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September 2020 Newsletter
President's Message

Who Are You Going to Call?

When we need help, we call professionals. Yet there is no profession without some bad apples. When those bad apples are in positions involving the public trust, their incompetence or purposeful betrayal can be profound. Victims are left with the loss of financial investments, the loss of liberty, or even the loss of life. If a child dies as the result of medical malpractice, should we defund medical schools? Should we burn down the hospital? Should we have fewer doctors? We cannot conflate outrage with rage. Like doctors, law enforcement professionals are trained in dealing with a wide array of individuals who are often in the midst of a crisis. They deserve our respect and even more training, not less. 

What about politicians? As a profession, there are more than just a few bad apples. Worse still, their bad policies rob current and future generations of income, and they encourage, and sometimes even cause, unemployment, homelessness, drug addiction, and crime. Republicans are not without their own bad apples, but we have the platform with the right solutions – smaller and accountable government, lower taxes, smart regulations, and lifting up America first! Let’s turn our outrage over the current climate using smart civic engagement. Support Republicans in every way that you can this November.

May God bless us all,
Bonnie Jackson
Featured Speaker
This month we are pleased to welcome back Grant Maloy, Clerk of the Court and Comptroller for Seminole County. Grant was elected in 2016 and in December 2017, Grant successfully completed the Clerk Certification Program and is now a designated Certified Clerk by the Supreme Court of Florida. He currently serves on the Strategic Technology Committee and the Comptroller Subcommittee for the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers. Under his leadership the clerk of courts and comptroller’s office has been state-wide leader in innovation and has made countless improvements that benefits all citizens of Seminole county and surrounding areas. Grant Maloy is running for
re-election in November.

Grant grew up in Seminole County and is a graduate of Lake Howell High School and the University of Florida. He has been active in the community as a local business owner and served as Seminole County Commissioner from 1996 through 2004. Grant is active in various church ministries and also plays banjo with a bluegrass band.
Highlights from July Meeting/Movie Night

For anyone who would like to view the film, the club has the DVD. Just ask any board member and they will be happy to lend it to you.
Note: Our meeting will be held at the Interlachen Country Club
See below for map and directions


Lunch is $25 by reservation only. Please bring cash or check.

Remember that we are a non-profit organization existing to promote Republicans and conservative causes. If you find that you are unable to attend after the deadline, we are sorry to miss you but expect that an RSVP will be honored. Please be courteous and send payment to reimburse us for your lunch. Not doing so hurts our bottom line. Remember, WE ARE REPUBLICANS AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 'FREE LUNCH.'

To RSVP and for reservations, please use this link:

Please do NOT forward your Evite email to anyone or they will be registering under your email address and you will be responsible for payment of any reservation not honored.
Rosemary Herb Chicken Breast with Natural Jus 
Orzo Pilaf 
Baby Green Beans with Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes 
Individual Butter Rosettes 
Bread Basket: Assortment of Petite Rolls 
Lemon Meringue Tart 
This mural was commissioned by the Orange County Republican Party, on the turnpike, across from the Florida Highway Patrol building. MAGA and BACK THE BLUE!
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Interlachen Country Club
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