The PLIC team believes in the importance of planning meaningful and ongoing professional learning opportunities for teachers and leaders in the BT BOCES region. Given the many challenges that districts are facing this year, the team has developed new and innovative structures for supporting you and your teachers. The professional learning and support opportunities are outlined below and more information can be found by visiting the PLIC website here.

  • There is an updated Technology Toolkit available to teachers, students, and families that includes resources that can be accessed at any time to support specific technology needs. The updated toolkit was developed in collaboration with the SCRIC, DCMO, and ONC BOCES. We will continue to update the toolkit as we hear of new technology needs and have additional resources and tutorials that are developed.

  • The catalog of regional professional learning opportunities is now available! These regional opportunities will be held mostly via Zoom and are shorter, more frequent opportunities. Many of the sessions will be held for an hour in the later afternoon so that teachers are able to attend.

  • The PLIC regional professional learning specialists have established virtual office hours to support individual needs. Teachers can book an individual meeting with a specialist of their choice at a time that will work for them. Check out the virtual office hours page for additional information and please share with the teachers in your building or district!

  • A team of PLIC professional learning specialists is also available to support teachers with virtual coaching. A new professional learning opportunity, Coaching for Success, is available to support individuals on an ongoing basis. Instructional coaching is a widely utilized practice that enhances teacher growth and success. Through the coaching process, teachers will be able to partner with a Professional Learning Specialist to identify and hone a growth area. Participants will be meeting with a coach over the course of a semester in mutually defined times to strategize around their goal. Topics that participants might be interested in setting a goal around include but are not limited to: student engagement, classroom management, prioritizing curriculum, assessment and feedback. Want to know more? Check out this short video here.

  • Since many of the professional learning sessions will be conducted virtually this year, we will record some, and make them available on the PLIC YouTube channel. You can access the channel here for updated tutorials and recorded webinars. Please visit and subscribe!

In addition to the regional professional learning highlighted above, the PLIC team is available to support your in-district needs; for specific district needs, please send your requests to Kerri Bullock at