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September 2021 - Welcome Back!

Fall Classes Begin September 13th

We connect with old friends and make new ones who share our love of lifelong learning.
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ALL Contact Information
The ALL Office at Cape Cod Community College is closed temporarily.

Feel free to contact us:
Telephone 774-330-4400 (please leave a message)

President's Message

I would like to welcome all of our members, including new members, “back” to ALL this month!

We have a broad lineup of classes, and quite a few still have openings. Registrations are still being accepted and processed so there is still time to find a class or three, including the semester’s second half, which starts on Tuesday, October 26. A list of classes with open space is accessible at The entire fall 2021 catalog is viewable on our website The catalog contains descriptions of the courses, schedules, and other details.

We will be holding our New Member Orientation on September 9 at 10:00 AM via Zoom. This event gives new members an opportunity to meet our board of directors, ask questions about us and ALL, and offer their perspectives. Those new members will hear that we don’t just offer classes -- we are also a community that wants to socialize and make new friends.

There are two Zoom-based lectures being organized for this fall: Joan Freedman's is scheduled for Wednesday October 20 at 1:30 p.m. and titled "Women helping Women on Cape Cod"; Syd Lamb’s is scheduled for Monday, November 1 at 3:00 p.m. and titled “Illusion and Reality: Adventures of the Mind”.

As you know, ALL is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) entity, which status was granted by virtue of our educational mission rather than as a charitable organization. You also may recall that ALL provides two scholarships each year to students at Cape Cod Community College. At the college’s Evening of Excellence on May 20, Mr. Michael Mignosa of Mashpee received the ALL Founders Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to a student who is still attending CCCC. Ms. Ashley O’Connor of Sandwich received ALL’s Link to the Future Scholarship, which goes to an eligible graduating student who is continuing their education at a four-year college. We wish these students every success in their future endeavors.

Jim Lathrop
ALL President
Already Registered for Fall Classes?
There is an open class list you can use to adjust or add to your schedule. Click here:
If you're already registered, you may add and drop classes now by consulting the open class list at and contacting

After the first week of classes, members may add to their schedule and seek admission to classes with available space. Simply consult the open class list at and then contact

Second six-week session classes begin on October 26th.
There is Still Time to Register for Fall Classes
There is still time to register!

The first day of classes is September 13, 2021.

The ALL Office at Cape Cod Community College is closed temporarily for the semester, so do not attempt to deliver your registration form in person.

In order to register, mail your completed registration form with your check, making sure your e-mail address is accurate and legible on your registration form. We send course schedules via e-mail. In addition, course coordinators send course information and Zoom links via e-mail.

Click on the link below to access the Fall 2021 Catalog. Please read registration procedures carefully.
Click on the links below to access the Fall 2021 Registration Form and Open Class Lists. Consult the open class lists before registering. If possible, please complete the registration form on your device (computer, laptop, tablet or phone) before printing it. Then mail your completed form with your $105 check made out to ALL to the address on the registration form. A full schedule is two 12-week courses, four 6-week courses, or one 12-week and two 6-week courses. Please prioritize your choices as numbered on the registration form, and include alternates.
We look forward to seeing you in class!

The Registration Team

From the Zoom Team
The following article can answer questions about how to use Zoom for newcomers and those who would like to refresh their skills.

We look forward to "seeing" you on Zoom this fall!

The Zoom Team

How Philosophy Can Change Your Life -

This continues an ongoing series of stories about Academy for Lifelong Learning coordinators and classes. Please let us know If you have a course or coordinator you would like to see featured.

Coordinator Claire Briand is a speech pathologist who retired to Cape Cod more then a decade ago. Her ALL fall 2021 course shares the same content as Marietta McCarty's book "How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: The Ten Ideas That Matter Most ". Claire has offered this course at ALL for more than 10 years.

This fall’s ALL Catalog offers a broad range of exciting courses for members to choose from. 

Claire Briand’s course started with an interesting book review in the Boston Globe. She notes "I read about the book and asked the library to order it for me. After reading it, I thought this would be a wonderful book to offer to others as a course." The Curriculum Committee agreed and Claire has taught the course "Philosophy Can Change Your Life" at ALL for more than ten years.

Claire notes "I am not a professional philosopher. I am not qualified to “save” people’s lives, so I changed the title for the course from How Philosophy Can Save Your Life to How Philosophy Can Change Your Life."

The book that serves as the basis of class discussion is How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: The Ten Ideas That Matter Most by Marietta McCarty. Each chapter focuses on a single topic, such as sympathy or empathy, and presents ideas of classic and modern philosophers whose work fits that topic.

Claire feels that reading and teaching the book has taught her (and those who have taken the course) how to handle issues differently. It is philosophy applied to day-to-day situations. It is not abstract references to Plato and Aristotle, although it does cite them as well as other classical/modern-day philosophers. She observes "This material has taught me to stop and think before I react to issues."

Class discussion is a lively exploration of how philosophy can be applied to make everyday life issues more manageable. Claire reports that the material can mean different things when it is reread over time. Because of this, many students have taken the class more than once. One student took the class a second time after her husband died. Several others repeated the class because they had found the discussions enjoyable.

When asked why the course is helpful in these times of Covid-19 Claire observed, "A lot of people are a little on edge right now or are having a hard time seeing things in a positive manner. This course helps you stop and think before you act." She continued, "That is valuable right now. Learning about the topics in this book make your life more flexible and easier. In these times, that is a good thing."

This is only one of the many courses that you still have time to register for.

Marianne Triplette

Call for Submissions: Reflections 2022

Reflections, our annual anthology of writing and art by members of ALL, seeks poetry or prose pieces as well as photographs and/or artwork for the 2022 issue which will be published next winter.
Send submissions for Reflections 2022 from now until October 15th. These can include poetry or prose pieces as well as photographs and/or artwork. Try to limit your written work to 1,000 words due to limited space.

After this unique year, you may have found comfort in writing and have much to say, but if you would like a prompt, we offer the following suggestions:

  • The funniest thing that ever happened to me
  • Tell us a secret
  • An incident from a road trip
  • What kept you sane during the past year

Submit your work by email to Mary Nyman at
Mary will send you a message upon receipt.

Here is the PDF link to Reflections 2021 which was published in February: 
You can read the entire anthology and see artwork in full color. You can print the entire book if you like or print only pieces you would like to keep.

June Calender
Editor, Reflections

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