August 2019

I hope you’ll join me at one of the exciting upcoming events.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 28 th I’ll be at the Embrace Your Journey Exp o doing theta healing, readings and divine guidance. Please come by the Pointe Hilton on 16 th St. and say hi!

Then in November, the Living an Awakened Life workshops followed by a retreat in December . Our focus will be based on the spiritual growth and internal changes that happen within Matityahu (Mathew) in my books the Journey with Matityahu series.

In the workshops and the retreat, we’ll go deep into meditation and self-exploration along with sharing our authentic selves which shifts us further into greater awareness of the truth of who we are. We’ll address the old and embrace the goodness, the light and the potential within.

I’ll release group beliefs when they arise and when timely I’ll provide healing for individuals (after you give me permission, of course). I’ll watch and serve as I am guided. How much is possible for each of us?

Exciting news!

We now have a new and special retreat location. Dec. 14 those who join in on the Living in Awakening Retreat will have the pleasure of enjoying a cozy meeting room, grass outside for grounding ourselves, a labyrinth for walking, for releasing what doesn’t serve us anymore and for gaining insight. I am including a catered lunch with lots of healthy foods for the you; gluten free, the vegetarian and the vegan, the coffee and tea drinker. Registration is now open the first five people to register can attend both the retreat and the workshops for the introductory price. The early bird special pricing ends October 15.

Here are some of the topics you will delve into in the six workshops and the retreat.

November 5, 12, 19, 26 December 3 and 10

and the

in Scottsdale, AZ

Love and Light always, Lynne

You can become a certified practitioner in just three days! Advance your skills as a healer and as an intuitive. In Phoenix, AZ. Visit  for seminar descriptions.

  ThetaHealing Seminars

  • Advanced ThetaHealing                           Oct. 28-30 (prerq. Basic)
  • Basic DNA ThetaHealing                          Nov. 15-17 (prerq. Dig Deep)
  • Dig Deep ThetaHealing                            Nov. 20-21 (prereq. Advanced)
  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight                  Dec. 4 (prereq. Dig Deep)
  • Manifesting Abundance                         Jan. 15-16 (prerq. Dig Deep)

This conference is for you if you are an entrepreneur and ready for growth. I'll be speaking on stage about my journey as healer, teacher and business woman. Plus speak to self-sabotage and to recognize it and how to stop self-sabotage when you get in your own way.

All the speakers and Marcia Bench are there to show you how have more in your business and in your life!
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