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September 2021
Fall Language Classes
All of our fall Language classes begin in the next three weeks, with a mix of in-person and online options available. French, German, Italian, and Spanish classes at different levels are all on the menu.

Please note: multiple language classes that were originally slated to be in person have just switched to an online format. All recent changes are noted below.
Catalog Additions
We continue to expand our catalog with new choices. Since last week's eblast, the following class has been added online and to our printable flipbook:

  • Breeding Biology of Birds (10873)
Catalog Changes
Since last week, the following courses, originally scheduled to be in person, have changed to a Zoom-based instruction method:

  • Advanced Beginner Spanish (10657)
  • Advanced Conversational Spanish (10659)
  • Beginner Conversational Spanish (10656)
  • Beginner Italian (10746)
  • Drawing: An Invaluable Skill and a Fascinating Medium (10764)
  • Intermediate Spanish (10658)
  • U.S. History from the Colonies to the Constitution (10801)
The in-person courses below have been relocated to different venues than originally listed. Enrolled students should have received notification by email.

These classes have moved to Westchester Reform Temple:

  • Basic Yoga (10744)
  • Beginner Canasta (10645)
  • Body Sculpting (10735)
  • Bridge: Supervised Play (10653)
  • Canasta Strategies: Aces and 7s (10847)
  • Canasta Strategies: Scoring and Playing for Money (10848)
  • Canasta Strategies: Special Hands (10846)
  • Canasta: Supervised Play (10647)
  • Canasta: Supervised Play Boot Camp (10648)
  • Gentle Yoga (10745)
  • Let's Play Mah Jongg: Supervised Play (10650)
  • Watercolor Painting (10769)
  • Watercolor Painting (10770)

This class has moved to Scarsdale Woman's Club:

  • Six Weeks, Six Themes: A Gathering for Generative Writing (10694)
The following courses have been postponed and have new start/end dates:

  • Chinese Landscape Painting for Our Time (10675) -- now beginning Wednesday, November 3, 2021
  • Watercolor Painting (10771) -- now beginning Monday, September 27, 2021

The following courses have changes to start and/or end times:

  • Advanced Beginner French (10841) -- now starting at 8:30 am
  • Beginner Italian (10746) -- now ending at 2:00 pm
Classes Starting in the Next Two Weeks
All class listings are for the Eastern Time Zone. Course numbers appear in parentheses.
Week of September 19, 2021
  • Walking Tour: Washington Square (10699)

Art Appreciation
  • Museum Virtual Visit: Alice Neel: People Come First at the Met (10775)

Arts & Crafts

Current Events and Politics

Fitness and Dance

  • Intermediate Bridge (10849)
  • Bridge: Defense (10851)
  • Bridge: Keeping up with Conventions and Strategies for Play of Hand: Setting Up Long Suits (10857)
  • Let's Play Mah Jongg: Beginner Series (10726)

History and Culture
  • Great Speeches in Modern History: How Leaders Have Won Our Hearts and Minds (10663)
  • Great Traditions of Imperial China (10631)
  • Southern England’s Historic Villages (10633)

  • Beginner Conversational Spanish (10833)
  • Advanced Conversational Spanish (10830)
  • Beginner French (10842)
  • Advanced Beginner French (10841)* new start time
  • Advanced Beginner Italian (10747)
  • Advanced Beginner German (10804)
  • Intermediate German (10805)

Literature, Film, and Television
  • Author Visit: Deirdre Sinnott, The Third Mrs. Galway (2021) (10718)
  • From Mickey Mouse to Star Wars and Beyond: How Walt Disney Conquered the Entertainment Universe (10719)
  • BookTalk with Harriet Sobol (10751)
  • The Winter’s Tale (10723)

  • iPhone Photography (10762)

  • Creative Writing (10685)
  • Children’s Picture Book Essentials (10690)
  • Heart. Soul. Pen.® (10834)
Week of September 26, 2021
  • Walking Tour: Development of Downtown Scarsdale (10850)
  • Lost Mansions of New York: Cornelius Vanderbilt II (10701)
  • Walking Tour: West Side Living (10660)

Art Appreciation
  • Walking Tour: Contemporary Galleries of New York City (10732)
  • Orientalism, East to West and Back Again (10818)
  • Artists of the Non Finito: Series Overview (10686)
  • Art of Controversy in San Francisco: Rincon Post Office Murals (10813)
  • Venice Through the Eyes of Artists: Renaissance Artists (10806)
  • Caravaggio: Dirty Feet and Tattered Clothes (10676)

Arts & Crafts

Fitness and Dance

  • Beginner Bridge (10870)
  • Beginner Plus Bridge (10869)
  • Bridge: Keeping up with Conventions and Strategies for Play of Hand: New Minor Forcing (10858)

History and Culture
  • Ancient Egypt: Pyramids, the Giza Plateau, and Pharaohs (10638)
  • Amelia Bassano, Jewish Feminist During the Renaissance (10667)

  • Advanced Beginner Spanish (10657)* changed to online
  • Advanced Conversational Spanish (10659)* changed to online
  • Beginner Italian (10746)* changed to online; please note new end time

Literature, Film, and Television
  • Author Visit: Ken Liu, The Paper Menagerie (10792)
  • Book Discussion: Historical Fiction About Artists and Architects (10821)
  • Reading Contemporary Memoirs: Personal Prose by Acclaimed Poets (10754)

Performing Arts
  • Learn to Play the Violin (10793)
  • Ring Your Bell! (10796)

  • Six Weeks, Six Themes: A Gathering for Generative Writing (10694)* new venue
Printer-Friendly Interactive Flipbook
Catalog of Fall Classes
All upcoming classes are listed in our Printer-Friendly, Interactive Version of our Fall 2021 Catalog. New classes are added regularly.

Class times are for the Eastern Time Zone. Please check regularly for additional options to keep you engaged and learning, whether from the comforts of home or through our expanding number of in-person options.
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