TIDE Newsletter - September 2021
There will be no shows both for the Feature Artist and Membership Shows for the Month of September.
Please pick up your August artwork on the regular
first Monday change out day for your artwork
currently hanging in the gallery on
Monday, September 6th from 10-12 pm.

The reopening of the gallery will be dependent
on the status of the Delta surge and our ability
to have enough gallery hosts.
President’s Message

Mark you calendars for an IMPORTANT membership meeting
Thursday, September 9 at 11 am

Dear Members

Our September General Membership meeting is tentatively scheduled as follows:

Thursday, September 9th at 11:00 am
Lawn area outside Manley Art Center (we will have shade canopies)
Masks are mandatory for outdoor gatherings with social distancing

With the Delta variant, we may end up canceling so please check your email for updates. 

The Festival of Art at Azalea Park was successful for all who participated and for those who attended. Leslie Wilkinson did a fine job of organizing the event and there were many amazing people who volunteered their time before, during and after the event. Thank you.

Even though we had a good number of people working very hard on the art festival and we have a solid group volunteering regularly at the art center, there are some who are juggling 2-3 jobs on a weekly basis. A number of important coordinator positions have gone unfilled and we will need chairpersons for the annual events.

At the General Membership meeting, we will be talking about the need for member involvement in the day-to-day functions of the art center. With only a couple of months to identify candidates for the 2022 Board of Directors, we need you to come forward to volunteer for this now!

This has been a challenging year with Covid-19 slamming us, causing shutdowns, cancellations, mask wearing, sanitizing and social distancing. I know this has affected many members' availability to take on some of our day-to-day tasks. Now we are in the midst of a highly contagious Delta variant in Curry County. We are being clobbered again. But this won't last forever and we want to plan for the future with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

Interior building upgrades are planned and some are already scheduled for late fall and winter months. We are also talking with potential art class and workshop instructors to provide virtual and in-person learning. If we have to shut down during these difficult times, we want to remain engaged with our members by offering alternatives such as virtual art classes, demonstrations and artist discussions. These are things we can all look forward to over the coming months, including a remodeled classroom.

This is your art center. Please attend the September 9th meeting and think about how you can support our operations.

Chaney Delaire
Outdoor Art For Everyone
Nola Range
Over 1600 ballots were turned in. Voting appeared to be a favorite family activity on the boardwalk and the kids were making their selections just as seriously as the adults.

Artists may pick up their artwork on Sunday, September 12th between 11am and 1pm.
All award winners will be displayed at Manley Art Center during the month of October, assuming we will be open.
Teen Art
FAP: IT'S A WRAP! Leslie Wilkinson
This year, PBAA moved the Festival or Art in the Park to Azalea Park. Using a grid count method, 2100 people attended for the 2-day event with 60 vendors participating. 

We received 37 vendor evaluations back with glowing comments about the layout and use of space. Artists reported average to above average sales. All 37 who completed the evaluation are ready to return next year. It is clear, moving to the new location paid off offering better food options, live music on stage, restrooms, an expanded Kid's Art Zone and Artists Demos.

PBAA worked with the Pelican Bay Amateur Radio Club for vendor check-in and with the Brookings Harbor High School National Honor Society for clean-up. We also had the Chetco Activity Center serving food from the Snack Shack. These are three new relationships for PBAA and meet one of our Strategic Plan Goals: reaching out to other civic groups in our community.

So, what’s next? That will be up to you. This is my last year doing FAP. I am leaving a great how-to manual for anyone to follow for either Stout or Azalea Park. In addition, I have electronic files for vendor letters, Call to Enter and other important documents. I am willing to meet with and mentor a group of you wishing to take the event on. We will need to finalize with the City of Brookings, our commitment to FAP for 2022 within the next 45 days. Anyone interested in heading FAP up should be at the General Meeting on Thursday, September 9 at 11 am on the lawn area.
Classroom Panel Rentals
Art from “Art at the Port” will be hanging in the gallery and classroom in October, if we are able to open the gallery. Classroom panels will not be available for rent during this time. Panels are available for November-December rental. Please contact Denise Ortega if you are interested in renting. denisekerfoot@gmail.com or 707-280-3120.
Developing children’s imagination is what brought former educators and Pelican Bay Arts Association
members together to form the Children’s Art Program (CAP) in December of 2018. They established
their goals and created the following mission statement:

‘The Manley Art Program for Children is designed to teach art techniques and vocabulary. The program will focus on the seven art elements: line, shape, form, space, texture, value, and color. To build a solid foundation in art, we will incorporate art history, fun materials and exciting techniques. Students will be encouraged to view and discuss art, thereby expanding their ability to articulate their own thoughts, ideas and creative choices.’

In the Spring of 2021, a proposal for a CAP pilot program was presented to the Brookings-Harbor School District. The CAP program would conduct one-hour classes for all the third graders during the 2021-2022 school year. Enthusiasm and encouragement came from all interested community leaders and resulted in the approval of this pilot program. CAP will now work with the Kalmiopsis Principal, Helena Chirinian and the third-grade teachers to have each student receive a 1-hr art class for four weeks. They will have exposure to art history, the seven elements of art, develop skills in using art materials and hopefully, this will ignite their imaginations. We are planning to implement the program this fall, provided the COVID-19 does not impact the health and safety of the students and teachers.

If this pilot program is successful for all partners, we hope to expand this program in the future.

The CAP Pilot Program would not be possible without the help of our community partners through their encouragement, financial support and their expertise in organizing programs that benefit children. With our sincere gratitude, from all the Brookings-Harbor children and the PBAA/CAP organization, we thank you for your faith in our mission.

  • Brookings-Harbor School District
  • Pelican Bay Arts Association/Manley Art Center
  • Curry County Cultural Coalition
  • Brookings-Harbor Educational Foundation, Inc.
  • Oregon Cultural Trust

The Manley Art Center will continue to offer ‘outside of school’ classes that require more in-depth lessons, expert instruction and proper facilities. Of course, none of this is possible without dedicated teachers. If you love children and are passionate about fostering the love of creating art, CAP will be happy to assist you in becoming a CAP teacher of ‘imagination’. To learn more contact sigart573@gmail.com.

Sharon Guy
CAP Coordinator