Somerset Lake Newsletter September 2020
Somerset Lake Important Dates
September 7th - Memorial Day
September10th - Lake Committee Meeting
September 17th - Grounds Committee Meeting
September 24th - Board Meeting
 Somerset Lake Community Update
We are happy everyone is enjoying the pool so much this year. Our community has been fortunate to be able to safely enjoy the beautiful community and it's surroundings.

Regrettably, we will not be able to have a Pig Roast this year because outdoor events need to comply with the Pennsylvania State and CDC guidelines for safety, and we can not do that with the Pig Roast. We are committed to resident safety but also frustrated with the new normal.

We have been working to see what we can do and are happy to announce pool hours are extended until September 20th, 2020. In addition, Pavilion hours will be extended until November 1st! Please see the updated Pool Schedule below. We hope you can continue to enjoy the pool and Pavilion. (Pavilion Schedule will be sent when finalized.)

We want to thank all of our residents for their understanding and for being a part of the Somerset Lake Community. We hope to see you at the Pool or Pavilion!

New Pool Hours
 If you would like to print or save a copy, click for the pool schedule. 
Wednesday Food Trucks
Everyone has been enjoying our food trucks this summer. Please visit our website at to look at the most up to date Food Truck Calendar Schedule. The September schedule is listed below.

September Food Truck Schedule
September 2nd - On the Roll
September 9th - Savannas Tender Love and Fries
September 16th - Daily Veg
September 23rd - Wandering Chef
September 30th - Tender Love and Fries

Please remember the Food Trucks are now located at the lower parking lot by the Tennis Courts.
Fitness Committee
The Fitness Committee had it's first meeting on August 19th and will meet again in September. We are looking for volunteers to help decide what equipment in our Fitness area needs updating and determining options for replacement, as well as potential changes to the placement of equipment in the fitness area. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the clubhouse at Please ask those in your home if they are interested as well. We would love a good cross-section of ages represented from the community.
Image by Robert Calehuff
Welcome Committee
Five must be our lucky number! Just as we are completing visits with our last list of five newcomers, we have received names of five more! We are very excited to have so many new families moving into Somerset Lake. We look forward to greeting them all. As we move into autumn, we will keep our fingers crossed that some of our normal activities will resume. Then new residents can meet new friends and get involved in our committees, clubs and events.

Image by Kim Edborg
Events Committee
We need you!

We have some really great ideas for the Community and need an Events Committee to put them into action when the time is right. If you are interested in Luminaries for 2020, Holiday Lights Competition, or to help with or initiate any other event during the year, please volunteer. If you are only interested in one event that's great too! We need you!

If you are interested in helping, please email the clubhouse at

Image by Janice Finn
Lake Committee
September 2020 Lake Committee Update

The weather events this month have been tough on the lake, as most of you probably witnessed. Within 4 days, we received 9.5” of rain. 3” of this occurred over 45 minutes on 8/7, raging over waterlogged soil and already high water levels on the lake. It was calculated that during the hurricane on 8/4/20, 150 tons of sediment rushed into the Forebay. We don’t know how much entered on 8/7 because the monitoring equipment was displaced. To provide a magnitude, each year the lake typically has an increase of approximately 260 tons of sediment during the entire year.

A lot of debris washed into the lake, which included tree limbs and logs as well as household items. Please make sure to secure household items to prevent them from blowing away and/or being carried away during big rain events. If you live along the lakeshore, please inspect your yard for any items that could be dislodged, and be mindful about what is stored outside that could end up in the lake.

After the storms, we saw a very green lake. This was a direct result of nutrient runoff, and the lake was treated to reduce the algae. The runoff comes from many sources, with some within our control and some are not. We are working with local property owners and the township to address the outside sources, but this will be a long term process. So we need to focus on the sources within our control, which include the chemicals and fertilizers we use on our lawns. 

This fall, rather than using fertilizers, why not use organic compost to improve your lawn? And this spring, PLEASE consider not using (or at least reducing) chemicals and fertilizer. 

