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New website and new class of missioners
Video: MKLM kids share what it's like to grow up in mission
Maryknoll lay missioners include singles, married couples and families with children. In this 5-minute video, the children from three Maryknoll lay missioner families share their experiences of living abroad, learning new things and making new friends. They talk of the joys of riding bajajis (Tanzanian auto rickshaws), eating pupusas (Salvadoran corn flatbreads) and benefitting from "symbiotic relationships."

View the video in the link above or on our website here.
Ted's Talk

We are pleased to invite you to visit our recently launched, newly redesigned website at . Our new site offers not just a fresh new look, but also brings us up-to-date in terms of mobile responsiveness, social media integration and more compelling visual storytelling.

The goals for creating this new, more dynamic digital platform were: to help us build broader awareness of and clarity about Maryknoll Lay Missioners’ mission and purpose; to increase engagement with our missioners and their ministries around the world; to build stronger relationships with our donors and increase financial support for our mission; and to increase our ability to reach and build direct relationships with potential missioners.

We are confident that with this new website we are well-poised to pursue these important goals. Please explore the site and let us know what you think.

At the end of next week, we look forward to welcoming our new "Class of 2019" Maryknoll lay missioners for their two-and-a-half-month orientation at our Maryknoll campus in Ossining, New York (see below).

Please keep them in your prayers, as they prepare for their missions.

Peace and every good!
Ted Miles
Executive Director
Orientation starting for Class of 2019
Orientation for Maryknoll Lay Missioners' Class of 2019 will begin Sept. 22 and continue for 12 weeks until December 14.

This year five lay missioner candidates and one Maryknoll sister will participate in the program. Topics include Catholic Social Teaching, power and powerlessness, history and theology of mission, and cross-cultural education. Presenters include Marie Dennis and Robert Ellsberg as well as Maryknoll sisters and fathers and returned missioners.
Our new lay missioner candidates come from Ohio, Washington, Connecticut, Texas and Massachusetts and will be placed in the following countries: Haiti (2), Kenya (2) and Cambodia (1).
Caring for 'hidden children' with disabilities in Kenya
In Bangla, an informal settlement in Mombasa, Kenya, nurse Kathy Flatoff is searching out and helping children with disabilities.

"Here in Kenya," Kathy writes, "there is a stigma with having a child who is 'not normal.' Sometimes the child is abandoned at the hospital and never taken home. The shameful father may leave his family, claiming the child is not his. A mother who keeps a disabled child may be viewed as cursed and called a devil worshipper. The children are often hidden away in their homes."

Kathy has teamed up with a new organization called Wezesha, which works to find children with disabilities, provide therapy, counsel the parents, and most importantly, educates people at churches, schools and public forums about disabilities.

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Friends Across Borders
Immersion Program

Maryknoll lay missioner Peter Altman at the Romero mural near the Chapel of the Divine Providence Hospital, where St. Oscar Romero was gunned down on March 24, 2020.
2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the assassinations of Archbishop Romero and the four martyred U.S. churchwomen

Honor their memories with a
Maryknoll Lay Missioners


• Jan. 31 - Feb. 8, 2020

DEADLINE for signing up: Nov. 30, 2019

Entering the lives of the people of El Salvador, you will be accompanied by Maryknoll lay missioners as you go beyond the boundaries of your own culture, meeting and making friends with Salvadorans and learning about solidarity.

With El Salvador still being one of the three Central American countries from which most of the refugees and asylum seekers at the U.S. border come, you will learn how Maryknoll lay missioners are helping to address the root causes of emigration by building peace, opportunity and hope in Salvadoran communities.

For more information on the El Salvador trip, visit our website here.

Call 914-236-3474
By their fruits you will know them (Matt 7:16)
With careful watering, plenty of tender loving care and good works by lay missioners Sami Scott and Abby Belt, the first seeds of our new mission in Haiti have sprouted.

Please read about Sami and Abby's service in Haiti on our website.

As we celebrate the Season of Creation (Sept. 1 - Oct. 4), help us to plant more seeds of hope and to bear good fruit at the world's margins by donating to Maryknoll Lay Missioners.