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September 2021

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Staff changes better positions the organization for post-pandemic recovery

North Carolina Community Action Association Executive Director Sharon Goodson announced several recent staff changes in the organization.

“The growth of our organization—particularly during this incredible time—allows us to significantly elevate our level of support to North Carolina’s most vulnerable population,” said Sharon C. Goodson, NCCAA executive director. “Several members of our team earned well-deserved promotions and had demonstrated that they were ready for the next step. With the new team in place, we are better positioned to develop and implement more innovative solutions to help address issues facing low-income citizens.”

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Success Story

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Spotlight on Healthy Homes Initiative: Healthier Homes for Better Communities

Home has a new meaning now that Americans have experienced quarantine due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, for individuals living in substandard housing, home doesn’t always provide serenity. Sometimes home isn’t as safe as it should be which leads to increased physical and mental health concerns.

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W.A.M.Y. Community Action awarded $9,000 by the city of Boone

The Boone Town Council has awarded 14 community organizations with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. WAMY was a recipient having been awarded $9,000. These funds will further the programs and services provided to enrich the Boone community.

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Mountain Projects partners with Pisgah Legal Services on ACA

Mountain Projects is working alongside Pisgah legal services to help enroll those who qualify for healthcare insurance under ACA. The assistance is free and can be set up by appointment only. Prior to June 30 about 91,000 North Carolinas had registered for health insurance.

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CADA awarded grant by The Vidant North Hospital Development Council

CADA was awarded funds for health related programs and events by The Vidant North Hospital Development Council. “This is such an exciting time at Vidant North Hospital. It is very gratifying to see the work that has been done by these local organizations to support the improvement of healthy living practices and well-being in their communities,” said Betsy Morris, manager of marketing and development at Vidant North Hospital.

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SCAP funds for Homeowners affected by Hurricane Florence

Three years ago many North Carolinians were hit by Hurricane Florence leaving homeowners with costly financial repairs. The Department of Health and Human Services will disperse funds various state organizations including Southeastern Community Action Partnership to residents that qualify.

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Tropic Storm Fred caused massive flooding in Haywood County

Historic flooding following the heavy rains of Tropic Storm Fred on August 15th-17th devastated hundreds of homes and businesses in Haywood County, and destroyed a numerous amount of roads and bridges. Haywood County and Mountain Projects are both providing resources to residents through storm-assistance hotlines. Individuals are able to donate money or items to the United Way or local donation centers in the area.

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Clinton High School First Food Pantry Celebrated in Sampson County

Clinton High School celebrated a major accomplishment with their first-ever food pantry on school grounds. The food pantry is a partnership between Clinton City Schools, ASPIRE/Action Pathways, Second Harvest Food Bank and the NC Community Action Association. Students will have access to the pantry every Friday from 1:45 to 3pm starting August 27th.

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Association News

Highlight on The North Carolina Community Action Association Fellows by ViritualCAP

The VirtualCAP RoundUP newsletter published a piece highlighting NCCAA's Community Action Fellows. Through the year-round program, students are provided opportunities to learn about poverty alleviation efforts, programs, and strategies in North Carolina and the United States while developing their research, organization, communications, and community engagement skills.

The program accepts undergraduate and graduate students to serve as interns in one of four focus areas: Advocacy – Capacity Development – Communications/Public Relations – Technology/Database Management. NCCAA uses various channels for outreach, including website announcements, social media posts, word-of-mouth, and working directly with the recruitment offices of local colleges and universities.

Students interested in applying to the NCCAA Fellows Program should send cover letters and resumes to Please use the subject line: NCCAA Fellows Program.

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2021 Certified Community Action Professionals (CCAP) Graduates

Our most recent cohort of Certified Community Action Professionals (CCAP) has ended and we are pleased to announce our graduates! Please join us in congratulating these incredible people who passed this certification under abnormal situations. 

  • Lakisha Alston – Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action 
  • Ruby Bryant - Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action 
  • Karmashia McDuffie - WAGES 
  • Shelton Moore - I-CARE 
  • Charshae Phillips - ECHSA 
  • Tina Ray - Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action 

The CCAP is a national designation of the Community Action Partnership for staff looking to improve their leadership skills. Qualified individuals wishing to earn the certification must submit a portfolio (of what?) and pass a written exam. Once earned, the CCAP must be recertified every four years.

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Join the NC team in the Virtual Race Across America!

This year’s 2021 Face the Challenge Virtual Race Across America, hosted by Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation, is your chance to hit the pavement to support COVID relief in your community. The race will be held Sept. 4 – Sept. 11, 2021.

With three options—10K, 5K, and 1 mile walk—anyone at any fitness level can participate. Run, jog, walk, or even skip (we do not recommend skipping, but hey, who’s gonna stop you!).

Participating is easy:

1) Register below.

2) Invite your friends, family, and community to join you!

3) Run sometime between Sept 4-11. With a virtual race, you can log your miles at any point in the day. Just make sure to record your time (we’re using the honor system—we trust you). You can also snap a photo of you going the distance, which will be featured on the virtual race website.

4) Celebrate supporting Community Action!

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New EBB and APR Benefit Flyers

NCAP has created two new documents to help Community Action Agencies promote the FCC's Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) and benefits included in the American Rescue Plan (ARP). The documents are available in both English and Spanish. The Emergency Broadband Benefit helps defray the household's costs of internet, while the American Rescue Plan includes an assortment of benefits for eligible families. We encourage Community Action Agencies to use these document to spread the word with customers about these important programs. Learn more about the American Rescue Plan here, y en espanol

EBB English Flyer
EBB Spanish Flyer

How safety net programs improve children's performance in school

Life in the United States can be difficult due to the unequal distribution of resources like housing, healthcare, and education among racial and socioeconomic classes. Survival depends on generational and environmental resources that are not always readily available. A child’s survival is highly dependent on their family for care to keep them healthy and happy. When family support is unavailable, governmental systems step in. Researchers at the Brookings Institute report, “If our capitalist system is going to be fair to children and families—if it is going to hold out any meaningful promise of equal opportunity—then a new social construct is needed.”

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Funding Opportunites

Home Energy Bills Assistance

Assistance is available for eligible households to help pay a portion of your home energy costs! Depending on the season, you can get assistance with your electric, natural gas, and deliverable fuel such as heating oil, propane, or wood bills. You may also get assistance with cooling costs.

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COVID Recovery Fund

The Southern Partners Fund is providing funds for rural grassroots organizations to apply for a COVID recovery fund grant for up to $25,000. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact them

Apply today!

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Inspirational Words

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Mark your calendar!


1-3| National Community Action Partnership Annual Conference, Boston, MA

14-17| Southeastern Association of Community Action Agencies Annual Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC

20-23| National Association for State Community Services Programs Annual Training Conference, Virtual

27| Head Start Family Engagement Certification Cohort Starts, Virtual


21 | Case Management Certification Cohort Start, Virtual


1| The National Community Action Foundation Conference, Virtual

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