How Will I Know?
By S. Annie Klapheke
Often in the discernment process we ask the million-dollar question, ‘How will I know God’s plan for me?’ It is a natural question to ask. We long to replace our doubt and confusion with clarity and assurance. In grappling with the question, I am reminded of people we encounter in Scripture and their own journeys of coming to know. I think of Nathanael (John 1:45-51) who asked, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” He was clearly skeptical that Jesus was ‘the one.’ When Jesus saw Nathanael, he said of him, “Here is one with no duplicity.” When Nathanael questioned him further Jesus responded, “Before Philip called you, I saw you.” This moved Nathanael to proclaim, “You are the Son of God!” I am reminded also of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-41), who was anticipating the coming of the Messiah, but could not imagine that this man talking with her was the one. That is, until Jesus revealed the truth of her life – the good and the bad. She then came to believe and spread the word about Jesus throughout her whole town.

In both of these stories, the questioning seekers found their answers in the same way: being seen by Jesus for who they truly were. It was in these moments of being recognized by Jesus, and Jesus naming the truth of their personhood, that both individuals came to clarity and could boldly proclaim, “You are the one!” Clarity also comes in discernment when we allow ourselves to encounter Jesus, to be seen, and to allow Jesus to reveal to us the truth of our being. In discernment, consider replacing the question ‘how will I know?’ with the request, ‘Jesus show me what you see in me; show me the truth of who you are calling me to be.’ The power then shifts from us trying to figure it out, to God who already knows us and wants to show us who we are created to be.
Virtual Concert for Feast of St. Vincent de Paul
In celebration of the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020, the Vincentian Family is hosting a virtual concert by international performing arts group Gen Verde. The members of Gen Verde include 22 women from 14 different countries. The concert will begin at 3 p.m. EST on the Gen Verde Facebook page at:
Never Giving Up Hope
S. Nancy Crafton ministers to the immigrant farm worker population at Los Pobres in Avondale, Colorado, a center that provides migrants with food, clothing, medical care, bill assistance, and even a place to lay their heads when there is nowhere else to go. Read more at
Celebrating Our Jubilarians
In 2020, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati will honor 17 SCs celebrating special anniversaries (25 and 60 years). While the traditional Mass and celebration is on hold until it is safer to do so, the Community will be hosting a special prayer service for the women on Sept. 8. To read more about the lives and ministries of these remarkable women, visit
Faith Sharing
S. Tracy Kemme is leading a Zoom faith sharing group for young adult women. Early in the pandemic a few women reached out for support, and so, S. Tracy decided to offer an opportunity to gather together online. The group meets every other Sunday to reflect on the Scriptures, to share, and to pray. Seven women participate regularly and are building beautiful community among themselves. 
Recommended Resource: God In All Things
This Ignatian-based website provides resources to mull over questions about God, reflect on Scripture, and be more attentive to how God permeates the moments of our exciting and mundane life. Visit it at: 
Sept. 1, 2020              
World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Sept. 8, 2020             
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sept. 15, 2020           
Our Lady of Sorrows

Sept. 17, 2020           
St. Hildegard of Bingen

Sept. 21, 2020           
International Peace Day

Sept. 27, 2020            
Feast of St. Vincent de Paul
(From left) EarthConnection Administrative Assistant Sue DiTullio and S. Winnie Brubach enjoy EC’s new outdoor bench, part of its Bottle Caps to Benches program.
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