September 2020 Newsletter
MNPHA Events
A New Format: Join us for this year's MNPHA virtual conference! In 2020, the Building Partnerships conference will be held in a new format, consisting of:
   1. A virtual kick-off event on October 20, 2020;
   2. Eight virtual education sessions (November 2020 to March 2021);
   3. A virtual Trade Show in conjunction with the education sessions;
   4. An in-person networking event in February or March 2021*

* Depending on public health requirements regarding distancing and group size. Additional food/beverage fees may apply.

Watch for updates at 

MNPHA Member Resources
MNPHA's website has the most up-to-date COVID-19 resources and information relevant to non-profit housing providers, including information on Federal Government resources for landlords and tenants, Residential Tenancies Branch, Public Health, resources for employers, and more.
Calling all Board Members! We encourage all new members of boards of directors to join this training program.

MNPHA is pleased to announce that we will be launching our Building Boards program this Fall. With financial support from the Winnipeg Foundation and Assiniboine Credit Union, new and experienced members of Board of Directors of housing organizations will receive training and resources for:
- Governance
- Effective Organization
- Working with an ED/Manager/Property Management Company
- Bylaws, Policies, and Legal Requirements
- Strategic Planning
- Financial Oversight
Special prices will be available for the pilot of this training program: $95 + GST for the first participant of an organization, $45 + GST for each additional attendee (member prices only, additional cost for non-members).  
Registration for the online course will open mid-September; Watch for details at 
Information and Updates
MNPHA Congratulates Past-President Laurie Socha on her Retirement from S.A.M. Management

Laurie has retired from S.A.M. Management after 19 years of service, and has therefore retired from the Board of Directors of MNPHA.  
As a founding member of MNPHA, Laurie has been a committed supporter of the association, a mentor to the staff, and champion for the sector. Laurie has always been available to the MNPHA team, whether to provide a testimonial for new members, advise on new programs, or help us stay organized. She has steered the Board through challenging debates, and chaired events and conferences with enthusiasm.  
Please join us in thanking Laurie for all she has done for the non-profit housing sector in Manitoba.
Free Flu Clinics
The flu season is upon us. The highly contagious virus can be debilitating, putting strain on one's personal well-being as well as their well-being.

In addition to consistent hand-washing, one of the best ways to reduce your risk is to get the annual flu shot.

Exchange Pharmacy is scheduling flu clinics for the Fall. A health care professional such as a physician, pharmacist, or nurse will come in, set up a booth and provide flu shots in a private and confidential manner to all those that desire it. This is fully free of charge, as it is covered by Manitoba Health. The goal is to optimize health outcomes with minimal interference with your daily activities.

To set-up a flu clinic, contact: Ryan Chan BSc.(Pharm), CAE, Pharmacy Director
C: (204) 227-6465
B: (204) 942-0573 / F: (204) 942-0867
The Housing Professionals Mentorship Program is accepting applications for its 2021 cohort until October 30, 2020 
The Housing Professionals Mentorship Program (HPMP) connects leaders of today with those of tomorrow to strengthen the community housing and homelessness sector. Since 2018, HPMP has matched housing professionals across Canada to build networks and community, develop leadership skills and share learnings about community housing and homelessness.
Volunteer Manitoba Upcoming Training Calendar

Workshops this Fall include:
October 2, 2020 | 9:00am - 12:00pm | $95.00  

Writing Persuasive Proposals (online) 
*This course runs on Thursday, October 15 AND Tuesday, October 20 | 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM | $145
(Readings and some coursework is required between online sessions)
Meeting Management and Minute Taking for Boards (online)

October 20, 2020 | 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM | $95

October 29, 2020 | 9:00am - 12:00pm | $95.00 

November 4 & 12, 2020 | 9:00am - 12:00pm | $145.00 

Financial Responsibilities of a Non-Profit Board (online)
November 17, 2020 | 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM | $95  
Partnership Programs
Expert Advice: What is herd immunity?

Herd immunity, or community immunity, is the
resistance to the spread of a disease due to a sufficiently high number of individuals with immunity. If a large number of people within a group are immune to a virus, those still susceptible are less likely to get infected. Why? The virus has difficulty spreading among a large group of people already immune to it. 
Herd immunity protects vulnerable people. The spread of disease slows down when most people do not get or transmit the infection. This helps protect people who are not immune, or who are susceptible to complications. Seniors, pregnant women and people with chronic conditions or weakened immune systems are more susceptible to infections. 
Vaccination improves herd immunity. It allows large numbers of people to develop immunity safely and quickly. Vaccines remove the need to contract serious illnesses, such as polio and measles, to become immune. 
Read the Full Body Bulletin here 

Body Bulletin is provided monthly to all members of MNPHA's Group Employee Health Benefit program through People Corp. Protecting the health and wellness of your employees is more important than ever. Kyle McFadyen will be reaching out to MNPHA members in the coming months to offer a quote on joining the benefits program  Learn more here

Picture of the Month
September Picture of the Month:  
Old Grace Housing Co-Op 
Twice a week, a newcomer family living at Old Grade Housing Co-op organizes a farmers' market in the courtyard. Last year, Shelmerdine's donated 5 acres of land to a group of Yazidi farmers, including a family of newcomers who live at Old Grace Housing Co-op. For 2 years the community has planted, tended to the crops, harvested, and sold their bountiful vegetables at different locations, including at OGHC. In 2020, due to COVID, the farmers' market has been restricted to co-op residents, friends, and family, with the hopes of re-opening to public next year.  
Leftover produce is distributed to the families within the Yazidi community, and donated to non-profit organizations serving people who are homeless in Winnipeg.
Picture of the Month Feature!  MNPHA's team has seen all the interesting, fun, and innovative things you do to improve the lives of tenants, your staff teams, and the communities around you. 

"Pictures of the Month" - is a way to share this regularly so members can learn from each other. No idea is too simple or too complex. If you are doing something you think should be shared with your colleagues in the non-profit housing sector, send a photo and brief description to us by October 1 to be included in the October newsletter.
Opportunities Board
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