Green Star Partnership Quarterly Newsletter
September 2021
New Members to Join the Partnership
Smith+Nephew is a medical device manufacturer of orthopedic implants (Knees, hips, plates, screws) and trauma surgical instruments.

Smith+Nephew has had a presence in the Memphis area since 1986. S+N is the largest manufacturer in the Memphis area and employs over 2,900 people.

TGSP Members Only
Open Discussions
Upcoming October 11, 2021 @1:00 P.M. CST
TDEC Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices hosted it first open discussion this summer. There were over fifteen TGSP members participating on the call, discussion covered difficult to manage materials and waste as well as potential solutions to problems at facilities. Members were able to share successes and vendor information to aid other members.
During this open discussion members will have the opportunity to talk to other industry members about pollution prevention strategies, recycling, resource reuse, vendors, and any other items relating to facility environment, health, sustainability, or operations. Members will receive a reoccurring quarterly calendar appointment.
Join us if you can and meet other TGSP members. You never know if a solution to an issue you are having is discussed.
If you need the calendar appointment re-sent, please reach out to us at
Zero Waste Day
October 27th

Did you know that Americans make up only 4 percent of the world’s population, yet we generate nearly 40 percent of the world’s total waste? Tennesseans generate approximately 6.6 pounds of waste per person per day, which is higher than the national average of 4.4 pounds per day, and nearly triple the global average of 2.6 pounds per day.

In response to increasing waste management challenges and the need for change, TDEC's Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices has developed the Zero Waste TN program. This program is designed to help inform businesses and citizens on how to make better choices and rethink the way we manage waste. TDEC is working to expand the Zero Waste TN Program to include Zero Waste Partners across the state, including manufacturers, businesses, institutions, and organizations, that take the initiative to consciously reduce their waste. These partners will be highlighted as Zero Waste Partners and featured on the Zero Waste TN webpage as an informative and beneficial resource for Tennesseans to use. The goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for citizens to be able to see which businesses go above and beyond to make responsible decisions, implement sustainable operations, and encourage zero waste practices. TDEC will utilize current strategies, best practices, and procedures being used by Zero Waste Partners across the state to develop a comprehensive Zero Waste Guide for Businesses.

On Zero Waste Day, October 27th, TDEC and its partners will encourage citizens to participate in challenges that support each of the following five waste reduction actions:
  • Re-think - adjust your behavior as a consumer and make purchasing choices that limit your impact on the environment
  • Reduce - be mindful of unnecessary and wasteful items and learn to live without them
  • Reuse - give possessions a second life through creative reuse, repurposing, or donation
  • Recycle - use existing products to create new ones and reduce dependence on virgin materials and associated natural resource impacts
  • Re-Earth - compost your organics to divert the single largest waste stream from landfills
Zero Waste Day is a way for businesses and institutions to highlight their zero waste actions while encouraging others to do the same. Zero Waste TN Partners will be featured the month of October leading up to Zero Waste Day and will be encouraged to promote and share Zero Waste Tips on social media and other marketing outlets to broaden our impact and help educate Tennesseans. By adopting and promoting zero waste principles, we can greatly reduce our impact on Tennessee's environment, preserve our natural resources for future generations, and reduce the growing costs associated with the collection and disposal of our solid waste. Join us in this growing movement and help promote positive change in Tennessee.

If you are interested in becoming a Zero Waste Partner, or learning more information, please reach out to Kelsey Davis at

You can visit the Zero Waste TN website to learn more.
July 2021 Member Highlight
Eaton Electrical of Cleveland
September 2021 Member Highlight
Smith + Nephew
Partner Success
Clayton Savannah
Pickwick Landing State Park

Awarded the Excellence in Sustainability Award at the State Parks annual conference.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Launch cohorts to Implement Energy Management Systems with the 50001
Ready Program
Bundles of Energy Savings Opportunities for Every Sector

Taking a systematic approach to managing energy can help organizations achieve long-term energy savings and meet sustainability goals. On a national level, widespread adoption of successful energy-management methods—particularly for large energy users—will be critical to the effort to decarbonize the American economy.

That’s why four offices at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are offering free, tailored technical assistance to industrial, commercial, and federal sites as they implement business practices based on the global gold standard for energy management: International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001.

The principles of ISO 50001 help organizations develop a more integrated energy strategy to meet their productivity, competitiveness, and decarbonization goals.

Through DOE’s technical assistance programs, a group, or “cohort,” consisting of one or multiple organizations, receives tailored training to bring their organizations into alignment with the ISO 50001 energy management system standard. Since its inception in 2017, the 50001 Ready program has helped organizations in all sectors of the economy implement comprehensive energy management practices, prepare for ISO 50001 certification, and continually improve their existing energy-management system. Cohort participants receive 6 to 12 months of support from national ISO 50001 experts, delivered through monthly webinars, virtual one-on-one coaching sessions with each site, and peer-to-peer learning.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) launched the first virtual 50001 Ready cohort in early 2020. Several federal agencies, including the Department of Justice and NASA, participated in a virtual training on the program’s Navigator tool and learned how to form energy teams, set goals, identify opportunities, and document results. Based on the success of that cohort, three other EERE offices—the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), Building Technologies Office (BTO), and Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program Office (WIP)—have formed sector-based cohorts for manufacturing, hospitality, and wastewater utility sites, respectively.

In addition, DOE is partnering with state offices and utilities to equip them with the tools to launch their own 50001 Ready cohort programs. To date, a dozen utility-sector energy-efficiency program managers have partnered with DOE to implement energy-management systems that support their program’s objectives.

50001 Ready’s free cohort technical assistance is open to energy-management teams from U.S.-based industrial, commercial, and institutional sites committed to meeting the global ISO 50001 energy-management standard. 

To learn more and join the program, please send an email to the Help Desk:

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Announces September is National Preparedness Month

Prepare to Protect. Preparing for Disasters is Protecting Everyone You Love.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is recognizing September 2021 as National Preparedness Month and urging Tennesseans to get prepared for disasters.

“We are now on our third federally-recognized disaster in Tennessee for 2021,” Gov. Bill Lee said. “I have seen first-hand how emergency planning can save lives and reduce disaster impacts. I encourage all Tennesseans to take the time now to educate themselves, create a plan, and be ready for the next emergency.”

“I am constantly amazed at the dedication and hard work of Tennessee’s first responders,” said Patrick Sheehan, director of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. “The more we can prepare ourselves and our families, the less in harm’s way we will all be.”

Each week in September, the campaign will focus on a different aspect of preparedness for individuals, families, and communities. The planning topics include:

More information on emergency plans and preparedness can be found at, with sections that include family emergency communication plans and emergency plans for kids.

About the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency: TEMA’s mission is to coordinate preparedness, response and recovery from man-made, natural and technological hazards in a professional and efficient manner in concert with our stakeholders. Follow TEMA on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and, at

About National Preparedness Month: National Preparedness Month (NPM) is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the year. Visit their website at