Educate Youth Welcomes the 2021-2022 academic year. Returning to the classroom and to face to face learning is both exciting and filled with many unknowns.
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A Jeopardy game at was created specifically for the Parkridge Summer Festival & Joe Dulin Community Day on Aug. 28 at Parkridge Park.The categories are:

Far left: Scary Truth for
300 please:
What is the School to Prison Pipeline?

Middle column: H.O.P.E. for 300 please:
What are some of the challenges you have faced in school?

Far Right: Educate Youth for 100 please
What are your plans after High School

Educate Youth for the 2020-2021 academic year, wants to increase the number of students who attend the Having Opportunities for Positive Education, H.O.P.E., after school program. Do you know a middle or high school student?

Morgan,Huron HS 2023 and Jordan, WTMC 2023 volunteering at the Parkridge Summer Festival & Joe Dulin Community Day. It is hard to tell but it is 95 degrees with 85% humidity.
2021-2022 Having Opportunities for Positive Education After school brochure.
Follow this link to our Target Academic Wish List.
Educate Youth has swag! A face mask, lanyard with card protector, and an Educate Youth bracelet. All can be yours~ Just ask!
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