The Inventive Power of Love
By S. Annie Klapheke
“Love is inventive to infinity.”
- St. Vincent de Paul
On September 27 we celebrate the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul. In 17th century France, Vincent, along with St. Louise de Marillac, envisioned and brought to fruition a new way for vowed women to be in the Church and world. Up until this time, Sisters predominately lived a cloistered life, separated from the world. But inspired by the inventiveness of love and the pressing needs of the time, Vincent and Louise reimagined a vowed life where the city streets would be the cloister and Sisters would be immersed in direct service to those in poverty. It was completely revolutionary for their time. During this period in history, Vincent and Louise faced social and political turmoil, economic injustice which left many people in dire poverty, and pandemics which gripped the health of their country.
Sound familiar? 
The challenges we face today are not so different from the hurdles which faced our founders. For women religious in the U.S., add on top of these challenges the dramatic changes that will be coming in our communities over the next decades. So how are we to respond? Just like Vincent, Louise and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, we are invited to respond with love that is inventive to infinity. 
Women discerning religious life today may rightfully be filled with many questions about what the future will hold. Perhaps we are about to witness another revolution in vowed life; a revolution equal in creative power to the one which gave birth to the Charity charism. Rather than feeling daunted by the pressing needs of our time and the uncertainty of the future, can we instead feel invigorated to unleash the creative power of love to imagine new ways of living the Gospel? Like in 17th century France, we may be at a time when something new is emerging for religious life. As you discern where God is calling you, can you identify within yourself where your love is most creative? When you imagine yourself loving in the world, who do you imagine could be included in that love? How can your love be channeled to meet the needs of our time? Ask God to help show you how your own love can be inventive unto infinity.  
S. Andrea Koverman Professes
Final Vows
Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Andrea Koverman professed perpetual vows during a prayer service on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021 in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse.

Due to the current precautions, only Sisters, Associates and a small group of family members were present with Sister Andrea in the chapel for the ceremony. In their presence she vowed to “joyfully commit myself for life to the service of God, God’s people, and all of Creation, as a member of the congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Grateful for God’s call and ever-abiding love, I respond with my whole heart.”

She continued, “I devote myself to embodying God’s compassion and concern for all, especially for those most in need, and to continuing the transformative mission of Jesus to bring about God’s Kingdom of inclusive love. I freely promise to practice community, animated by Christ’s love and life.”
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Bringing creativity into your prayer life can help awaken new parts of your heart and brain. Whether it be drawing, painting, poetry, doodling, dancing, sculpting or creating mandalas; the possible ways of communicating with God are endless. Here is one website with ideas and resources for ways to pray beyond words alone:
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September Faith Sharing (Sunday, Sept. 12, 7-8 p.m. ET). Join with other young adult women to reflect and share.
Sisters of Charity Federation Discernment Night (Sunday, Sept. 26,
7 p.m. ET). Join with discerners and vocation ministers from across the Charity Federation to reflect on the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul and the Charism of Charity! 
Let Your Service Shine (Saturday, Oct. 9). Join the Sisters of Charity for a service day in celebration of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s 200th anniversary! Volunteer with Sisters and Associates at various outreach organizations. Learn more at
Vincentian Family Gathering 2022: “Racial Equity: A Personal Call to Love as Christ Loves” (Atlanta, Georgia, Oct. 22-24). All members of the Vincentian Family are invited to this gathering, facilitated by Undo Bias Consulting. Scholarships available for young adults! Simply indicate that on the registration page at
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