September 2021 Edition
Staff Notes
North Sacramento Valley Regional Supervisor
Rita Palmer joined the Butte County 4-H staff in June as the new North Sacramento Valley Regional Supervisor. She brings 10 years of 4-H program management experience as well as 10 years of 4-H membership and volunteerism to the position. Her primary role is to support 4-H staff in Butte, Glenn, Nevada, and Placer counties in the areas of professional development and growth, to provide guidance regarding program development and delivery, and to ensure policy compliance.

Rita is a resident of Butte County. She enjoys spending time exploring the Northstate with her husband and daughter. She is also looking forward to the arrival of a son in December. Welcome, Rita!
Staff Update
Butte County CES (Program Representative) Ryan Cleland's work appointment changed effective July 1. This change was made due to current staff funding available. Ryan now oversees Butte County 4-H in a 50% capacity, and Sutter-Yuba 4-H in a 50% capacity.

During a 'regular' week Ryan is stationed in Oroville on Mondays and Wednesdays, Yuba City on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Fridays are at either location as needed - however they are most often in Oroville. This schedule is not concrete and changes depending on evening and weekend meetings and events.

Due to this change, leaders, parents, volunteers, and members are asked to first direct questions or needs to 4-H Secretary Linda Darby at or (530) 538-7201. If they need to be escalated to Ryan, they will be.
Annual Calendar
The 2021-2022 Annual 4-H Calendar is nearly complete. It can be viewed here and on the County website here.

We highly recommend folks save or print this calendar for their own records, and look for updates as future dates are finalized.
County Ambassador Coach
Our County Ambassador Team is in need of an Adult Volunteer Coach (formerly called Advisor) or else our team will not be able to take place.

For more information about the County Ambassador Program, please refer to this guide.

If you are interested in filling this role, please contact Linda Darby at or (530) 538-7201.
4hOnline 2.0 & Enrollment
This year 4hOnline was sunsetted and we are now using the website 4hOnline 2.0 for enrollment. It serves the same function but has a facelift. There is also hope that in the future this website will be able to accept enrollment fees and house the volunteer training videos. However, for now, they will have to be paid and completed in the same manner as in the past.

Below is a simple Enrollment Guide that should has everything needed to enroll on one page, and can answer most FAQ's. Answers to further questions can be found on our brand new enrollment website! If you still have questions about enrollment please don't hesitate to reach out to Linda at or (530) 538-7201.
COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Butte County 4-H Covid guidelines were reviewed at this year's Annual CCL Meeting, and all Club Leaders will share them with membership and leaders via email or at their first meetings.

The current guidelines can be found here on the State website.
Record Books
It is Record Book Season! Books for County Judging are due to the County Office on Friday September 24th by 4:30pm.

Resources can be found on the County website here.

There is no date set for County Record Book judging at this time.
Awards Night
There are corrections to two categories listed in this section last month. Missing.

Hunter and Wyatt Adams, and Gentry and Tannyn Sherrod also received County Winner for their participation in the County Record Book Competition.

Skylar, Kristin, and Buck Smith were also part of the team who received the honorable Golden Clover Award.
4-H Husbandry Workshop
Council Meeting
The September Council Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 9/23 at 7:00pm. We are still struggling to find a location.

If you know of one please contact Linda at or (530) 538-7201.

If we cannot secure a location soon, September's meeting will need to take place via Zoom.