Zack's Place August In Review
As I sit here writing August in review, the realization is setting in, that summer is coming to an end. It was a wonderful summer here at Zack’s Place and a delightful month of August!
We started the month with our annual bake off between Sarah Roberts and Andrew Jameson and this year we had a guest appearance by Doug Phillips. It was the battle of the cheesecakes and although, all of the cheesecakes were delicious…..this year’s winner was Sarah Roberts, with her magnificent, very tasty “Samoa” cheese cake! Andrew Jameson, is not only a master baker but also a concert pianist and we all had the pleasure of listening to him play for us, a private concert, at the Universalist church… he was amazing!
In the month of August, we went on several field trips, including blueberry picking at Wellwood Orchards in Weathersfield VT, a visit to the Precision Museum in Windsor VT, stopping at Frazier’s afterwards for a yummy ice cream treat!! We walked to Billings Farm a couple of times for a farm program, we spent every Wednesday (except when it rained) at Silver Lake, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and paddle boarding with Vermont Adaptive. On the rainy day we went to see a movie in Lebanon. We went bowling at Maple Lanes in Claremont and horseback riding at Moonrise Farm in Taftsville. We went to Sculpturefest in Woodstock at the Davenports farm and last but not least…a highlight in August was our big field trip to Shelburne Farm & Museum in Shelburne VT, for a wonderful visit and picnic lunch. We are also going to see the Lion King on the big screen this Friday at Pentangle!
On the creative side of things we had art with Caitlin, art and greeting card program with Lynn VanNatta, art with Lolly and art with Finnie! We had story telling with Jools and made music with Kerry and Sandy and even a little karaoke with Kitty. We had drumming with Ted, learning many drumming  techniques and cooking with Sarah, making all sorts of delicious recipes.
We stayed fit with Bari our fabulous trainer and we had yoga/dance with Liz Barker, always such fun. We did yoga with our wonderful yogini’s, Jamie, Lalita, Tita and Amanda every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and games and activities with our talented and good friend Carl Hurd.
We also had some wonderful reading/story times with our 2 volunteer readers, Diane Dugan and Bettyanne McGuire.
As you can see, it was a fabulous and busy month, filled to the brim with wonderful programs!

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