2021 Mountainview Daycare Nutrition Program
Summer mealtime changes: Please update us at in-box@mdnp.org with summer mealtime changes and schedules if going out of the home during a snack or meal.
Annual Renewal Forms will be mailed or delivered beginning in July. Please complete them promptly and return to us. The Enrollment Renewal Report and Application can be signed, scanned and then emailed to us or the signed forms may be mailed to our office. In-box@mdnp.org or 3131 Smokey Pt Dr Ste 5A, Arlington, WA 98223.
2021 Annual Provider Traiining Webinar! Please keep a watch for our email link. WE are preparing the training webinar now to be available in August. Be ready with your staff to complete the webinar before our September deadline.
September header holidays: 6th Labor Day; 11th 911 Remembrance 20th anniversary; 16th Collect Rocks Day;
21st Chinese Moon Cake Festival; 22nd Autumn Equinox/Fall Begins; 28th Good Neighbor Day 

This is your annual required training and our focus is the Ounce Equivalents change coming on October 1, 2021. Plan to fit this training webinar into your schedule BEFORE SEPTEMBER 20th! 
You will also find a link to download materials on Ounce Equivalents to print or upload:
Daycare Provider, show your parents good nutrition is part of your child care. Provide them with interesting information and tools. You can copy this short column and create a parent flyer to give out with the links as a way to help them to better nutrition for their children. Digital media can support children’s learning when the games are interactive. Interactive games are designed to simultaneously teach and entertain your kids. Although our goal is to reduce screen time, it is important for providers and families to understand which types of digital media sources are beneficial for a child’s cognitive development. Below are links to resource pages with interactive nutritional games your kids will enjoy.
Need some fun ideas for
little hands?

Click titles or photos for links to the recipes


 Click titles or photos for links to the recipes
 This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Contact MDNP at: 360-653-7273 / 800-631-1118 / www.mdnp.org