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From Our Pastors
Congregational Care Ministry
Dear Friedens Family,
It is strange to say that good things have come about because of this horrible pandemic however, its true. While being unable to worship in -person has not been a good thing, expanding our ministry through digital platforms, such as Facebook and You Tube, has introduced Friedens Church to new people and motivated some to become members of the church. It has also brought about creative ways for us to stay connected with each other.  Several of you have sent cards and goodies to some of the church family that are unable to get out and about.  There have been many who have come to understand what many of us have known for a long time, the church did not close during the pandemic because the church is more than the building and even corporate worship. The church is the people. All of us are the church.

We are currently meeting for outdoor in-person worship services while plans are being developed for when we can meet for worship indoors. There are still those in our church who are not yet comfortable returning for worship which is understandable. With the uncertainty of the future we would like to initiate a more formalized ministry of providing connection for all members of the Friedens Family. This ministry will be known as Congregational Care Ministry. As Pastors of the church we attempt to stay in touch with members of Friedens Church as much as possible however, we are unable to do so on a regular basis. Those participating in this ministry will help bridge that gap.

We need your help!  We are looking for folks who are willing to make regular phone calls, send cards and provide prayerful support and encouragement to home-bound members; those in nursing care facilities; families; couples; single parents; teenagers; college students; those in the military,ect...  If you are already providing support to other members of Friedens Church, please let us know so we can ensure we have everyone covered. This is considered a community service, so if youth need service hours, this would be a great project!

If you are interested in participating in the ministry, please contact Pastor Sonja at pastor@peacenbucc.org or 830-303-7729 press #4 to express interest and to obtain information.
God put the body together and gave more honor to the parts that need it so our body would not be divided. God wanted the different parts to care the same for each other.  If one part of the body suffers, all the other parts suffer with it. Or if one part of our body is honored, all the other parts share its honor. Together you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of that body.  1st Corinthians 12:24-27

In Christ, Pastor Sonja and Pastor Dave

Welcome to Our Church

Leonor Ancira Saenz
Joined the Church on August 23 2020


From the Council President

Dear Friedens Family,

Greetings for September! It is hard to believe that another month has already gone by. As we move into September and the end of Summer, we hope for cooler weather and pray for desperately needed rain. We also continue to pray for everyone in our community affected by COVID-19. With COVID numbers in our area and across the state showing improvement, we are ever hopeful that more parts of our lives will get closer to "normal". We also look forward to more regular opportunities to come together as a congregation.

At our August meeting, the church council and Pastors decided to hold in-person worship services outside in the church courtyard every Sunday at 10:00 beginning August 23rd. There has been a great response from the Friedens congregation for our previous outdoor worship services with 80 people in attendance on Sunday, August 23rd. After so long apart, it has been truly wonderful to see one another in person and we have been truly blessed with great weather so far.

We invite everyone to attend in person and will also continue live-streaming these worship services for those who wish to participate from home. All attending may bring lawn chairs to set up outside in the courtyard area, or remain in their vehicles. We ask that everyone maintain social distancing, and wear masks when near others. Look for more details in this edition of the Tidings, on the church website, and on Facebook.
Children's Sunday School has also resumed meeting outdoors every Sunday at 9:30 by the Fish-Fry Shack in the south parking lot of the Activity Center. Please bring lawn chairs or a blanket for a place to sit. Parents, please plan on remaining with your children during Sunday school to help guide them through activities and help everyone maintain social distancing.

The Finance Committee also began meeting in August to review year-to-date income and expenses for the 2020 budget and to begin the budget process for 2021. We will be meeting each month in order to prepare the 2021 budget for the annual congregational budget meeting scheduled for Sunday, December 6th. Thank you to Dawn Schriewer, Jeff Bormann, Eileen Peek, and Jason Bloch for serving on this committee.

We thank everyone in the Friedens congregation for your continued support of the church. As always, you may reach out to me with your questions and concerns at 830-481-6011. Or to reach out to the Pastors, please contact them through the church office.

Kyle Bading
Council President, on behalf of the Friedens Church Council

Church Council 

Friedens Prayer Concerns
Friedens' Prayer Concerns
Please pray for...

Barbara & David Jones
Esther Schmidt
Nathan Bading
Ronnie Foreman
Sharen Carley
Janie Glenewinkel (Friend of Tammy Harborth)
Frances Altherr
Justin Jandrisits
Roy Callaway
Cindy Barkley (Jeri Hudson's aunt)
Sharon Atzger
Clay Brawner (Delores Brawner's son)
Dakota Sole
Melina Rodriguez (Rudy Orona's cousin)
Sandra Brown (Friend of the Orona's)
Ted Weaver (Jeri Hudson's uncle)
Melanie Escobedo (Friend of the Orona's)
Debbie Orona Hill (Rudy Orona's cousin)
Beth Zipp (Dawn Jenke's sister)
Jim Langford
Claudia Tuggle & family
Rose (Barbara Jones' sister)
Hannah Ukle
Charleen Criswell (FranHeinemeyer's daughter
Anita Klein (Bob Robbins' daughter)
Bob Carley
Rudy Baerwald
Grace Evola-Bourlon

Please remember the homebound members of Friedens Church through prayer, cards, visits and phone calls.  Should you need contact information, please call the church office.

Gloria Bormann
Melvin and Doris Engler
Linda Lou Dietert  
Juanita Dreibrodt
Lucille Ewald
Barbara & David Jones
Leila McDaniel
Lloyd Pape
Esther Schmidt

If you would like to add or remove a name to this list, please contact the office by phone at (830) 303-PRAY or by email: pastor@peacenbucc.org  

Outdoor Worship Services!
Exciting News! 
 Outdoor Worship service are being offered every Sunday at 10 am until further notice ( in the case of inclement weather, services will be canceled).
In-person attendance outside of the church, under the trees in the   courtyard area
Bring you own lawn chair, blanket,etc- practice physical distancing.
 May also worship from inside your vehicle.  
Families and children are encouraged to sit together. 
Masks need to be worn when near others
This service will also be Live-Streamed on the Friedens Church's Facebook page.  
Recordings of the Live Streaming Worship Services on the church's   Facebook page can be viewed at the church's YouTube Channel:  Friedens Church YouTube Channel     
A link to the church's YouTube channel is on the church's website. https://www.friedens-church.org/

 Outdoor Children's Sunday School
Join us for Children's Outdoor Sunday School every Sunday morning from 9:30am -10:00 am at the church. Bring a chair, towel, or blanket to sit on and join Bonnie Dunk for the lesson. To encourage social distancing we are asking parents to sit with their children.  Access to public restrooms will be available.

Congregational Response to God's Love for August 2020

Options for giving:
  •         EFT from bank account or credit card (forms are available in office)
  •         Bill Pay through your financial institution
  •         Paypal (See our website  - www.friedens-church.org)
  •         Check or cash

FELA News   
Friedens Early Learning Academy

FELA has started the 2020-2021 school year with a bang. We have several new faces and lots of returning students. We have 2 four-year-old openings left. If you know anyone who is interested, please have them call the FELA office. We are again selling World's Finest Chocolate. If you would like to buy some candy, contact a FELA family or staff member.
Our students will be learning about families, pets and our 5 senses. We will also be working on our manners and our numbers and singing some of our favorite songs.
We wish all of you a happy fall! Stay safe and thank you for your continued support of Friedens Early Learning Academy.    
Thanks Everyone
Leila McDaniel would like to thank all who have sent cards, gifts and called her over the last several months.  It has meant so much to her to feel so loved by the Friedens Church family.  Recently Leila moved to another location in New Braunfels.   Please contact the church office if you would like her new contact information.

Friedens Church YouTube Channel
Recordings of the Live Streaming Worship Services on Facebook can be viewed at the church's YouTube Channel.
A link to the church's YouTube channel is on the church's website.

Christian Cupboard

Friedens Church is the cereal church for the Christian Cupboard. We need your donations! Please consider bringing cereal to help support our community and this worthy charity.
Thank you for your generous support.

Church Office  
  Church Office 
The church office is adhering to all local and state health  guidelines due to COVID-19 for the safety and well being of the staff.

 If you need to contact the church office or pastors please call the church office and if no one is available, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Until further notice only essential staff will be allowed to enter the church buildings, all others will need to contact the office for further instruction.

Friedens Church Contact Information         

Friedens United Church of Christ

2555 Friedens Church Road

Seguin, Texas 78155

Church (830) 303-PRAY

Fax (830) 379-1950                                      

Church Website: www.friedens-church.org 


Pastors Dave & Sonja Phillips

Email:  pastor@peacenbucc.org

Cell: Sonja 386-212-9495

         Dave 830-305-5311


Email: secretary@peacenbucc.org


Sunday Services:

Outdoor Worship: 10:00 a.m.

Children Outdoor Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.