In September, Council sessions will be held on: 
*September 2nd 
*September 16th 

Both sessions will begin at 6:00 p.m.  At this time we are holding these meetings using Zoom and live streaming them to Facebook.  Should this change, a notice will be posted on our social media.    You can visit  our municipal Facebook page by following the link.

To view the upcoming Council agenda, or to view minutes from past Council sessions, please visit our website or click here: Council Minutes
Municipal Office Hours on Labour Day
In recognition of Labour Day, our three Service Centres and the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre will be closed on Monday, September 7, 2020.   
We will re-open Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 8:30 a.m.
For emergencies with public sewer, water or bylaw enforcement, during this time please call (902) 667-2358

Coronavirus Government Updates
Find up-to-date COVID-19 related information at these sites:

Public Hearings, September 9, 2020
The Municipality of Cumberland will be holding Public Hearings on the following topics:
  • Public Sewer By-Law
  • Local Improvement By-Law
Date of Public Hearings: Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Time: 6:00 p.m.

Public Hearings are open to the public and ensure residents have an opportunity to provide Council their comments and concerns regarding the by-laws. During the COVID-19 pandemic Council is holding virtual meetings.

For methods on how to participate please read more
Finance Update Relating to COVID-19
The global pandemic of COVID-19 is unprecedented and has greatly impacted the economic reality of many businesses and families. The Municipality of Cumberland has strived to be responsive to the needs of our residents in numerous ways.
  • Service Centres installed drop boxes for payments while the buildings were closed to the public. The Service Centres in Upper Nappan, Springhill and Parrsboro are now open, although some with shortened hours.
  • Operating budgets were trimmed to reflect a more modest approach to offering services during a pandemic and to be good stewards of taxpayer monies.
  • A one-time COVID-19 Property Tax Financing program was established to help residents ensure they could continue to pay their taxes. This program received 13 applications.
  • Council decided that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Municipality of Cumberland waive interest for the months of March, April, May of 2020 for all outstanding tax and miscellaneous accounts and that accounts that remain outstanding after June 30 will attract interest.
  • Council also decided that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Parrsboro, Pugwash and Springhill Water Utilities and the Municipality of Cumberland waive interest for the months of March, April and May of 2020 for outstanding water accounts and that accounts that remain outstanding after June 30 will attract interest.
  • Water shut-offs for nonpayment were postponed during the spring period, but have now restarted as of June 30.
The Municipality of Cumberland continues to be aware of the COVID-19 situation and will communicate further changes to services as the pandemic continues.

Community Centre Opens to the Public
We are excited to announce that the Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre will be open to the public on September 1, 2020. The municipality has created an operational plan specifically for the Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre. 

Opening the facility will be done in a phased approach to help mitigate and reduce the risk of COVID-19 and to ensure we are providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all patrons and employees. All services and hours of operation are subject to change as provincial public health guidelines change.

Walking track and CIBC Commons Room are by appointment only. Please contact Michelle Herrett at (902)763-3000 or by email at with any question or to book your time.
Learn More about Our Timeline and Services
Water Wheels Removal

As usual, summer is leaving us sooner than we want.

As of Friday, August 28th, the lifeguards will no longer be on duty at Heather Beach which means the water wheels floating wheelchair will also have its last day on Friday.

The accessible beach mat will remain in place on the beach until storm surges require its removal.
Dry Wells and Water Shortage
The Cumberland Region, along with many parts of Nova Scotia and the Maritimes, has experienced very little rainfall over the past two months. This has resulted in low water for many residents who get their water from wells.

In an effort to determine the scope and areas hardest hit, residents are asked to fill out the information in this document.  This will help us understand the extent of water shortage and determine available options.

Learn More for information on public water faucets across the Cumberland Region where residents are able to fill drinkable water containers. Information on large water deliver service is also noted.

Learn More
Springhill Water Utility Customers - Water Conservation Advisory
The prolonged hot, dry weather has resulted in low water levels in Leamington Brook, which supplies the Springhill Water Utility.

In order to conserve water, the Springhill Water Utility is instituting mandatory water conservation restrictions for all residents and businesses supplied by the Springhill Water Utility, until further notice.

