September 1, 2020
Hey friends!
If I could do cartwheels, I would today, because... I've got happy news!
LOTS of happy news!
It's particularly happy considering this is 2020, a year when most happy things end up crumbling into dust. This great news isn't crumbling! It's blooming!

  • Our church now has a plan to meet safely in person on a limited basis, two times a month, starting September 13th! See more info below!

  • One of the first times we meet together will be an evening focused on Children's Ministry, in which we will welcome our first graders, dedicate our new acolytes, and give Bibles to our third graders! IN PERSON AND SAFELY! See more info below!

  • A Music and Missions Combo for FBG kids starts Wednesday, Sept. 9th and Laura and Priscilla are excited about the new format! PLEASE REGISTER for this and all kids' activities! :) See more info below!

  • Our September fellowship event will be a Drive Through Party on Sept 11! It's for all FBG kids, preschool -fifth grade, and it's going to be so much fun! See more info below!

  • Sunday School begins Sept. 20, and we have a wonderful slate of teachers for each grade that are excited to meet with your kids on Zoom! We have a great game plan and can't wait to get started! See more info below!

  • Our Children's Committee met and has planned a whole year full of fun monthly activities that your kids are going to LOVE! We will share them with you as soon as they're approved by our leadership team.

If all that doesn't deserve a cartwheel or two, I'm not sure what would!
I can't wait to see you in person, even with masks on, six feet apart!

Love you all, Becky

Becky Ramsey, Minister to Children, 864-233-2527, ext 116
First, Have You Registered Your Child for FBG Activities?
Please help us plan for your kiddos!
It's that time again!
It's time to register your child for all activities at FBG.
This will help us get the info we need to prepare for your child.

Click HERE to register.
Thank you!!
Be at Peace
During the months of September-December, our church will have the opportunity to gather together at the Peace Center once a month to worship! This will happen on the second Sunday of each month at our regular worship time, 10:30 am.

Our first Be at Peace will be September 13th!

So that we may sit at safe distances, worship will be a ticketed event. (There will be no charge. You'll just reserve your seats.) We will wear masks while there.

On the Sundays when we worship at the Peace Center, there will be no Children's Zoom Sunday school.

Watch for an email soon with more information!
Gathering on Third Sunday Evenings
During the months of September - December, we'll also have a chance to gather for an evening worship time at the Greenville Drive Stadium! (This will be in addition to our regular Livestreamed Sunday morning service.)

This will happen on the third Sunday evening of each month from 5-7. More details to come.

Our first gathering at the Greenville Drive on September 20 will have a Children's Ministry focus!!
We'll welcome our first graders, dedicate our new acolytes, and give our third graders their Bibles! We'll enjoy it all with the help of the Jumbotron screen! How special is that?!
Zoom Links You May Need
In order to protect everyone's privacy and keep our Zoom sessions just to ourselves, we plan to email you the Zoom links you'll need.

When you register your kids, we'll use that information to tell us which links you'll need. (Another reason why it's important to register!)

Thanks so much!
Register HERE.

Buckets of Fun with Music and Missions, Coming Sept 9
Look! Take a peek at what's in the back of Laura's car!
It's a bucket for each child registered for Music and Missions!

We're excited to meet with our first-fifth graders this fall on Zoom for a fun combo of music and missions. We will begin each Wednesday at 5pm for a session lasting about 30-40 minutes. Our time together will include activities like breakout rooms for different aged choirs, opportunities to see church friends, hear guest speakers, take virtual tours and even occasionally do some at home cooking or art projects!

Preschool Music and Missions for 3's, 4's, and 5's will also meet on Zoom, beginning at 4pm on Wednesdays.

When you register for all children's activities, you will indicate that you are interested in music and missions for your child. This will let us know to prepare a bucket for your child. Also, please be sure to rsvp for our Drive Through Party on Sept 11 when we'll hand out buckets! (They won't need the bucket until the following week.)

