September 2020 Newsletter
Promoting Prosocial Behaviors
When it comes to being a successful member of society there are certain skills that one must master. And like most skills that successful adults employ, the foundation of these prosocial skills are built in early childhood.  Learn More
What are Prosocial Behaviors?
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Prosocial Behaviors
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In my program, prosocial behaviors are:
A. Introduced through a specific socials skills curriculum
B. Integrated throughout the curriculum we use
C. Addressed through daily interactions and incidents
D. Practiced through a combination of the above options
Building Empathy and Prosocial Behaviors with Children's ...

Educators have a powerful tool at their disposal for helping children develop important prosocial behaviors. Prosocial behaviors are those that help us get along in the world with others. They are the behaviors and skills we use to successfully...

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