The water conservation measures include:
  • No lawn, garden, plant watering or other outside water usage
  • No car/RV or other vehicle washing at home.
  • Commercial car washes remain available for the time being. 
Other measures residents can do to help conserve water include:
  • Repair leaking plumbing fixtures
  • Take shorter showers
  • Install low flow shower heads and appliances
  • Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Turn off the water while brushing teeth 
These water restrictions are being implemented to maintain essential water service for all customers and protect the Leamington Brook watershed. Conserving water will help avoid a potentially serious situation involving boil water orders or future water outages.
Business as Usual for Public Works
The Public Works departments are carrying on as close to normal as possible with all government recommended precautions being implemented. Here is some of what they are up to:

  • Water and wastewater treatment is being carried out. Sampling and testing is ongoing.
  • Road patching and repairs are ongoing
  • Replacement of the roof on the Springhill Senior Citizens Centre is complete.
  • Parrsboro Well No. 5 commissioning is complete and will be put into service pending Approval from NS Environment.
  • Due to dry conditions and limited precipitation, a water conservation notice was issued for Springhill.
  • The Springhill Service Centre Renovations is ongoing. Glazing is complete, ceilings are being installed, rooftop unit and ductwork has been installed, flooring is complete. Electrical work and painting are ongoing. Millwork and doors has started. The renovation is expected to be completed in Fall 2020.
  • The Springhill Storm Sewer Replacement (washout adjacent the Community Centre) construction is substantially complete. One area remains to be completed pending relocation of a power pole.
  • Culvert replacements on Whitehall Road in Parrsboro were completed.
Voter List - Are You On It?
Getting on the Municipal List of Electors (Voter's List) is easy!  Please contact the Upper Nappan Service Centre at 902-667-2313 and one of the Assistant Returning Officers will be able to assist you.  

Voters on the list will automatically be mailed a Voter Information Card prior to the election.

To be on the Municipality of Cumberland's List of Electors and to vote in a Municipal election, you must be:
  • a Canadian citizen on election day
  • at least 18 years old on election day and
  • have lived in the Municipality of Cumberland for at least three months before election day (October 17th, 2020).  

Give us a call if you want to check if you're on the voter's list; update the address on the voter's list, or to get on the voter's list.
2020 Election Maps
*NEW!* See our upcoming 2020 Municipal Electoral Districts and Polling Station map here (PDF)
Watch for more electoral maps and additional maps to come in the next week on our Electoral Maps & Data page.

Thinking of running?
Are you thinking of running in the October 17 municipal elections but are wondering about the rules, the costs and if you are cut out for it? The Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities (NSFM) has put together all the resources you'll need to get started, with everything from Councillor Roles and Responsibilities to Media Relations.

You can also contact Shelley Hoeg at 902-667-2758 or Cathy Coon at 902-597-3751.  Shelley and Cathy can also book your appointment to file the necessary paperwork to become an official Candidate!  The deadline for filing this paperwork is Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 at 5 p.m. so don't delay! Contact Shelley and Cathy today!!

Ambitious Rural Broadband Project Set for Cumberland and Colchester
One of the largest optic fibre-based high-speed internet networks in rural Canada is being built in the Municipalities of Cumberland and Colchester. Final agreements between the two municipalities and Xplornet Communications Inc. were signed in late August, following unanimous approvals by both Councils.
The overall project cost will be $62.1 million, with Xplornet investing $35 million in the region. The Provincial Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust will contribute $21,100 million. Xplornet will report to Develop Nova Scotia to ensure it meets project commitments. The two municipalities will pay a combined $6 million, with proportions reflecting the amount of optic fibre deployed in each jurisdiction. Over the next three to five years the total for Cumberland will be $3,327,600 and $2,672,400 for Colchester.

Learn More
The Disappearance of Slade Lake
Slade Lake is located between Salt Springs and Oxford and began to empty of water in early 2020. This is not the first time and locals also know the lake by the name "Dry Lake".

Photographs taken in February and March show an ice shelf that had formed when freeze up began in late 2019 and was clearly exposed when the water level dropped by March. In late May the emptying of the lake was reported to Natural Resources and efforts began to monitor the water level. 

Cumberland Regional EMO was involved in recording the evolution of this phenomenon along with Nova Scotia Energy Mines, Lands and Forestry, and Nova Scotia Environment office. Over the course of the summer, which was a dry one to begin with, the lake continued to drain to the point where the lake no longer exists. There are now 4 main bodies of water at various levels of elevation. These bodies are no longer connected by water and most of the exposed mud on the lake bottom has dried, cracked and begun to grow vegetation. 

