We are so grateful to all of you who attended our 14th annual 
Learning Leadership Summit!

Even though we could only Zoom together rather than being face to face, it still had that community feel that we hoped for.

Talent development expert Kevin Wilde coached us through an interactive discussion of "The Coachable Leader."

Here's a short clip of Kevin talking through the criteria for coachability.

Kevin selected a group of slides from his presentation which he feels capture the key points, and he's shared those slides with us. Download them by clicking on the image to the right.

If you're interested in talking with Kevin directly about the content, you can reach him at runwilde98@gmail.com.

Kevin has developed a self-assessment on coachability. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, after which you are given an analysis and some recommendations for activities. Click here to take a look.

This year's nominees are...
One highlight of the Summit each year is the presentation of the Learning Leader of the Year Award. 
In 2020, the award recipient was chosen from a really amazing group of nominees. 

Watch the short clip to find out who those nominees were and hear some inspiring remarks about each.

And the 2020 Learning Leader of the Year is...

Julie Dervin!

Julie is the Head of Global Learning & Development at Cargill.

From her team:
  • "She encourages risk and it's really an expectation, so, I think the way that she views things has raised our game..."
  • "...she's also a person who'll go to bat for us, so as we are looking at implementing [a] strategy, she will go and have those conversations and really clear the path for any of us."
Here is Julie with the Learning Leader of the Year plaque. Kudos to her for encouraging innovation within her team, and supporting them as they grow and try new things. 

And congratulations again to all of our nominees this year. Each of you has had such a positive impact on your team and organization, and on our learning community as a whole. 

Those who attended our 2020 Learning Leadership Summit may remember that we made a charitable donation in the amount that we would have spent on breakfast if the Summit were held in person. We'd like to tell you about one of the recipients, Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA for short), because their graduates and apprentices could be your future team members and project teams.

Juxtaposition Arts is a non-profit youth art and design education center, gallery, retail shop, and artists' studio space in North Minneapolis.

We know that the need for graphic design skills is increasing within L&D as consumer learning experiences are changing corporate learner expectations. Clients have asked for a "modern" and "fresh" aesthetic as they reimagine and revamp their learning programs. Some are explicitly seeking a youth perspective within their team because their learners are just starting their careers.

Think of JXTA in two ways:
  • Project work: JXTA's Graphic Design Lab provides graphic design, illustration, and branding services, and their Tactical Lab conducts engagement research and conceives of ways to engage conversation and community-building through non-traditional strategies.
  • Interns: Graduates of JXTA's free Visual Art Literacy Training program can apply for paid apprenticeships working directly on client projects in the JXTALabs. They are happy to refer companies to their alumni for internships. And, watch for the relaunch of Pathways to College and Careers (PaCC), which formally incorporates mentorship and internships. PaCC has been on hold during the pandemic.
When we can be together in person again, maybe we'll host an event at JXTA's space so that you can experience the energy and spirit of their participants and apprentices.

Instagram: jxta_arts

The 70-20-10 model is the simple idea that successful learning incorporates a certain ratio of educational experiences.
  • Job-related experiences - 70%
  • Interactions with others - 20%
  • Formal education events - 10%
If a mix of experiences leads to the best learning outcomes, why do learning and development teams spend so much of their time on the smallest segment - developing and delivering formal training and education events?
Join us on September 22nd as two leaders from Sleep Number, Michael Vigen, Learning Innovation Sr. Manager and Kate Hutton Cleveland, Learning & Development Manager, lead a virtual session that covers the following:
  • What the 70-20-10 model is and is not
  • What's happening in the real world, especially during the global pandemic
  • What you can do to unleash a strategic mix in your learning ecosystem to empower team members and deliver value
Michael and Kate will provide some lessons learned on the topic and engage you, the Roundtable community, to share your diverse backgrounds and experiences with the group in a social learning format.

For more information on this event, contact Jay Kasdan.
What is the role of chatbots in learning? How do they enhance the learning experience? Do they impact the forgetting curve? In this 90-minute session led by Jane Haag, you will hear how Ecolab created the case to effectively implement chatbot technology in a major learning program. This session will cover the business case, design, implementation considerations, and results for "Coach Colin" the chatbot. Actual tools and technologies will be demonstrated as examples. 

By the end of this session, you'll have some key considerations to keep in mind when scoping a chatbot solution for your organization's learning needs. Join us for this exciting virtual event on October 22nd.

Jane Haag is a Senior Manager of Enterprise Learning at Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene, and infection prevention solutions and services with approximately 45,000 associates. In this role she guides and influences the design and development of their flagship learning programs.

For more information on this event, contact Robin Lucas.
As an L&D professional, have you ever felt like you were just an order taker instead of a trusted advisor? Like someone else decided training was needed, but you didn't get the chance to weigh in? Becoming a trusted advisor that the business proactively engages to determine and design the right learning interventions is key to making an impact with learning. Until you achieve such status, it can often feel like you're on the outside looking in. And how you go about becoming that advisor can either accelerate or prolong your ability to participate upfront in solving business challenges.

On October 27th, Julie Stone will lead us in a session where we'll explore how you can accelerate establishing yourself as a trusted advisor. Spoiler alert: it starts with being a business leader first, who just happens to have expertise in Learning & Development. Bring your ideas and experiences, as this will be an interactive, virtual session.

Julie leads Global Learning & Performance Support at eBay, one of the
largest ecommerce marketplaces in the world, connecting over 183 million
buyers with 25 million sellers. Her team is responsible for onboarding,
developing, and preparing eBay's customer service organization to support
eBay's members, with accountability for Learning, Coaching, Quality, and
eBay's Office of the Customer.

For information on this event, contact Jay Kasdan.

October 9th
Virtual meeting

Pop-up AR: How a Fitness Facility Implemented AR for Safety Training


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