September 2020
What's Happening this month:

September 22nd - Fall begins
September 26th - Double Points Day

Reward Certificates
Reward Certificates were mailed out this past week, please watch your mail if you are expecting a certificate.
Flu shots

We have had many phone calls and questions about flu shots this year. We expect our flu vaccine to arrive in the store over the next few weeks. We plan to start giving flu shots at the beginning of October. We will have more information posted on our website as to the date we will start flu shots. We don't want to promise any dates until we have the vaccine in the store.

Many immune-compromised customers have asked about curbside flu shots this year.  In order to accommodate these requests, we have decided that we will have early morning appointments before the store opens on certain days for those customers who cannot wear a mask in the store, or are concerned with coming into the store for their shot. We will do the shots in the store so we don't have to work around weather and parking logistics by doing them curbside.

We will be making appointments for most of our flu shots. The reason for this is that we want to be able to allow for social distancing, and allow time for cleaning between shots within the store. We will put on our website the paperwork that you will need to print, fill out, and bring with you to your appointment. We will also have copies available at the pharmacy for you to pick up before your flu shot appointment, so you can have it filled out when you arrive. Please fill out this paperwork for each person getting a flu shot. Having this paperwork filled out before you arrive will expedite the process and limit the amount of time you will need to spend in the store.

We ask that you also dress appropriately when coming for your flu shot. Please consider wearing a short-sleeve or sleeveless shirt. Avoid wearing sweaters, sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts and multiple layers. We do ask that you wear a mask while you are in the store. If you are unable to wear a mask, we will offer you an early morning appointment, so you can be in the store before we open without any other customers.

We want to administer most of our flu shots during the month of October. That is the perfect time to get a flu shot since it is before any flu activity usually starts, and it will allow you the 2 weeks needed for your immunity to build. We will continue to give shots throughout the season; however, we want to get as many people vaccinated during October as we can. We plan on having extra help in the store during the week of October 12-17, so we will have the widest range of appointments available that week.

We prefer that you do make an appointment for your shot, but if you are in the store and we have time to fit you in on a walk-in basis we will try our best to do that. Just know that you may have a longer wait time than if you would have made an appointment.
We have a large variety of nuts and trail mixes.

We have them in cans and handy bags.

Come in and check out our selection.
Upcoming Double Point Days:
(Be sure to mark your calendars)
Saturday, September 26th
Thursday, October 15th
Saturday, November 28th
Thursday, December 17th

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