The Lighthouse
September 2021
It’s that time again!!!
Annual Church Reports
have been sent out by email.
The MBA will send you a printed copy if needed. 
Clerks asked to make this a priority! Call Annora for help, passwords, copies, etc.
Due by 11/15/2021   
Pastor Peer Learning
September 27th
Mission Center
(there will be a Zoom option)
A great time for pastors to pray, share and learn together.
Make sure you are messaged in the closed group by calling Bro. Bobby (912)657-5889, for
chapters/updates/ links.

Where we are with the Middle Baptist Association Search
Resumes for the Associational Missionary position can be sent to until October 29th. The committee will commence looking at resumes immediately after that date.

Moderator: Wayne Bragg (912) 429-8458

Missionary's Musing
So glad I'm not like that ...

I have been reading through the Gospel of Mark in my personal devotion time. In Mark 6 Jesus feeds the crowd of 4,000. In Mark 8 he feeds the crowd of 5,000. In Mark 8:11-13 Jesus refuses the Pharisees’ demand that He produce a miraculous sign on demand. In Mark 8:15 he told the disciples to “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.” In Mark 8:16 they say, “It is because we haven’t brought any bread.”
Heading Here
The August 29th Virtual MBA Annual Meeting can be seen on Youtube!

Hurricane Ida
Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief is deploying teams to help with Hurricane Ida recovery. If you would like to help you can by giving. Please make checks payable to Disaster Relief and mail to:
Disaster Relief
Georgia Baptist Mission Board
6405 Sugarloaf Parkway
Duluth, GA 30097
or click below to give online...
Grant $ for YOUR Children's Ministry:
Up to $300/MBA church for your project. Simple application online. Resource info on our website or click below to view.

►Reverend Henry Bazemore, who pastored Hiltonia Baptist Church since 1989, passed away in August. Greatly missed.
Memorial Baptist Church has cancelled Homecoming & Revival Services planned for September.
Hiltonia Baptist Church Centennial Celebration has been rescheduled for October 10th. Join them and celebrate 101 years of faith, family and fellowship.
Friendship Baptist Church, Jackson Baptist Church, McBride Methodist and 1st Christian Church are having joint youth services on Sunday nights at 7pm.
►Nearly 500 people enjoyed the Screven Splash in the ‘Boro Night sponsored by Friendship Baptist Church. The special at Brewster’s netted $300.00 for the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home. Good News!
Bay Branch Baptist Church is optimistically preparing for a fall concert on October 31st with the band, Southern Raised, coming for a 6pm concert. Rev. Dannie Williams (FBC Lyons) will preach Revival Services on Monday thru Wednesday nights, November 1-3. Hopeful, but stay tuned!

MBA Budget Reports presented at the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting are available on request by contacting Annora Mallard (912)564-2884. The final fiscal year reports should be ready to inspect by the end of September.

Happy Birthday to:
Ruth Hearn-2-Scarboro
Reland Morgan-4-FBC Sprgfd
Slade Speir-18-N. Newington
Linda Joyner-19-Wades
John P. Hearn-28-Elam Millen
Event Trailer request form is on our website for our member churches. 
First come, first serve basis. Call (912)564-2884 for calendar check!
►Now is a great time to plan your local mission and evangelism focus for your area. We can help with an On Mission Demographics: Knowing the Community and Knowing What to Do About It…...Missional community info using MissionInsite and ACR data for your church, shared at your location. Find out how this can benefit your church. 
To schedule call Bro. Bobby @ (912)564-2884.
► The Mission Center is open for help, info, food pantry, literature recycling…


Food Pantry Needs : shelf stable food-microwaveable.
Member churches can access to take a box to the needy or send them to the office Monday-Thursday.