September 2019

  • IDDSI Implementation Globally (Puerto Rico and Canada)
  • Reminder: Level 7EC documents now available
  • FAQ - Mixed or Dual consistencies
  • Questions about IDDSI Labeling
  • Two New Webinars Announced: Register early!
  • Translations
  • IDDSI on the Move
IDDSI Implementation around the world
Puerto Rico

Students from New York Medical College and Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Gurabo campus working together in Puerto Rico to offer IDDSI implementation to health professionals at Menonita Hospital/Caguas.

The Canadian IDDSI Expert Reference Group (CIERG) continues to move forward with supporting IDDSI implementation in Canada.  They have developed a survey for Canadian stakeholders to learn more about what stages IDDSI implementation is across the country and what types of resources and supports are needed. 

If you are a Canadian stakeholder, CIERG encourages you to respond to this survey .  

The survey link will be open until Sept 30, 2019.   Thank you from CIERG. 
Reminder: Updated Framework and Testing Methods documents

The recently updated IDDSI framework document and testing methods document are now available on our website.

If you are having difficulties printing these documents with images, then you will need to adjust your printer setting to the following ‘ print as image/picture’.
The updated documents now reflect the addition of Level 7EC . An audit tool for Level 7EC is also available. We have also added some clarification on topics like “ mixed or dual” consistencies that we hope will better answer your questions. 
Don’t forget to check our Implementation Guides and new printer friendly Colour Codes.  The new resources will help you as you implement IDDSI in your setting.  

REMINDER: The resources on the IDDSI website are free, and include not only print-outs, posters, and audit sheets, but also access to more than 30 videos and webinar recordings through our YouTube channel.
Frequently Asked Questions

By definition, mixed or dual consistency foods include both solids and liquids. Some mixed or dual consistency foods are easily recognized on the plate or in a bowl (e.g. vegetables in a soup broth). Other items that appear to be a single...

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Recently, we have received a number of inquiries from around the world about when industry partners, companies, organisations are going to start using IDDSI labeling and which products or services are now using IDDSI labeling. 

The introduction and use of IDDSI labeling is voluntary and industry partners, companies and organisations will typically consider using IDDSI labeling when they are aware of a demand from consumers. 

IDDSI encourages all industry partners, companies and organisations to conduct the appropriate testing and evaluation of their products using the recommended IDDSI testing methods before adding IDDSI labeling.  

IDDSI does not receive regular updates from industry partners, companies and organisations about IDDSI implementation and IDDSI labeling. 

We encourage all IDDSI users to contact industry partners, companies and organisations directly and ask about IDDSI implementation and the use of IDDSI labeling. Your inquiry and request will help to inform industry partners, companies and organisations that there is a demand and perhaps encourage them to consider implementing IDDSI and IDDSI labeling! 

We also encourage IDDSI users to contact industry partners, companies and organisations directly if you are concerned about how products, services or educational courses are IDDSI labeled, marketed or advertised.  IDDSI does not endorse or certify any products or services. 

If you have a story to share with us about IDDSI implementation or simply wish to inform us that your organisation, company is implementing or has implemented IDDSI, we would love to hear from you!
We're happy to announce two upcoming webinars. There is no cost to our webinars but you must register. Webinars are recorded and will be posted on our IDDSI website. Please note that IDDSI is not able to offer CEU's at this point.

Click on the buttons below for more information on panelists and registration:
Northern Health Authority: A regional food services’ implementation journey.

This presentation will outline how Canada's British Columbia’s Northern Health Authority implemented IDDSI in the context of a regionalized food service setting. The presenters will share the evolution of their implementation plan, how using a regional menu impacted implementation, as well as key considerations made and challenges faced during the process.

Duration: 1 hour including Q& A session.
IDDSI Town Hall: we answer your questions live!

Members of the IDDSI Board of Directors, will be live sharing the latest news on global implementation and answering your questions about the IDDSI framework and implementation in different settings. Do you have questions about products, temperature, syringes, etc? This is your chance to answer your questions LIVE!

Duration: 1 hour
IDDSI Translations
Looking for a translated version of the IDDSI Framework, Descriptors or Testing Methods?
Check our completed translations tab on the IDDSI website for the following:
Chinese (simplified), Farsi, French (Canada), French (France), Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and Swahili.

Languages currently up for review include:     
Arabic, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Slovenian, Thai and Vietnamese. Please consider reviewing these documents and adding any comments or suggestions for the translation before final posting.
Languages in progress:
Turkish, Hindi, Urdu, Zulu, Portuguese (Portugal), and Marathi.

Do you speak a language not currently under translation? Would you be willing to provide a translation? We want to hear from you. Check out our  Translations tab.
IDDSI on the Move
  • July 2019 - ASHA Connect Conference, Chicago, IL, USA
  • July 2019 - IDDSI Workshop/Meetings Tel Aviv, Israel – official launch of IDDSI implementation in Israel 
  • September 2019 - American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine, Los Angeles, USA
  • September 2019  Maine Medical Centre Nutrition Symposium, Portland, Maine, USA
  • October 2019 - FELANPE Congress, Panama City, Panama
  • October 2019 – Partners in Practice Conference, Chicago, USA
  • October 2019 - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics FNCE 2019, Philadelphia, USA
  • November 2019 – American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference 2019, Orlando, USA
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