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Green House Media Coverage Update
The Green House Project and Senior Director Susan Ryan have been in the news nearly three dozen times in the past six months. The positive press continues to be a boost to our team, as we work create resources and content for providers on best practices amid COVID-19.

All Things COVID-19 Testing On Oct. 7
You don't want to miss this ECHO session on COVID-19 testing, with Drs. Al Power and Jonathan Evans, in addition to Eric Riguerra, RN.

They will address and explain all things COVID testing, from the many types of tests available to best practices in strategy and timing.

In addition, they explore the new CMS rules and the benefits of early detection.
New Summit Addresses Direct Care Workforce Solutions
GHP is proud to support the CNA Staffing Summit, a new virtual event hosted by the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) and CNAs for Quality Care.

Scheduled for Oct. 20 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern, the purpose of the event is to not only bring together the entire nursing home workforce ecosystem but also dig into the unfettered truth about what CNAs and their team members need to be more effective, more engaged, and more appreciated.

A panel of nine career CNAs from around the country will be moderated by Alex Spanko, editor of Skilled Nursing News, and Lori Porter, president & CEO of NAHCA.

Also slated to speak on workforce policies, research, and more is David Grabowski, PhD, professor of health policy at Harvard University. CMS and CDC officials have been invited to present as well.

Administrators, owners, operators, HR professionals, and more will walk away with tangible solutions and tools to retaining, recruiting, and engaging staff, in addition to research and knowledge about the latest CMS policies on staffing amid COVID-19.
New Podcast Show Gains Momentum
Join host Susan Ryan, senior director of The Green House Project, each Wednesday for enlightening, provocative, and sometimes uncomfortable conversations with thought leaders who offer diverse perspectives aimed at elevating eldercare.

Susan and her guests explore the opportunities and challenges to actualizing a vision for dignified eldercare through the lens of the Green House model of long-term care. Whether you are a senior housing provider, an aging services consumer, or someone who is interested in creating a better model of long-term care, we’ve got you covered. Friday’s, “Let Me Say This About That” show is a bite-sized, rapid-fire recap episode with how to take action tips.

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