the Lake Union Revolving Fund for the other half. At the current rate of fundraising ($150,000 actually given and pledged at this point), it will likely take between 3-4 years to raise the money to get started.

Ideas to temporarily ease crowding were discussed - the church has experienced significant growth and continues to add new members by baptism and transfer, along with many visitors each week. The need for space is immediate.

Please carefully consider what your family is willing to do.
Annual Church Budget set at $180k for September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020, as presented by Chris Randall, Treasurer. The new budget represents a 2.1% increase from the current budget and is 3.4% above our current trend in giving. See Chris if you would like the details for line items.
LEARN: Over $80,000 to support 40 students in various schools, and potentially over 80 school-aged children through Pathfinders and other Children's Ministries. This is $20,000 more than the previous year and the largest budget ever for Education.

PROCLAIM: Nearly $36,000 for Evangelism and Community Services (Feeding America, Health Events, VBS, Personal Ministries, Religious Liberty, various Community-Based services)

BELONG: Over $33,000 for PPAC needs, including caring for members, church campout, social activities, fellowship lunches, hospitality events, supplies

WORSHIP : Over $30,000 for worship materials, Sabbath School materials, multi-media, music and decorating

Chris reported that the Tithe funds go directly to the Michigan Conference and are used for direct ministry, including the funding of our pastor. Church Budget is entirely local; all money is allocated to PPAC.
Education Committee's Report
The Education Committee gave their report at the Business Meeting on August 25. Twenty-nine students will be receiving up to 90% of their tuition to accredited SDA elementary schools in the area or funds through Project Assist for Michigan SDA Academies. In addition 10 students will be receiving assistance through the Worthy Student Fund. These students filed their applications with the committee early in August and were considered and approved by the committee and Church Board. The Education Budget is $20,000 greater than 2018-2019 and is the largest budget for Education ever approved. To support the Education Budget, please give to the Church Budget, which includes the Education Budget. You may also give directly to the Worthy Student fund, which is not part of the Church Budget. The Promise Educational Fund is an endowment, which attracts larger donations from members and those who may be connected.
Keep these students in your prayers every day:

Kalamazoo Junior Academy: Reeslyn and Rowan Belcher

Gobles Junior Academy: Dylan Bergmann; Caleb Dyson; Jacob, Nathan and Samantha Elanko; Elijah Henry; Leila Khillah

Ruth Murdoch Elementary: Caleb, David and Sean Beatty; Cora Gonzalez; David and Jonathan Mills; Dynae Newkirk; Reuben Salgado; Jaziel Sanchez, Nina Sarcona; Sage and Levi WagenerSmith

Village SDA: Giordanni Leonor; Alex and Olivia Zappia

Paw Paw Schools: Aiden and Jason Harris; Megan and Trevor Ransler

Portage Schools: Abdiel Soto, Joshua Soto, Ann Muwanda, Nathan Muwanda

Kalamazoo Schools: Jack and Hannah Boothby, Erik and Ali Dawati, Sarai McPherson

Berrien Springs Schools: Leandro Delacruz; Anna Johnson; Robert Jr, Olivia and Michelle Vulcano

Mattawan Schools: Talia Weststrate

Schoolcraft Schools: Alex Betancourt

Home School: Wesley Hood; Josh, Natalie and Kaden Kramer, Riley Moon, Karsyn Posthumus

Forest Cottage Home School: Austin and Elliott DeYoung

Gobles Schools: Caleb O'Connor

Lawrence Schools: Jake Hoke

Otsego Schools: Luka Gregor

Kalamazoo Christian: Stephanie Mayor; Addison and Teagan Randall' Ainsley and Elin Randall; Avery and Max Ray

Trinity Lutheran, St. Joe: Kason, Kate and Kelton Steele

Andrews Academy: Ryleigh Bergmann; Giancarlo and Giovanni Leonor; Jacob Mondak; Matt Sarcona; Noel Salgado

Great Lakes Adventist Academy: Brandon Bledsaw; Chelzy Bodi; Solana and Suvan Campbell; Ian Mosquera; Brandon Mukwada

Monterey Bay Academy: Malachi Dyson

Andrews University: Tara Jean-Baptiste; Shawna Henry; Kerianah Mattson; Jacob Mondak, Jessica and Steffanie Newkirk; Michelle Odinma; Krysten Thomas; Robert Vulcano

Western Michigan University: Taylor Mueller; Gabe Soto; Krista Turner; Jordyn Walsh

Kalamazoo Valley: Miranda Beltz, Brian Brule, Abee Wadell

Michigan State University: Lynn Mukwada
Paw Paw Adventist Church has experienced some significant growth over the past several years. Often people cite the friendliness, the welcoming Church of Refuge spirit, when they are listing the draw to PPAC.