Another big contributor to our lake quality issues is lime. At this time of year, the pH of our lake approaches 10. Lime runoff from lawns contributes to this dangerously high pH level. Please do not apply lime to your lawn, no matter how far from the lake you live. In our bowl-shaped community, everything ends up in the lake.

On September 23, 2020 there will be a public meeting held at the St. Anthony in the Hills amphitheater to open the area to the public and solicit input. This is a great opportunity to see the property and offer ideas on how it is improved. September 28, 2020 will be the rain date. 
Next Lake Committee Meeting is scheduled for September 10, 2020 @ 6:30 PM by remote web meeting.

Image by Robert Calehuff
Architectural Committee
Walking around the neighborhood, it is evident that quarantine may have slowed but certainly hasn’t stopped home projects…new roofs, exterior painting, landscaping. If any of these activities have given you the renovation itch, check out the contents of the sample closet. Please contact the clubhouse to make an appointment if you would like to see the sample closet.
Please refer to the displays of updated sample boards and binders outlining approved exterior paints/stains, trim paints, shutter styles/colors, roofing materials, etc. approved for each home series within the community BEFORE beginning a project. BEFORE you sign a contract to have any exterior work done, you first need to get Architectural Committee approval . Any new color requests or changes must also be approved by the Architectural Committee. This approval process may take up to a month. Please complete the Architectural Request Form found under the Document Links tab on the Somerset Lakes website ( if you will be performing exterior work such as painting, staining, roofing, tree removal, window replacement, or hard scaping. This form can be downloaded and submitted electronically. Other specific guidelines (solar panel installation, approved roofing materials, shed installation, etc.) are also available under the Document Links tab.

If you have any questions or topics for the committee to address, please contact Cheri Hadley of Brandywine Valley Properties at (302) 293-8093 or .As always, this volunteer Committee, in cooperation with Brandywine Valley Properties, Somerset Lake’s management company, will continue to review applications submitted by the Community for exterior home projects as well as handle requests for exceptions to the Community’s existing architectural policies.
Grounds Committee
Thank you Eddie Iglesias for sending in the photos of some of the work the Grounds Committee has done with the following update.

The Grounds Committee had this paver edge put in up at pool. 

We have also been in the process of trimming trees along common areas as well as on lake side of broad run.

Buttonwood walking path will be widened in needed areas this fall  

If you have any questions or would like to request improvements to any community spaces, please contact
Traffic Safety Committee

The Traffic Committee met with representatives from the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department and New Garden Township to discuss various issues the committee is going to address in the upcoming years. The main focus of the committee to date has been gathering information on options to reduce speeding within the neighborhood, and developing an implementation plan. Over the next several meetings the Committee will formalize their goals, and layout their plans for improving safety within Somerset Lake. Any resident interested in joining the committee should reach out to Chris Brendza at

Community Reminders
Friendly Reminders
A community member asked we put this reminder in the newsletter.

When walking, please walk or run against traffic if a sidewalk is not available. When riding a bike, we please ride with traffic. Pedestrians always have the right of way. Following these Pennsylvania State Laws helps everyone stay safe.

Please remember that the Tennis Courts are for Tennis or Pickleball only. These courts should not be used for field hockey, weight lifting, or other activities. Other activities could potentially damage the courts. Thanks for your understanding.

Image by Janice Finn
Community Corner
Somerset Family Free Library
Since school libraries won't be available to community children this fall we are going to use the bookcases in the Clubroom for an informal lending library. Thanks go to Laura Benincasa for the suggestion and Mary Rycik and a few volunteers who will manage the library. More details will be coming soon.

Clubhouse Use for Fall 2020 for School Aged Children

We understand that the school year will be challenging with virtual learning from home for both the children and the parents. Once the clubhouse is open we can serve the Somerset Lake community by offering meeting space within CDC guidelines and PA restrictions. Please contact the clubhouse to discuss your specific needs. Based upon information from interested residents we can put individual meeting space plans together. Thank you Laura Benincasa for contacting the clubhouse with this request.
On-going On-site Community Events (Classes and Clubs) have been canceled until further notice.
Call for Photos!
Please send to the clubhouse any community photos you would like considered for the next newsletter with your name. Photos need to be less than 5MB to be considered. Please send them to
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