August 6, 2019
September 2019 Palapa Society News
Together we have made history, with the opening of
The Palapa High School, record-breaking fund raising, and more.
Future Leaders are Back to School
With your help, we are continuing our commitment to the future of our community. The Palapa School has proudly opened for its third year and expanded into the new 10 th grade class. Our students have access to a progressive curriculum, a 21 st  century approach to learning to ensure they are prepared not only for University, but for a life of success and fulfillment beyond the classroom. This includes engaging, participatory learning guided by our Director Juan Diego González and a team of accomplished teachers, with opportunities for growth both on and off campus.
On the first day, we continued our annual tradition where Palapa Board members connect with the students by handing out the assigned text books.  

Also on the first day, students raced to sign up for two clubs each, also known as Elective courses in schools in the United States, to round out their education requirements each semester.
This year’s clubs include; Advanced Mathematics, Creative Writing, Electronics, Ethics, French, Health Sciences, Jiu-Jitsu, Leadership, Music, Science & English, Biotechnology and more.

We look forward to the students sharing their progress with you in this newsletter each month throughout the 2019-20 school year. 
Top-Notch Teachers Bring Their 'A' Game
Our Leaders for 2019-20
With the opening of the high school (Prepa), The Palapa School now has a staff of seven extraordinary teachers.

Juan Diego González
Francisco Xavier Quiroz González
Martín Osvaldo Osorio Ramírez
Melissa Chen
Surissaday Eslava Márquez,
Jesús Armando Vázquez García
Ana Pilar Castillo Mercado
Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Chen
Melissa Chen grew up in Alabama, and moved to Northern California to attend Stanford University, where she studied Mechanical Engineering, while interning and working at the nursery on campus. Her first role after graduation was with Northrup Grumman, applying her major as a Mechanical Engineer for two years.
Next, she partnered with her Stanford colleagues and founded a non-profit, STEM-focused organization for underserved youth in Los Angeles, called 9DOTS , ensuring that all K-6 students have access to inspiring and effective computer science education. A fter visiting a friend in La Paz, BCS, she left 9DOTS after 7 successful years to pursue her next career goal, Teaching, starting with a position at The Sierra School in Todos Santos. Now, Melissa is applying all of her experience by leading Mathematics and English classes, and the Science and English clubs, at The Palapa School.

Always looking forward, Melissa says, “If we can get our hands on the materials, I’m looking forward to introducing the students to robotics!” With her background, Melissa is sure to be a successful teacher and an excellent role model for our students.
We did it! We made our goal!
We put the call out to this wonderful community to help fund the opening of The Palapa High School. And we are amazed at the response. 

Palapa Society Board members raised over $600 USD with their Bridge card club in honor of their good friend Barbara Fleming. Margaret Lawson, scientist and full-time Todos Santos resident, rallied her colleagues to contribute in honor of World Humanitarian Day. Part-time and full-time residents, including a few first-time contributors, came through to help achieve this goal. And an incredibly generous Anonymous donor who matched every dollar raised.

Together, we are investing in the future of the children, their families, and ultimately our community, by providing access to quality education. Together, we are making a difference. 
Did you know…
With your contributions, The Palapa Beca (Scholarship) Program has funded 27 full scholarships for public high school students, 66 partial scholarships for high school books and materials, and 33 scholarships for public University students for the 2019-20 school year.
Palapa Board member showcase:
Gaby Trujillo
Over the summer, The Palapa Society Board has expanded to include four new powerhouse members. This month, we introduce you to Gaby Trujillo. Gaby lived in La Paz, BCS for 20 years until she went to study at the University of Monterrey, Mexico. There, she met her now husband Alejandro Flores who worked in construction. After she completed her studies, they returned to La Paz, and soon after, moved to Todos Santos with their company AF Design & Construction to build The Palapa School. An avid runner, Gaby’s first role will be to help lead the planning committee for our Annual Carrera de Todos Santos 5k run.

When asked why she wanted to join the Palapa Board, Gaby responded,
“For me it is a unique opportunity to give back a little what Todos Santos has given me.”
Palapa Adult English Program Enrollment
The Palapa Adult English program is an affordable, fun way for the Spanish-speaking adults in our area to learn English from native English speakers. A nominal fee covers the cost of the book and materials.

Now in its 15 th year, Adult English class enrollment will open at the end of the month. Classes start October 1 st , and will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11:30 a.m. or 6-7:30 p.m. Watch for details, coming soon. Spread the word to your Spanish-speaking friends and neighbors.
Become a Palapa Adult English Teacher
The Palapa Society's Adult English program is actively seeking two volunteers to join the Adult English teaching staff.

It's a wonderful way to connect with the local Mexican community. Training, teacher plans, and materials are provided. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 to 11:30a.m. or 6 to 7:30p.m. The ability to speak Spanish is not required. Now's your opportunity to make a difference.