To enhance that loving spirit, the church has divided into nine parishes, with a vague nod to geography. These parishes don't replace the church; we are all still part of one big church family. However, parish groups can have a powerful focus in meeting the needs of all members, while reaching out to assist in the community.
Parishes and Parish Leaders (Currently identified by colors - be creative and come up with a cool name (see Janelle Randall's new color name) for your parish?)
Blue: Jan Bermingham
Brown: Dave Burghart
Canary: Juanita and Doug Campbell
Green: Heidi Griggs
Magenta: Mark Mills
Navy Blue: Tim Newkirk
Red: Chuck Randall
Razzmatazz: Janelle Randall
Sage: Mona Sarcona
Jim Merrills, Personal Ministries

If you are looking for a venue to introduce someone to how God continues to lead in the midst of chaos, here is your opportunity. Jim Merrills will lead a discussion covering about 3 chapters each Wednesday evening this fall. Start reading the first three chapters now so you will be ready for questions and answers.

Studying this amazing book will make a difference in your own life and will open the eyes of your neighbors and friends as they review history and contemplate end times. If you absolutely can't attend, Jim plans to stream the meetings through Facebook.

The beautifully illustrated The Great Controversy is now available for only $10 each (as compared to $25 from the Adventist Book Center or more from other places. Feel free to take a book (or several for gifts) from the table in the foyer, leave your name on the accompanying sheet, and $10 for each book you take in the envelope or in the offering plate, marked “GC book”.
September 14

The Social Committee will be roasting corn as part of the lunch. You won't want to miss this one!

FELLOWSHIP LUNCHES are scheduled for the Second Sabbath of every month.
ON Sabbath, September 28, the Magenta (Mark Mills) and Razzmatazz (Janelle Randall) parishes are hosting our first Parish/Visitors fellowship lunch.

In addition to having a time to get to know each other better, visitors will be invited to join the lunch.

Other members who would like to bring a dish and make some friends are encouraged to come, as well. In fact, you are welcome to come to all 4th Sabbath meals.

September 28: Magenta (Mills) and R azzmatazz (Janelle Randall) Parishes
October 26: Blue (Bermingham) and Green (Griggs) Parishes
None in November or December because of holidays at the end of the month
January 25: Brown (Burghart) and Canary (Campbell) Parishes
Donelle O'Connor, Judy O'Connor, John Steffen, Janelle Randall and others presented a robust report of service to the community. PPAC donates a regular monthly donation to United Christian Services, which includes The Porch and Lydia's Closet, among other things. Individual members supplement this with additional dollars and volunteering. CROP Walk, Eleanor's Pantry (which provides food for about 1000 people per month) and Feeding America are also funded and promoted through Community Services.

Christmas for Kids will be launched later this fall We care about our community and follow Jesus' example in reaching out to help.
NOVEMBER 1 - Next Opportunity to Serve

The new budget has three Feeding America dates included. For $600, the church can purchase enough food to feed 100 for a week. Volunteers work with the Feeding America truck, filled with donated fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods. Put November 1 on your calendar now and contact Janelle Randall or Dave Burghart to volunteer.
Clean out your closets (or go to the store) and bring the following to church during September:
  • Coats (Adults & Children)
  • Gloves, Mittens, Hats
  • Socks
  • Boots
  • Children's snow pants
These items will be dropped off at the Freshwater Church between October 7-12 and will be distributed by Lydia's Closet and The Porch.
Your Home for the Holidays?
UCS is looking for six homes to showcase on the ANNUAL HOLIDAY HOMES TOUR FUNDRAISER on Sunday, December 8, between 1:00 - 5:00. People from the community will purchase tickets for the home tour, followed by refreshments and a craft sale at another location. The tickets will be available in advance. Volunteer hosts will be provided for each home. Contact Jan Steffen or Donelle O'Connor if you are interested in having your home on the tour, or if you would like to help with refreshments, donated crafts or volunteering.
Plan on attending the Revive Conference in our own Fireside Room on September 27-28. Let Gwyne Kramer know if you are interested in attending for part or all of the exciting conference. There is an app (of course) - just go to your app store and select Revive '19 (Life Action Ministries). Click here to learn more about the Revive Conference.
Third Sunday of Every Month
Plan to come for the first Women's Ministry Brunch on Sunday morning, September 22 from 9:30 - 11:00. Bring a Friend!
Our monthly challenges from Health Ministries
STEP NINE : (SEPTEMBER'S Challenge): ENJOY A HANDFUL OF NUTS EVERY DAY (JUST ONE). Nuts are a healthy snack, loaded with good stuf like unsaturated fat, omega 3's fiber and vitamin E, to name a few. Although they are healthy, they are high in calories, so eat in moderation. Instead of chips or a candy bar, Click here for the benefits of eating nuts!