The southwest end of the lake still has most of the activity with slumping of large sections of the ground falling into the water hole. In this section of the old lake, the water has dropped nearly 40 feet with on average another 20 feet of water still in the hole. As the water dropped, old trees have been exposed and sections of it have been cut for dating. Also scalloped gypsum has been exposed at various locations showing how the water has dissolved this soft rock and carried it away. Some of the gypsum appear to be large spires reaching up out of the ground, obviously fragile and extremely dangerous to be near due to their potential to collapse. For this reason and the fact that much of the ground around this end of the lake is very unstable, visiting the area is highly discouraged.
Exploring the lake area has found many interesting items from old shotgun shells, and motor parts to areas where new sinkholes may have developed. This is a fresh water area with fish and turtles that remain in the small bodies of water that still exist. Cumberland Regional EMO continues to assist in documenting the events for future reference.

Grants that were approved by Council in July 2020
(There were no grants in August)

Cumberland County Exhibition (Grounds work)
Pugwash Harbourfest (Install docks at Dinghy Park)
Distinguished Persons Selection Team
$ 323
Cumberland Geological Society/Fundy Geological Museum
Parrsboro Band Association

Parrsboro Wastewater System Treatment Plant
A overview of the Parrsboro Wastewater System & Treatment Plant has been published here.

The information provided in the overview is intended to give the residents of the community of Parrsboro a summary of the wastewater collection and treatment plant project, from conception to present day.

Learn More
Temporary Phone Number for Parrsboro Service Centre

As we continue to adjust to our new Service Centre location in Parrsboro we have realized that our phone lines are still unavailable. Please use 902-664-4953 as we continue to resolve the phone line situation.
Accessible Cumberland
The Municipality of Cumberland is trying to become more accessible for everyone. We are looking for your input for developing a Accessibility Plan, and hope you find information here about our planning process and accessible features in our municipality.
 Learn More
Community ACCESS-Ability Program
The Community ACCESS-Ability Program reflects the Government of Nova Scotia's commitment to persons with disabilities by providing equal opportunity and improved access to community facilities. This program offers cost-shared grants to community groups for accessibility related capital improvements.

The grants may cover up to two-thirds of the direct and indirect costs of renovations, installations, and/or equipment. The sponsoring organization must raise at least one-third of the funding from other sources. Organizations can receive funding for one project per year under the program.

Deadline: September 25, 2020

Call for Wellness Fund Proposals 2020-21
Wellness Funds are for non-profit groups/organizations to address the Community Health Board (CHBs) Health Plan priorities.

Priority will be given to projects that use a population health-based approach to address the social determinants of health at the population level (e.g. projects related to food security, housing, transportation, social isolation, and community resiliency)

Proposals for projects in the amount of up to $10,000 will be accepted.
Deadline for proposals: October 15, 2020
The Great Trail Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) 
The CIP is a strategic plan that links promoting Trail projects to the priorities of Trans Canada Trail (TCT) as approved by Board of Directors.

The CIP includes the identification and prioritization of selected projects, the justification for their selection, a proposed budget, estimated completion dates and related funding linked to each project.

Implementation of the CIP provides a comprehensive overview of priorities, objectives, and collaboration between TCT and its local, and provincial and territorial partners, and allows for rigorous and efficient management of available funds.

TCT will accept applications on an ongoing basis throughout the year. No deadlines are in place.

Active Communities Fund
The Active Communities Fund supports community-wide initiatives to encourage less-structured physical activity and movement. Funds will be distributed based on eligibility until we have distributed all the money or by December 22, 2020.

The Active Communities Fund helps communities encourage physical activity and movement through policies, social initiatives or physical environments. Projects should target community members who are less active, or who have fewer opportunities for physical activity.

Applications from communities that exceed $5000, should include a one-year community-wide physical activity plan.

School Ground Greening
Want to make your school grounds greener? We partner with school boards across Canada to transform their school grounds. 

