September 2019
TLC E-Newsletter
A Message from the Executive Director 
Well goodbye to the lazy days of summer and sweltering heat, hello to the (hopefully) crisp days of Fall, although it certainly doesn't feel like it now! Here at TLC, while we enjoyed the traditional fun aspects of summer, we certainly did not experience the traditional lazy days; we were (and still are) full speed ahead! With much excitement, we published a redesigned and a more user-friendly website! TLC wants to remain a visible, informative, and reliable resource for the Montgomery County special needs and disabilities community, and hopefully the new website helps us achieve that goal.

We look forward to a fall full of new possibilities, experiences, triumphs, and positive life lessons!

Patricia A. Ritter, PhD
Executive Director, The Treatment and Learning Centers 
The Katherine Thomas School
City of Rockville Peace Day

Peace was in the air on Saturday, July 13 th to celebrate Rockville’s official Peace Day. This event coincided with Mattie J. T. Stepanek’s birthday and was held to continue his legacy. Children and adults visited various tents to learn about local services and participated in hands-on activities. TLC was honored to be included as a community tent in this celebration and The Katherine Thomas School proudly represented one of the Peace Certified Schools in the area. The tent theme was to grow and spread peace and the visitors made peace pinwheels. The buddy bench, built by the 7 th grade students, was a wonderful place to rest. Thanks to Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan for taking a moment to relax with TLC staff. 
Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan and TLC Director of Development Teresa Witt
The Family Hearing Center
The Family Hearing Center vs Wholesale Store
We often receive questions regarding the difference between working with The Family Hearing Center versus a Wholesale Store. Below, we try and breakdown that information.
The Family Hearing Center

  • Patient-driven care
  • Detailed explanation of hearing loss and treatment options
  • Work with a variety of hearing instrument manufacturers
  • Post-hearing instrument fitting counseling
  • Bluetooth accessories/connectivity solutions
  • Ability to treat tinnitus
  • Loaner instruments available
  • Able to directly bill insurance for hearing aid benefits
  • Rechargeable hearing instruments
  • Payment Plan

  • Possibility of higher financial commitment
Wholesale Store

  • Possibility of lower financial commitment

  • May or may not have audiologist on staff - mostly hearing aid dispensers
  • Limited choice of hearing instrument manufacturers
  • May not provide the latest hearing technology
  • Less optimal acoustic environment for hearing testing and instrument programming
  • Possible delayed follow-up schedule for check-ups due to the volume of hearing instruments sold and limited staff onsite
  • Medical devices are in the same place as bulk food and household items
  • Limited diagnostic services provided
  • May refer out for earmold impressions
  • Club membership required to maintain services
Outpatient Services
New Screenings

Testing, Tutoring, and Counseling Services at TLC is pleased to announce our screenings for reading, math, ADHD (coming soon), and autism (coming soon)! In one hour, our licensed clinicians will assess your child and offer recommendations for more comprehensive evaluations if indicated. Screeners are $75. The process for the screeners include:
  • Children complete a short assessment in reading and math. Parents complete a brief survey on autism and ADHD.
  • Clinicians observe the child in their office or in our open play areas.
  • Clinicians will score the assessment or survey and integrate their observations into a brief report.
  • Clinicians will share their insights with the parent and provide recommendations for testing if needed.

Summer Camp Recap

30 campers enjoyed spending their summer at TLC in one or more of our therapeutic camp programs Little Friends Language and Learning and Friends Together campers worked hard, played hard and simply enjoyed the excitement of summer fun. Water Wednesdays were the biggest hit and many smiles were seen around the pools, water tables and slip ‘n slides. Throughout the summer, campers were visited by a therapy dog, a few chickens and a baby goat! Parents enthusiastically commented how happy their children were arriving to camp each day and many are already awaiting more fun at TLC next summer!

Our summer Interaction Group was also a great success. Over 20 children spent 7-8 weeks of summer fun in our outpatient clinic enjoying many activities in our sensory motor gyms, multi-sensory environment (lovingly referred to as our “Bubble room”) and classroom. In this multidisciplinary group, children gained skills in sensory motor exploration, engaging and playing with peers and HAVING FUN! Luckily, families don’t have to wait until next summer to experience these groups … our Fall Interaction Group is now underway! Contact Julie Bobrow for more information about the group,

Testing, Tutoring, and Counseling launched Online Plus Tutoring . TLC Online Plus Tutoring is a unique program that provides individualized tutoring services. If you or a family member needs skilled tutoring, but struggle to find the time to drive to a tutoring center, TLC Online Plus Tutoring will provide an integrated approach to tutoring while offering convenience and accessibility. We know that one size does not fit all, and this provides a convenient option for our tutoring students and their families.
The Outcomes Service
We had a wonderful summer at Outcomes. We have gained 4 new employer partners and 2 volunteer sites for our participants.  Clients and families have joined us for some big events that focused on true community inclusion like The Big Train baseball game, a trip to Hershey Park and most recently participating in the Montgomery County Fair. We have also seen successes for those pursuing and maintaining employment through strong job development and job coaching supports from the team. Our newest efforts to support youth through the Workplace Success Pre-Ets program has been a success introducing young people to the concepts of employment and onsite training with community partners. Outcomes plans to continue these efforts in the fall, focusing on developing independence, maximizing inclusiveness and building community connections for those we serve.  Want to learn more about TLC Outcomes and our programs? Contact Sherri Stocklin, Admissions and Community Supports Coordinator, at
Fall Programs
Sign up for one of our great programs at TLC! Check out some of the options:

ArtStream Broadway Song and Dance
  • Grades 6-12
  • Dates: Mondays - 10/14/19 to 12/9/19 (no class 11/11/19)
  • Time: 3:45 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
  • Cost: $280 for 8 weeks
  • Location: The Katherine Thomas School
  • Sign up: Click Here or Call Lisa Torvik 301.424.5200 x306

Therapeutic Interaction Group
  • Ages: 2.5-6
  • Day/Times: Groups will be Tuesday/Thursday morning 8:45-11:15 and Wednesday 1:00-3:30
  • Sign up: Call Lisa Torvik 301.424.5200 x306

Social & Emotional Skills Groups
  • Date: Wednesdays
  • Ages: Elementary to Early Middle School
  • Time: 5:30 to 6:30 pm
  • Location: Gaither Rd. office
  • Sign up:, 301.424.5200, ext. 226

Individual Speech-Language Therapy
  • Call 301.424.5200, ext. 159

Individual Occupational Therapy
  • Call 301.424.5200, ext. 159

  • Call 301.424.5200, ext. 226

  • Call 301.424.5200, ext. 306

Online Plus Tutoring
  • Call 301.424.5200, ext. 306
Development Digest
TLC’s Annual Fall Luncheon is happening this year on Thursday, October 24, 2019, from noon to 2pm, at Lakewood Country Club. Join us as we celebrate TLC’s Champion - the Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation for their continuous dedication and generosity. Sponsorship are available.    This event is a great way to learn more about TLC and to help support our mission to improve lives and expand possibilities for individuals with special needs. We hope you will join us! To register and/or find out more information about this event, please visit our website .

Raise the Roof - TLC is in the final stages of the Raise the Roof campaign. We are very excited about the community’s generosity. The TLC Board of Trustees has given 100% towards the campaign and our employees went over board by raising $17,000 towards our goal.  
Marketing Department
Do not forget to check out TLC's newly redesigned website,

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