Parents of registered children and preschoolers will receive an email with their appropriate Zoom link for Music and Missions.

We're excited and hope you will be too!
A Drive Through Party for All FBG Kids! Sept 11
To celebrate the strange beginning of our back to school season, the Preschool Ministry and the Children’s Ministry are joining together to throw a Drive Through Party for all FBG kids, preschool through 5th grade. It's free! We just need you to reserve your treat! :)

On September 11, from 4-6 pm, we hope you’ll pull through the rotunda breezeway for a fun Friday afternoon treat!

Families will stay in their cars and be safely served goodies from TCBY! (Servers will be masked and gloved.) Families will also be given take home materials for Sunday School and Music and Missions programming for our kids. Who knows what other surprises may be in store!

So that we can be sure we have enough treats and take home supplies to go around, please rsvp HERE.
We can’t wait to see you!
Sunday School Begins September 20th!
Sunday school for kids begins September 20th at 9:15 on Zoom! Woo hoo!

We'll start each Sunday at 9:15, in a Gathering Room, of sorts! (Kids can bring their own cereal or a doughnut or whatever- and come in their pajamas if they want!)

Then at 9:30, the kids will "move" to breakout Zoom rooms with their own grade level, where they'll enjoy the story with their own teachers. It'll be a fun way for us all to keep learning and growing in our relationships with each other and with God.

Our sessions will be short and sweet, and we hope they'll be a meaningful part of your child's week!

You'll receive the Zoom link by email, closer to our starting day.
We've gotten approval to begin having one child be my acolyte partner and lead us into worship each Sunday--which makes me so happy!

So this means we're ready for our fourth graders to be individually trained and begin acolyting after our acolyte dedication on the evening of September 20! Hurray!

Parents of fourth graders, I'd love for your children to serve along with our 5th grade acolytes if this is something they'd like to do. Would you let me know THIS WEEK, please, if your child would like to serve the church in this way? Click here to email me.

For our Livestreamed services, one parent (only one parent-we're still trying to minimize the number of people in our sanctuary on Sunday morning) would need to accompany the child acolyte and stay with her/him throughout the worship service. 

Thank You, Teachers
Thank you to these lovely folks below who've yet again said yes to teaching Sunday school this year!

First and Second Grade
Laurin McDonald
Jennifer Restine
John Smith
Third Grade
Pat Carson
Wyline Holder
Cam McDade
Pam Shucker

Fourth Grade
Georgiana Gray
Daniel Hart
Elizabeth Hart
Jason Richards
Marie Richards

Fifth Grade
Rob Hanley
Roy Janse
Krista Martin
LAST CALL for the Art Piece for Our Hall
If you haven't yet sent in your child's traced and decorated hand/forearm, I'd still love to have it! Please send it this week, as I'm planning to put them all together this weekend into the masterpiece for our hall! :)

Thanks for helping your child participate! :)
Managing Your Mail from Me
Is your newsletter coming to the wrong email address?
Or maybe only one spouse in your household wants to get the newsletter or email from church, and the other never looks at theirs.

I am happy to add your email to my list, change it, or take it off. No problem!

Just email me here with your preferences and I'll be glad to make any changes.
FBG Covid-19 Covenant
Before participating in any in-person children's events to come, every child and adult must agree to First Baptist Greenville’s COVID-19 Covenant. Each of the following principles are based on our understanding of what it means to be a Christian and a responsible member of the community. 

Click HERE to read our Covid-19 Covenant
Sacred Stories This Month

September 20 Moses- the Beginning

September 27 The Exodus

Is Godly Play new to you?
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SEPTEMBER Birthdays!

Nora Burns, September 2

Olivia Holder, September 8

Genevieve Krantz, September 10

Emmy Holder, September 12

Joseph Gold, September 25

Ciera Weather, September 27

Happy birthday, EVERYONE! We love you!

(Parents, if your child has a September birthday that's not on this list, I need to know.
Please email me here. :) )

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