STEP SIX: (June's Challenge ) : STRETCH FOR 5-10 MINUTES EACH DAY.





CHOSEN: International Pathfinder Camporee 2019
AUGUST 12-17, 2019

The 2019 International Pathfinder Camporee is over, but the memories will last forever. Our Harvesters returned from one of the most special weeks of their lives to share the stories - and their renewed commitments to Jesus. When asked, "What did you like about Oshkosh?" here are some of the replies:

Noel Salgado, Director: Seeing all the different Pathfinder clubs from all around the world in one spot.
Andre Henry: Meeting so many new people and catching up with old friends who live far away. 
Shawna Henry: S eeing so many Pathfinders in one place!
Tim Newkirk: Loved all the Pathfinders singing songs to Jesus and laughing at funny parts of the skits during the evening meetings. Meeting with approx. 57000 pathfinders all at once has to be experienced. Can’t describe or explain it.
Hannah Boothby : The evening programs were great!
Addison Randall: The Basic Rescue Honor. We got to rescue a dummy out of a smoky airplane, learn how to signal for help to an airplane, help someone who had hurt their back and learn how to save people from drowning in the water. 
Wendy Gonzalez: G etting to know the Pathfinders better
Janelle Randall : Looking around at 56,000 people and recognizing that they are all Seventh-day Adventists.
Caleb Dyson : My favorite part of the International Pathfinder Camporee was watching the play performance each evening.
Chris Randall: It's like a huge family reunion - we were able to see former pastors, seminarians, friends, and classmates. It is fun to see the Pathfinders push outside of their comfort zone - whether that is taking the initiative in pin trading, going to the top of a climbing wall, throwing an ax/knife, or participating in the basic rescue or physics honor.
Estimates between 56,000 - 60,000 Pathfinders, leaders and guests crowded the Oshkosh Airfield for Chosen, to focus on the story of David. We are chosen - and we choose God!
The best cooks, hands down, were those with the Harvesters. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the leaders - the Salgados, Sarconas, Newkirks, Gonzalez', Sotos, Randalls and Jan and John Steffen.
July 2019
By Chris Randall, Treasury Chair
T ake a careful look at the Treasurer's Report each month - and prayerfully consider your family's contributions.
Treasurers' Report for JULY 2019 . Here are some items of interest:

  • Tithe was $31,098 for the month. This results in a fiscal year total that is 14.0% behind the previous year. Remember that 100% of Tithe is remitted directly to the Michigan Conference and represents more than 50% of our receipts for the year.

  • Income/Giving to Church Budget was $10,098 for the month. That is $4,565 short of our monthly goal, but just $2,039 (1.3%) shy of our YTD goal.

  • Cornerstone (capital/building projects) received $14,479 in July. This brings our total for "Vision 2019" to $144,600 in pledges and gifts.

  • The PPSDA Promise (education endowment) received $1,185 last month bringing the YTD total to $11,911. This program is intended to bring long-term sustainability to our education support at PPAC.

  • Pathfinders received $1,261 in July as they continued special fundraising for Oshkosh and the sponsorship of international clubs.

  • Our reserves continue to be healthy and earning interest in the Revolving Fund at the Lake Union Conference. In total our cash on hand, general operating reserve, and capital replacement reserve has increased 24.3% comparing 7/31/19 to 7/31/18 (mostly due to fundraising for Cornerstone). I will be requesting permission at our next meeting to deposit the Cornerstone funds with the Lake Union Revolving Fund so that we can earn interest.

  • Roughly 75% of our giving (in dollar value) came through online giving. This is certainly easier for Deacons and Treasurers as it reduces the time for counting, possibilities for errors, and ultimately time and travel to the bank. If you haven't yet tried online giving please give it a try! Find "Adventist Giving" in the app store; visit> Paw Paw Seventh-Day Adventist Church; or www.PawPaw.Church--> Members--> Give.
PPAC is delighted to have the Sanchez family in our midst. Keila was born in Puerto Rico, but came to the mainland at 2 months of age for delicate surgery for congenital heart disease in Boston and her family stayed. Samir was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, untilhe moved to Puerto Rico to study at the SDA University. They finally met at Andrews in 2000, when Samir was starting his senior year and Keila was a lowly freshman from New York. After the introduction by a friend, Samir took on the role of a persistent suitor. She remembers him coming by to distract her from making pizzas at the Gazebo and calling her in the dorm to chat. At first she resisted, but the day came when she finally relented and answered the phone to really talk with him. She quips that they have been talking ever since. They were married in 2004 in Holland, MI.

