Much Ado About Self-Care
By Claire Louge
Everyone seems to tout the importance of self-care, but in our busy, fast-paced, hustle culture, it can feel like we’re being asked to stay dry while going for a swim.

Self-care is also an ill-defined concept. Is it bubble baths and meditation? Is it supposed to be something you do to make yourself happy (eating ice cream), or that feels easy (taking a nap), or something that’s hard but good for you in the long run (cardio)?

There’s also just so much to care about. Our families. Our planet. Our nation. Racial equity. Poverty. Our economy. Covid-19. Child well-being. Open your email inbox or go on social media or watch the news. The list of things to care about is literally endless, and growing.

With so much to care about, where does self-care fit, and what is it?