Email Program Director Kate Lewis today for more information; [email protected]
Palapa Puente (Bridge to English)
Program Enrollment
The rapid development of Todos Santos and surrounding areas, and the subsequent demand for bi-lingual employment, created a need for young citizens of our town to learn English. The Palapa Society responded to that need with The Puente Program, providing an affordable opportunity to learn English from native English speakers. 
Class size is typically small, about 12-15 students each, depending on level and age. Classes are held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 3 to 4p.m., 4 to 5p.m., and 5 to 6p.m.

Enrollment opens next month, in-person only, at The Palapa Learning Center, on a first-come-first-served basis. Space is limited, so families are encouraged to arrive as early as possible.
Current student enrollment is on Oct 1st from 4 to 6p.m., and is open only to students who participated last year. New student enrollment is on October 3rd from 4p.m. until classes are full. A wait list will be opened up to 5 students per class. The wait list will be dissolved after 30 days.

The tuition fee must be paid at enrollment, which helps cover the cost of books and materials. The fees are $120p a month. This year, we are asking families to pay either quarterly ($360p), for half the year ($720p), or for the whole year ($1,080p). Scholarships may be available for families who qualify.   
Palapa After School Art Program Grows Up
The Palapa Society would like to thank professional artists Jill Mollenhauer and Doug West for returning for their 6 th year teaching the Palapa After School Art program. This year, the class will focus on elements of design, drawing, and ceramics, so the age limit will be raised to ages 8 - 14. Class size is limited to 16 students. Last year’s students will be allowed to enroll first through September 30 th , then enrollment will be opened to the public starting October 1 st , on a first come first served basis. Once the 16 spaces are filled, a waiting list will be started. Details will be posted on the Palapa Facebook page .
The Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska (Community Library) hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 10 am to 1:00 pm, weather permitting.
Save the Date
Mark these important dates on your calendar:

November 8: The Palapa Society’s Artist Open Studio Tour Calendar party

November 30: The 13 th Annual Palapa Tianguis. Now accepting donations at Nancy’s Tesoro Segunda. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

December 28: The Palapa Society's Carrera de Todos Santos 5k Walk/Run

February 7, 8 & 9, 2020: 11th Annual Todos Santos Open Studio Tour

March 8, 2020: Historic Home Tour

March 21, 2020: Saturday Night Fever - Fundraiser for the Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska

Special Thank You's
Cathy Culver, friend of Margaret Lawson, and 2017 contributor towards the building of The Palapa School Science Lab, donated several children's books in Spanish for the Biblioteca Enfantil, a $125 USD value. 

Thank you to Cathy, and to Margaret, for helping to inspire a lifelong love of reading for the kids.
Thank you for
helping us to have
Record Breaking Results for our High School Fundraiser.

The Palapa Society appreciates and recognizes the level of dedication of our donors.
Alex Shults
Andy & Connie Mical
Anonymous Donor x4
Barbara Fleming
Bill and Cathy Nation
Bill David & Kathy Cate
Cabo Golf Club
Charlotte Johnston
Cheryl V. Myers
Chip "Eugene" Houde
Chris & Bill Durboraw
Christie Hurta
Claudia Kopkowski
David & Cindy Higgins
David & Nancy Lacey
Deborah Parish
Denise & Bill Steffenhagen
Dennis & Nancy Naigle
Dennis Seisun
Don Wurster & Joan Gibson
Donna & Walt Schultz
Eleanor Andrews
Glenn & Arlene Eige 
Greg & Carol Dobbs
Gustavo Pelosi Ambrozio
Hal & Vickie Butler
Herbert Stone
Hope Gallop
Jann Reed
Jene Buckner
Jerry Back
Jill Mollenhauer
Julie Dandurand
Julie Veenstra

Karen MacKenzie
Kathleen N. Feicht
Kathy Warnert
Kenneth R. Caplin
Lee & Tony Irons
Linda Rasmussen
Margaret Lawson
Marilyn Jacques
Marlene La Claire
Marshall Laird
Mary Roberts
Milt & Judi Stewart
Mr. and Ms. John D. Ritchie
Ms. Karen Haley
Paul Santucci
Pauline Wright
Sam & Holly Frangiamore
Sandra Sutphen
Sarah Hart
Scott Bosch
Sheila Jagentenfl
Stephanie Russell
Stephen Laro
Susan Smith
Suzanne Arnold
Sydney Schweitzer
Sylvie Sabatier
TIAA Charitable
Tim & Susan Doyle
TS Bridge Club
Virginia Gollery
Walt & Donna Schultz
William Small

Planned Giving
Writing your will? Planned Legacy Giving is the best way to ensure your impact on the causes you care most about for years to come. Our 501(c)(3) partner The International Community Foundation (ICF) can provide guidance to help you set up your endowment or legacy gift to The Palapa Society, whether you’d like to donate stock, real estate, or another type of contribution. Through Legacy Giving, you can reduce the tax burden on your family, receive estate tax savings, and make a real difference in the lives of others here in our community. For details, email us at i [email protected]
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