Samir graduated from Andrews in 2001 with a BA in Spanish and has his MA in Adult Education, with an emphasis in Spanish and Early Child Development. He is starting his 8th year at New Buffalo Schools as a Spanish teacher, interpreter, translator, mentor and volleyball coach. Samir loves volleyball, traveling, and riding his motorcycle. To show that he is really a part of this artistic family, he also loves to draw.

Keila taught Spanish and art for schools in Stevensville and Wyoming, MI before spending the past 13 years in her dream job at Andrews Academy. Although she is halfway through her MA in Teaching, she resigned this year from AA to be a full time designer, specializing in handcrafted scarves in her home business, KozySaila. As you might imagine, Keila's interests are in the art world: sewing, decorating, and doing anything with bright colors, which she says make her happy. She also loves rollerblading and soccer. The family loves to travel and Keila says she has been in 18 countries in the past 19 years.

The family loves Berrien Springs and is grateful to be raising their family there. Eight-year old Jaziel is a 3rd grader at Ruth Murdoch Elementary and Saila goes to The Crayon Box for the Young Fives class. Jaziel is happiest playing soccer, riding his bike and playing with friends and family. He is showing some of the artistic talents of his mom and has 8 of his original fluid-art paintings hanging in his room. Saila loves watercolor paining, riding her bike and spending time withe her neighborhood and church friends.

The Sanchez' family made PPAC home this past spring, thanks to repeated invitations by Sam Mills, a colleague of Keila's. She says they had been looking and praying for church that could be theirs and are so grateful for this family. Samir taught Teens at the Spanish church in Berrien Springs, so he may be called to the same niche in Paw Paw. Keila helped with Adventurers, baby showers and decorating (we can see her filling those same needs at PPAC). The family has recently agreed to restarting the Adventurer Club here and they also led out in a worship for the July Campout.
Jesus has always been the center of their family and He continues to be a part of their lives as they raise their children. Saila is their living miracle, having undergone 5 open-heart surgeries before her second birthday. They suffered heart-stopping fears for her future, but the Lord has kept her and helped her flourish, so they praise Him every day. The small business, KozySaila shares her story through art - they want to the world to know what God has done. Saila is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. They pray their dream for their children to live long and happy lives will come true. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13, is the text that keeps them going.
Krysten was born in Kingston, Jamaica but spent nearly all of her life in Port Charlotte and Fort Myers, FL. As the youngest of three, she appreciates the privilege of being spoiled, which she is hoping to pass on as the proud aunty of a niece and nephew.

Krysten considers herself a nerd because she is really passionate about learning - there is so much to explore, discover, and absorb and sometimes she gets carried away with wanting to know everything. Her main interests are in computers, music, and Biblical studies. Traveling to see more of the world. beckons.
Her BS in Computer Science immediately landed her a job as a Systems Engineer with a technology company in Orlando. It was a fun, fast paced environment, which God used to help her mature and develop in preparation for ministry.

Although young, her journey to Jesus is compelling. Even though she grew up in an Adventist home, it was not until college that she began to develop my own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She had always attended church with her parents, helping with children's programming during high school. When she started college, she continued attending church, although she also decided to “explore” the pleasures of the world, seeking happiness and fulfillment. Instead, she felt empty and lost. One Sabbath, a friend asked her why she wasn’t involved in church any longer. This direct question was her wake up call. She became involved in the local Adventist Campus Ministries chapter at the university and started attending the Bible Book Club at church, which provided the right community and intimacy to read and understand the Bible.

In 2013, Krysten attended Generation of Youth for Christ in Orlando, Fl which led to a committed involvement in SALT – Service and Love Together for four years. God used this ministry, her local church, and her full time job to mold her into the person she has become. During the next four years, she taught Adult Sabbath School, acted as a greeter and usher on the welcome team, volunteered with the community services team, and preached a handful of sermons, while her relationship with God deepened. SALT helped her develop a passion for community service and helping others. Through her job she learned how to relate to people of various religions and cultures. This all led to an "itch to do something more with her life".

Although she started to apply to the Andrews University Theological Seminary in 2017, it wasn’t until God’s hand of intervention, encouragement from friends and family the and the power of the Holy Spirit that she ultimately applied and was accepted the following year. She quit her dream job and headed to Michigan to start the next phase of her life.
She says God brought her to warm and welcoming Paw Paw through Michelle's Odinma's recommendation. "Paw Paw members are genuine and remind me of my church family back home."

