September 16, 2021
Dear Sponsors, Donors, & Friends of COVE,

We want to provide an update regarding the current situation in Uganda. Sadly, the COVID lock-down persists, and COVE students remain at home. However, we are pleased to share that COVE teachers and staff are all on campus working hard to prepare remote learning materials for the students, and readying themselves for the time when students can return to school. We are also delighted that COVE Uganda is making arrangements to vaccinate our teachers and staff so they are ready for in-person learning when schools reopen. Unfortunately, we still have no timeline for the reopening of Uganda’s schools, churches, and businesses.

Thanks to sponsorship fees and other generous donations, we have been able to provide another round of emergency relief to our COVE students and families. Representatives from COVE scheduled individual home visits for all 210 sponsored students’ families to provide food (for which the families were immensely grateful), counseling, COVID testing, and COVID safety information. All students age 10 and above and their family elders were tested, and we are thrilled to report that of the 170+ families visited thus far, there have been no positive COVID cases. The school health clinic remains open and continues to see patients, as well.

As mentioned above, COVE has reimplemented its remote learning protocol. Students come to school to pick up learning packets from their teachers, receive brief 1:1 instruction for the new lessons, then take the packets home to complete further readings and examination materials. Once completed, the students return their packets to the school for grading and pick up new materials to continue their studies. Students have been counseled on the importance of the remote learning activities and are working hard to participate in the program.

We are also pleased to report that the P7 and S4 students finished their testing before the June lock-down and are awaiting placements in their Secondary Schools and Certificate programs; however, those placements have been delayed due to COVID. The students tested quite well, despite the struggles of the previous year, and many received Grade 1s & 2s on their exams. One S4 student, Gerald Kasaga, performed so well that he scored highest in his school, highest in the district, and one of the highest in the entire country of Uganda!! Gerald aspires to be a doctor and will thus enroll in the Advanced Certificate program and later college to get his medical degree, with assistance from COVE Uganda and the diocese to help him in this process. We want to extend a huge thank you to Gerald’s sponsor and other donors that have assisted Gerald and the others in their educational paths.

Finally, we are excited to report that the first phase of the perimeter wall is nearly complete, thanks to many generous donations to our 2021 Seeds of Hope fundraiser. The wall will provide an additional layer of security for the campus and its students, and they are already seeing its benefits.

Again, we thank all of you for your enduring support for COVE Alliance, and we will continue to provide updates as we receive them.