September 2020
Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying the last bit of Summer! We'll be welcoming all children back to school on Tuesday, September 8th. We are very excited for a new year at TLC and continue to use extra precautions to keep TLC safe for the children!

Our themes and curriculum this month will revolve around getting to know our students, their families, and their friends.

In mid-September, we will focus on apples. You may see apple prints and apple patterns. We will dissect apples, count seeds, make graphs, compare types of apples, and have an apple tasting party!

If you haven't already signed up for text alerts, please text @tlcmerrick to 81010.

Important NYS Document Needed
If you haven't done so already, please be sure to complete the New York State Office of Children and Family Services form. All children must have a form on file at TLC. We ask that all parents drop off their child and NOT enter the classroom. If you enter the classroom, we will need you to complete the form for yourself and undergo a Covid check.

Although this form states it is a one-time requirement, there may be a time we need it completed again in the future.
Covid Protocols

A few items to remember in order to help stop the spread:
  1. Please do not enter the building without a mask.
  2. We ask that you please abide by the CDC and continue to drop off and pick up your child at the front entrance. Parents should NOT be entering classrooms. If you enter the classroom, you will need to sign the NYS form as mentioned above and have your temperature taken. If someone is not at the front, you may have to wait. We thank you for your patience.
  3. Children's temperatures are checked at drop off. If your child is showing any signs or symptoms of Covid, please notify us right away.
  4. If a child is exposed to Covid, we will notify all parents.
  5. We continue to follow the Health Department's guidelines as far as closing/cleaning to prevent the spread.
  6. There is sanitizer located at every classroom and bathroom.
Supply Lists and Rosters
A list of all students per class can be found below in the roster. If you haven't had a chance to read the welcome letter and supply list from your child' teacher(s), you can do so below.
2020-2021 Closings
Please click here for a list of days TLC will be closed this year.
Allergy/Health Care Plan
If your child has an allergy, asthma, a health condition, or any type of dietary restrictions and you haven't had a chance to do so, please send me an email or call me at 516-659-2247 so we can discuss and make a plan. After an initial conversation, I will draft up a plan and then coordinate a time for you to come in to sign it.
Sports Program Registration
Our t-ball and soccer program will begin on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 and run through December 16, 2020. The cost for this program will be $182 for 14 weeks of sports.

Please complete the registration form and return with payment by 
Monday, September 14, 2020.
Updated forms are needed at the following dates: 3-6-9-12-18 months &
2-3-4-5 years.

You will be reminded as your child's birthday or medical expires.
Please use TLC's form every time.
Medications can be administered with proper doctor's permission and medication that matches. For example: we cannot administer Tylenol if your doctor specified Motrin. It is VERY specific.

All medication must be provided in its original packaging including the cup/syringe. This will ensure proper dispensing of the dose.

If you want medication to be given to your child to manage pain, or if your child has allergies and they require medication, please speak to an MAT trained teacher to check in your forms/medicines.

MAT Trained
Liz (Pre-K)
Ninette (Pre-K)
This Month's Menu
The latest menus can be found on our website.

Please bring in an alternative if your child does not eat what is on the menu. For children under 18 months, please continue to bring in yogurt, fruits/vegetables, and infant snacks. Some of the snacks are not appropriate for their age group and we don’t always have alternatives.


As a reminder, if you would like your child to be fed breakfast, please arrive before 8:30am.
You are receiving this email as the parent of in the class at . If this information has changed, please send us an email to let us know.