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40 Years Ago

WMF® returns to  Singapore in 2020!    
Women Moving Forward® in GENEVA in 2019
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Grad Lunch Geneva 
Monday Oct. 14



Women Moving
Sept. 18-20
Westlake Village, CA
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Enabling Purpose
Sept. 24-26
Westlake Village, CA
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Advanced Men's Course
Oct. 15-17
Ojai, CA
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Women Moving Forward®
Oct. 16-18
Geneva, Switzerland
$6750 only 1 space left

Women's Leadership
New Edition
November 12-14
Westlake Village, CA
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Advanced Women
Moving Forward®
December 5-6
Westlake Village, CA
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Women Moving Forward® 
March 4-6 

Women's Leadership Retreat®
May 19-21, 2020 

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Reviewing WMF®

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2019 Women's Leadership Retreat®   
April 30- May 2, 2019    
Ojai, California  
April 29 Make-up day  

Advanced Men's
Oct. 23-25
Ojai, CA. 
For those of you who want to bring this very special workshop to the men in your company contact us to schedule one.

This is the Men's version of WMF®

Men all over the world have taken this workshop and have been surprised by the results.

The cost:

$40,000 for up to 14 men

We strongly recommend
this workshop be done in locations and
companies where WMF® has been held.

If you only continue to train women but do not also re-train men you just make women more frustrated.


                                     40 YEARS AGO
Contest #1
After the great celebration we had with 31 wonderful people and 7 fabulous speakers, I spent the next couple of days ruminating on the 40 years I have been in this business. I'm exhausted!

It all seems like a dream to me. As most of you do I just put one foot in front of the other and do what is next to do. It is hard to go back over 40 years  
and look at the accumulated impact I have had on many, many people worldwide. 

There is a a part I vividly remember and that was at the beginning. In1979 I began the business in my living room at an antique roll top bankers desk  
I had bought for $250 from a family in New Jersey.

I spent $150 on black and white stationary and business cards. It was a very small budget start up!

The exhilaration of getting up everyday to build the business was wonderful.Call me crazy but I knew it would be successful and I knew we would have a
long run. I knew if your companies could be successful so could I.

I spoke to anyone and everyone who would listen and I created a course I knew was needed even if I didn't exactly know how to market and sell it.

I developed a business plan and presented it to the bank we banked at in Colorado. I wanted a $22,000 loan. They turned me down and so did every other bank I went to.

Then I found out I was in good company. Women were rarely, in 1979, able to get business loans even with a house to use as collateral. We were clearly
discriminated against by banks and other financial institutions.

Then The Women's Bank opened in Colorado. Started by Mary Roebling, President of Roebling Bank in Trenton, NJ (my home town). It opened precisely to
give women who started businesses a chance.

By that time I already had revenue coming in but I changed my accounts to that bank!

By the way, Women are more successful at starting businesses then men.

The SBA and all the micro-loan organizations will tell you it's because we don't spend our money "willy nilly" when we start up. We start up small and
then nurture the business until we can afford an office, etc.

Then last week as I was celebrating my company's 40 year mark, I saw a front page article in the August 9-15 Pacific Coast Business Times.
It said, and I quote, "Some 27% of S&P 500 Corporate Directors are women but only 5% of Venture Capitol goes to women-owned firms"

Only 5% in 2019???  What the Hell? Have we not moved forward in 40 years?
Venture Capitol has replaced bank loans as the preferred start up financing and women cannot access it. Just like I could not access $22,000 in 1979.

The article goes on to say we need to crash this bias in venture capitol firms. Especially given women still have better business success then men do
with smaller amounts of money.

So as I celebrate my 40 years in business and my success I am cognizant of the work we have to do so that my younger sisters around the world have the chance I had. The chance to create a business and control their own and their family's


To see the video of the history of Susan Van Vleet Consultants®
click here

Thank you to all the graduates who submitted videos, who commented on social media and especially to those of you who attended. You are why we have been a success!

Women Moving Forward® Is Back In Singapore!
March 4-6, 2020
Ritz Carlton, Singapore
For the third time we will be holding a Women Moving Forward®
in Singapore.
It is open to ALL companies. There are only 10 spaces available.
To register  click here
Scroll to Singapore WMF® and fill out the form. Then click on send.
I look forward to being back in Asia and to the possibility of seeing our graduates there!

  November Women's Leadership Retreat®
November 6-8, 2019 
Four Seasons Hotel & Spa
Westlake Village, CA. $4950
Only 1 space left!   
To register Contact Susan ASAP to have a conversation!

              Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva

              OCTOBER 16-18, 2019     $6750 US  
                   ONLY 1 SPACE LEFT

                          TO REGISTER NOW      

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Graduate Comments 

Dear Susan,
Today marks a very special day for you, I very much hope that your Future of Work Summit today will be a great success! Although I am not with you, I am in Westlake
Village with my heart and thoughts, Thinking of you and your great achievements and of all the women around the world that have benefited form your wisdom and coaching. You made a positive difference to so many relationships and will continue to do so.

I very much look forward to being with you in November (Geneva) and to toasting to your achievements then.

Enjoy the summit to the fullest!

Yours Anke

Congratulations! You have touched and improved so many lives over the years including
mine. Thank You!

Maria Beatriz Rodriguez

Thank you Susan for making an impact in so many lives, including mine. This was truly
 an inspirational event. Cheers

Nichole Chagnon

What a special event and my good fortune to be a part of. Thanks so much for all that you shared during this workshop and over many years.

Traci Phillips
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