The future isn't totally mapped out, of course, but she's thinking she'd like to be a pastor. However, she is open to whatever God has in store for her. Ultimately, we know she will be telling others about Jesus by using the Bible for encouragement and teaching. The Bible is powerful and has brought so much happiness to her life; she will have to share that with others. She has a heart for those who are unseen and unheard, both inside and outside the church, particularly those who may be drifting away. She feels she understands what that feels like, but now she is passionate about how God and His Word bring meaning.

Krysten says, "One of my favorite texts in the Bible is Isaiah 43:13: For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”
If you haven't been coming to Sabbath School, now is the time to make a new habit. Join one of the adult classes (Sanctuary or Fireside Room), use your devotional time to study the practical lessons and come prepared for life-changing discussions. Bring your whole family for Sabbath School.
BEGINNERS/CRADLE ROLL:  Birth – Age 4 . Leaders: Don & Kim Saldia
KINDERGARTEN:  Age 4 - end of 1st grade . Leader: Maribeth Henry
ELEMENTARY:   2nd Grade – mid 5th grade . Leader: Janelle Randall
MIDDLE SCHOOL:  Late 5th grade – 8th grade . Leader: Geetha Selvadas
HIGH SCHOOL: 9th – 12th grades . Leader: TBD
YOUNG ADULT: College - Young Adult . Leader: David Mayor
ADULT (SANCTUARY): Leader: Heather Bergmann
ADULT (FIRESIDE ROOM): Leader: Jim Merrills
Do we have the most current directory information for you and your family? To make sure you are up to date, please go to
Lindsey Olson's Baptism and Erik's Olson's Profession of Faith
Music From the Heart
Paul Finkel's Baptism - a very happy day, indeed!
The Angels were rejoicing on August 10. Hannah Boothby's baptism.
Justin and Kelsey showing off beautiful Adelynn Claire Street, born July 18. We love being the village for these sweet new gifts from God.
Paul and Jessalyn Finkel's wedding on August 11. Welcome to the Newlyweds!
Mike and Pauletta Johnson, Master Plan Members.
Noyle and Regina McPherson at their 1st PPAC Business Meeting
Jason, Rachel and Kenna Boothby - who doesn't like a donut!
Rodney and Micole Dyson, waiting for the meeting to begin.
Jim, being entertained by Donelle.
Ivy and Keith Bodi on hand for the update.
Noel as a Master Guide
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
I hesitate to include this article in our newsletter, but when I think of the 45,000 people who will die by suicide in this country in 2019 (and my own son who died last year), I realize we've been too quiet for too long. There is no discrimination - it crosses all age groups, races, cultures, ethnic groups, backgrounds, income levels, genders, abilities, religions and professions - all of those things we use to divide ourselves. Risk factors vary from person to person - it is hard to make blanket statements about those who die by suicide. Become aware - and be there for those who need you, including the survivors who are left behind. The NAMI (National Allliance on Mental Health) site is a good place to start - Click here to learn more
August 31: Elder Gerald Babanezhad (Ministry to Muslims)
September 4: Fab 50s, Fireside Room, 11:45
September 7: Pastor Michael Taylor
September 11: The Great Controversy Study Begins, 7:00 pm, Fireside Room
September 14: Pastor Michael Taylor, Corn Roast/Fellowship Meal
September 16: Finance Committee, 6:30; Board Meeting, 7:00
September 18: The Great Controversy, 7:00 pm, Fireside Room
September 21: Pastor Michelle Odinma
September 21-22: Women's Ministry Retreat, Fireside Room, "Revive"
September 25: The Great Controversy, 7:00 pm, Fireside Room
September 28: Pastor Rob Vulcano

  • Liam/Meredith Steele - At Cleveland Clinic, struggling to recover from August surgery, 616 Benson Road, Benton Harbor, MI 49022
  • Dave, Kathy and Amy Hill - Stop by and wish Amy well as she continues to rehab from her hip surgery. Amy would love a card. 60652 West Oak Drive, Decatur, MI 49045.
  • Nancy Boothby - Health challenges, 3060 9th St, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • Anita Ashton - Send a card or come and visit! 6600 Constitution Blvd, Unit 8, Portage, MI, 49024
  • David Scofield - Health Challenges, 10640 Paw Paw Lake Dr, Paw Paw, MI 49079
  • Becky Lynn, Karl and James Driskel - Karl continues to experience significant health issues
  • Lewis and Ardyth Owen, 6154 Valley Drive, Paw Paw 49079 - Please send a card.
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