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Newsletter September 2021

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Thank you to all of our AMAZING volunteers who give their time at our clinic. We have a force of nearly 260 Volunteers now--90 of whom are licensed medical providers-on a mission to provide health and hope in Pensacola, Florida!

Volunteer of the Month:

Barb Freeman

What does the Health & Hope Clinic mean to you?

Like our name, we provide health for those without healthcare or insurance and hope for those in our community. 


Why did you choose to serve at the Health & Hope Clinic?

After retiring, I wanted to get out into the community and serve. I saw a bulletin in our church.

How did you start volunteering at the clinic?

I started with the clinic in 2008 when our Chemstrand location was still up and running. I ran the front desk.

What department do you work in at the clinic, and what makes your work meaningful to you?

I work within the front office and intake department. We are able to serve a great need (health care) to those who have been underserved. They are so grateful, too.

What skills have you learned from working with the clinic?

To be calm and go with the flow.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


Yes, I help create wreaths and trees for the annual Christmas Gala--I love to craft!


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What is your favorite part about the clinic?

Intake! When you are able to help these people, you see the relief on their faces when they realize that they are receiving access to medications and care that can save their lives.  

Barb continues year after year to make a difference and serve at Health and Hope Clinic. She is now the LEAD in charge of the Intake Department that meets with people wanting our services and gets them through the process of becoming a patient. She also mentors and trains new volunteers. She continues to bless our clinic even when she is not physically at the clinic by creating the most beautifully decorated trees and wreaths for our annual Christmas at the Clinic Gala! We are so THANKFUL and appreciative that Barb chooses to serve at Health and Hope Clinic! We love Barb and are blessed by her talents every day!


Staff Member Spotlight:

Laura Bacon APRN

Laura Bacon, APRN, joined our clinic's team in July and shortly thereafter she, her husband, and a team of medical professionals spent two weeks in Ivory Coast, Africa, where they were able to treat 1,876 patients--including this three year old boy with Malaria and a damaged spleen. Because of Laura's care, this young boy and many others are now on the mend--and Laura is now back with us providing care in Pensacola at your Health and Hope Clinic!


Demographics in August 2021: 236 female, 157 male, 52 were between the ages of 19-29 years old, 63 were between the ages of 30-39, 89 were between the ages of 40-49, 118 were between 50-59, and 65 were between the ages of 60-64. We had 7 patients over 65 years of age. 2% of our patients seen in August 2021 were Asian, 25% were black, 1% were Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 5% Hispanic/Latino, 1% multiracial, 1% Native American, 1% other, 61% white, and 3% undocumented. 

Additionally 96% of our patients in August 2021 income was 100% or below Federal Poverty Level, and only 5% fell in the 200% above Poverty Level. 82% of our patients seen in August 2021 lived in the Pensacola zip code, 7% lived in Cantonment, 4% lived in milton, 2% in Pace, 1% in Molino, with another 4% reporting to be homeless. 

Who does the Health & Hope Clinic Serve?

Your Health & Hope Clinic serves the uninsured and underserved in our region. The clinic, prior to the pandemic, saw mostly people that worked but had income that did not exceed 200% above Federal poverty level. In the last two years since COVID, we are seeing more and more zero income patients, homeless population, incarcerated, or that are in a drug rehab program that we have partnered with to provide their healthcare and dental care, along with all our other wrap-around services like Optometry, dermatology, mental health counseling, women's services, health education, tobacco free classes, etc. In August 2020 we were already seeing double the amount of patients from the previous year due largely to the pandemic. In August 2020 we saw 274 new patients, provided 625 patient visits, and enrolled 72 new patients. In August 2021, we saw 394 new patients, provided 1,196 patient visits, and enrolled 93 new patients!

We will have our once yearly fundraiser, the Christmas at the Clinic Gala, on Tuesday, November 30th--please save the date and join us. If you are able--please consider chipping in to help. Learn more about the event and how you can plug in to assist and support our efforts, below


6:00–8:30 p.m.

Pensacola Country Club

-Silent Auction

-Live Auction

-Heavy Hors D'oeuvres

Click Here for Information on how you can Help with Christmas at the Clinic 2021

How Your Clinic Stays in the Fight against COVID-19!

In addition to our onsite vaccinations done every Thursday from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM for our patients, volunteers, and anyone in the community-we are also continuing to go OUT into the community to vaccinate. We are partnering with various nonprofits, businesses and community organizations to join them remotely in order to administer the COVID-19 Vaccine--including trips this past month to George's Bistro and Pensacola State College.


Thank you Donors!

How our donors can give in 2021:

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Automatic monthly contributions
  • Individuals and Businesses
  • Churches
  • Christmas at the Clinic
  • Text the word "HOPE" to 850-378-3917
  • Stocks

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Click Here to Donate to Health and Hope Clinic

We Offer HOPE to our Patients

An important part of what this clinic does is offer Hope to our patients. In the month of August we engaged with 99 patients through prayer, entered into more than a dozen gospel conversations, and we had 3 salvations! A special THANKS to our wonderful Encouragement Team that gives words of hope an prayer with our volunteers every day before our clinic hours begin.

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