Since 2001, Evergreen has been partnering with school boards across Canada to transform their school grounds into areas of green learning and community activity. Through a combination of innovative designs and design process, training programs and policy development, we help students, staff and members of the community bring their school grounds to life. This important work extends into schools where Evergreen is helping make them climate-ready, transforming their schoolgrounds into natural oases within communities that can mitigate flood risk and adapt to climate change.

Green school grounds are inspired by the natural world, incorporating elements such as trees, rocks and shade to create a diverse landscape for children to explore. When combined with movable features-or with something as simple as sticks and shovels-they can bring out a child's inner builder, architect and adventurer.

Learn More
Age-Friendly Communities Grant
The Age-friendly Community Grant Program provides funding up to $25,000 for projects that lead to more age-friendly communities. Projects funded through the program help advance the goals outlined in Shift: Nova Scotia's Action Plan for an Aging Population.

Projects must fall into one of two broad categories:
  • Age-friendly community planning: Consultation and community planning initiatives that result in robust action plans and age-friendly communities. These planning initiatives must be in partnership with local government and include consultation with and engagement of older adults, the broader community, and key stakeholders.
  • Community projects: Innovative projects (could be collaborative) to develop and/or implement programs, services, resources or events that support active, healthy living; help older adults stay connected to community life; maximize the economic and social contributions of older adults; and increase social interaction and community involvement among older adults.
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Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice Awards

A big congratulations to the Joggins Fossil Cliffs and the Fundy Geological Museum for winning the TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards!!


What is Travellers' Choice?


Tripadvisor gives a Travellers' Choice award to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travellers and are ranked within the top 10% of properties on Tripadvisor.
Andrew Godsalve ยท 2020 ArtScape Artist-In-Residence
Andrew Godsalve is a visual artist from Hinton, Alberta. Andrew is developing a practice of geo-photomontage which involves working with digital and photographic photomontages that are influenced by geological structures and processes.

Andrew's ArtScape Artist-in-Residence project entitled Camera Sigillaria includes the construction of large photomontage installations compiled from photographs taken during the residency and assembled in ways inspired by the geological forms and processes he encounters in Joggins and other sites relevant to the Coal Age. His work will also "reflect upon coal mining, quarrying and tourism" and "the relations between geologic and human histories across different times and spaces."

Learn More

Federal Support Measures
Imagine Canada has compiled all of the Federal COVID-19 Relief Measures that are available to Voluntary & nonprofit organizations nationally in this table. 

Provincial Support Measures
The Community Sector Council of NS has compiled a list of all the Provincial Measures available, who is eligible for them, and how to apply all in a table on our website. This is updated regularly as new information is announced! 

Non-Profit Organization Supports
Are you a not-for-profit organization assisting in the COVID-19 response effort to help vulnerable Nova Scotians? Do you need help? has set up a special COVID-19 response page for organizations and volunteers who want to assist in the relief effort.
Create your profile on VolunteerNS today!

Efficiency upgrade financing available
The Municipality of Cumberland and the Town of Amherst have teamed up with the Clean Foundation to offer qualified homeowners low-interest financing for energy-efficiency upgrades to their homes.
The Property Assessed Clean Energy program is administered by the Clean Foundation for the municipalities, and starts with a home assessment to see if homeowners could save as much or even more in energy and heating expenses than the cost of the retrofits. Financing is available on a first come, first-serve basis, with each municipality committed to up to 10 homes per year.

"We offer low-interest financing to homeowners to help them make clean energy upgrades to their home," explained Andrew MacDonald, director of finance for the Municipality of Cumberland. "The financing is for up to $25,000 and is paid back over a 10-year period."

Learn More

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The following social media pages are maintained by the Municipality:

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Never forget your garbage day again!
The Cumberland Central Landfill has made it even easier for residents to stay connected with waste management collection and programs.
Download the free Solid Waste Mobile App by searching for Cumberland County Solid Waste in the App Store. Use your mobile phone to view collection schedules, receive collection reminders and service alerts for any interruptions to waste collection such as cancellations due to weather. Residents can also sign up online by visiting
Wondering what goes where? Visit to use the new Waste Wizard and search our database of over 300 items for disposal options.

CJSMA also provides sorting guides, information about upcoming Household Hazardous Waste events, FAQs, and information about provincial solid waste programs available to residents.

For more information about Solid Waste Collection Schedules and Routes in your community, please visit 
Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority.

Use our online tax payment system: