Our month long series of events leading up to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipper have been met with great enthusiasm and participation. 

Many of you have already enjoyed several events and are looking forward to more. On the actual days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipper we have multiple events throughout both days that will bring us closer to our faith and inspire us forward.

We have encouraged you to navigate the High Holiday section of Beth Or’s website. To help you further explore all the offerings, click on the various links below to gain a deeper understanding of the month of ELUL’s activities.
Welcome your family and friends to
High Holiday services

Whether near or far, your family and friends can participate in the month long ELUL offerings and the full array of events on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipper. Cost for the entire household is $180. Folks can register and pay by clicking here: Or, they are welcome to contact the Temple office at 305-235-1419 and speak with our office staff. A third option is to send a check to the Temple but be sure they include their name, email address and phone number so we can send them the appropriate Zoom links for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipper, as well as other events. The Temple’s address is: Temple Beth Or, 11715 SW 87th Avenue, Miami, FL 33176
Beth Or Kosher Food Bank High Holiday Food Drive and Feeding South Florida Virtual Food Drive

On September 13 from 1-3 p.m. you’ll be able to drive to Beth Or (11715 SW 87th Avenue) and safely donate items to the Kosher Food Bank. This flyer gives you full details on what to donate. Items will be taken from your car, keeping you save while helping others.
Donate to Feeding South Florida Virtual Food Drive

In addition to the Kosher Food Bank Drive, Beth Or has created a team to help raise money for Feeding South Florida’s Virtual Food Drive. This group is helping families survive losses caused by the COVID crisis. In our tradition of donating at least the value of the good we will not eat on Yom Kipper, please make a donation to Team Beth Or by clicking on:

Voting is your right - be sure
to exercise it!

As Jewish voters we have a religious and moral obligation to vote for responsible leaders who reflect our tradition values.

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC-FL) has initiated a civic campaign EVERY VOICE, EVERY VOTE which is a nonpartisan effort to strengthen our democracy by encouraging everyone to participate in the U.S. election.

The three areas of focus are:

Mobilizing voters:
·    Outreach in congregations and communities, goal is 100% voter participation.

Combating voter suppression:
·    RAC-FL is working in coalition to achieve universal voter access and encourage national participation.

Engaging student voters:
·    RAC-FL is working with youth leaders to increase the number of young voters.

Beth Or:
  • Beth OR is committed to be a 100% voting community and we encourage everyone to vote by mail at:

The impact is strongest when we all work together. Civic engagement is important for the Jewish community, and voting is our right.

RAC-FL has the objective of mobilizing the entire Reform and liberal Jewish Movement including congregations, sisterhoods, camp communities and students. This movement includes opportunities for individuals to participate in this important endeavor.

If you have any questions please email Pat Barron at
Shabbat Services Every Friday Night

Shabbat services are every Friday night at 7:30 p.m. on Zoom until further notice. Zoom links to services are sent prior to the service.
Annette and Stephen Katz and are proud to share that in addition to their daughter, Jessica, working as an excellent School Psychologist for Clark County Schools in Las Vegas, she will be adding college professor to her resume in the fall.

(If you would like to contribute to The LIGHT for inclusion in Members Muse, please email Annette Katz at: with your article.)
Buy through and benefit Beth Or

When you purchase items from Amazon, be sure to do it through and put Temple Beth Or as the benefit organization. Amazon takes a small percentage of your purchase and donates it to Beth Or. It doesn’t cost you anything additionally but it benefits Beth Or. Thank you to so many members who regularly participate in this program.
Labor Day Weekend. Be sure to join in on Saturday, September 5. To register call the Temple at 305-235-1419. Bingo, unlike Trivia, requires each member in the family who is playing to pay $18 as they ill receive their own card to play the 5 games. Once registered, you will receive a download for your game board that you can print. Click on this link to pay for Bingo:
The following is our tributes list:
In honor of the
BethOr@Home Zoom:

Ellen Siegel in appreciation to the Leadership Team, Chit Chat, and all the volunteers

Andrea Loring & Marvin Dunn in honor of Vicki Brail & Jeanne Covert's grandchild

Gallery of Light:

Nancy Billings in honor of Marilyn Traeger

Marilyn Traeger in honor of Rabbi Robin for inspiration

Marilyn Traeger in honor of Phyllis Winnick for grace under pressure

Marilyn Traeger in honor of Michael for musically touching my heart

Marilyn Traeger in honor of Amy & Mel for being the rocks

Amy Lomaskin in honor of Jen Berse - a fabulous presentation! I want to be a
student in your class! I'm never too old to learn!

Pat Barron in honor of the Gallery of Light

Amy Lomaskin for Marilyn Traeger, Enid Garber and Jen Berse for a fabulous presentation by Tom Virgin on printmaking.
Amazing person and artist!

Amy Lomaskin in honor of Marilyn Traeger for having Nancy Billings give a fabulous presentation! Nancy's an extremely talented woman!

Pat Barron in honor of Nancy Billings

Marti Gammon in honor of Nancy Billings for her
virtual opening presentation

In Honor of:

Vicki Brail & Jeanne Covert in honor of our Shero Amy Lomaskin

Amy Lomaskin in honor of Annette Katz. Thank you for the
wonderful article in "the Light" as Beth Or's first "Shero"

Pat Barron in honor of Marcy Prince's Birthday

Pat Barron in honor of Shabbat Services and Rabbi Robyn

Allan & Marilyn Weinstein in honor of Ilien & Keith Hechtman
for their display of the true spirit of Beth Or

Sara Horowitz in honor of Marcy Prince's Birthday

Gail Hochheiser in honor of Marcy Prince's Birthday

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund:

Ossie & Harry Hanauer in honor of Amy Lomaskin for your
extraordinary contributions to Beth Or

Heather Prine in honor of Kathy Fisler

Yahrzeit Fund:

Honor your departed loved ones by contributing to this fund

Be Mitzvah Fund:

Bette Spector in honor of Mel Tenen's recovery from surgery

Memorial Plaques:

Permanently remember family members and events
by purchasing a memorial plaque

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