September 2021 Updates
For thousands of years, September has meant a time of transition. As the weather cools, our summer holidays will be but a memory. In agricultural communities, it means a time to harvest. Families prepare for winter by canning, packing their freezer, or simply taking advantage of the end of summer food sales at their local grocery store or big box warehouse chain. For children, this is the start to a new year of school. University students and faculty will head to campus offices and dormitories, some for the first time. For the US federal government, there is less than thirty days until the end of the fiscal year and all its appropriations. And for some of us, it is time to go through the pile of accumulated emails, update our calendars of meetings and events, and begin new projects.

This month, we will begin to write our next edition of International Delaware magazine which will focus on our state’s STEM sector. Why science, technology, engineering and mathematics? In an Address to the Centennial Convocation of the National Academy of Sciences in 1963, President Kennedy said: “Perhaps scientists have been the most international of all professions in their outlook... Every time you scientists make a major invention, we politicians have to invent a new institution to cope with it—and almost invariably, these days, it must be an international institution.”

While we cannot rely on science and technology alone to solve the world’s problems, we need to acknowledge their importance for guiding our way on the path to the global community we desire. As the current COVID pandemic has shown, those countries making wise use of their STEM resources to respond have been the fastest to recover both health wise and economically. The obverse also is true. Those countries facing gaps in human and physical STEM resources have been slower to respond and to recover.

Growing the world’s economy, increasing the standard of living across the globe, requires international cooperation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and an increase in the education of researchers, technicians, educators, and manufacturing and business practitioners. Although millions of jobs requiring STEM skills remain empty in developed and rising economies alike, Delaware has emerged as a leader in attracting and retaining STEM talent, research and manufacturing companies and in educating the many technologists needed to support breakthroughs such as CRISPR, nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing and crop protection.

We look forward to sharing Delaware’s success stories with our World Trade Center counterparts, diplomats and commercial officers from the US and overseas, as well as companies from around the world. Do you have a story that you would like to share? We want to include you. Call us at the WTC Delaware 302-656-7905 or at Delaware Business Times, our International Delaware publisher, at 302-656-1837.

*Kennedy, John F., The American Presidency Project, Address to the Centennial Convocation of the National Academy of Sciences, 'A Century of Scientific Conquest'. 22 Oct 1963,
Carla Sydney Stone
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Port to Port International Corporation
Help! I Need a New, Old Car.
Source: William Bretgzer, Delaware News Journal, September, 2, 2021

Suppose you need a new car. Unfortunately, chip shortages are leading to reduced supplies of new cars in the showroom, and prices for those available have gone up. That leaves the used car market. But, how do you find a safe and reliable car?  It used to mean going through the latest Pennysaver or CraigsList, contacting the seller, going for a test drive, and bargaining. Unfortunately, in today’s environment, that may not be the smartest move.

Carfax estimates that in 2020, some 446,836 flood damaged cars were back in service, with Philadelphia the second most popular location for these cars. After Hurricane Ida and the flooding from Louisiana to New England, there is the potential for even more flooded cars to show up on auto buying websites, auto auctions, used car lots, and Craigs List in this area. If you are not an expert in used vehicles like we are, you may not know that you are looking at a refurbished but damaged car. Shiny new carpeting or fresh paint jobs may be hiding significant problems.
Our first advice is to know your seller. Reputable sellers will either refuse to sell a water affected car, or make sure that all details are fully disclosed.  Take a very close look at the title. Does it say “Salvage”? Where did the car come from? Check the date and compare the location and date with reports of flooding. If the seller won’t show you a copy of the title, walk away. As with any used car, check the vehicle history report. The National Insurance Crime Bureau offers a free service called VINCheck® which will tell you if the car was reported as Salvage by participating NICB member insurance companies. You may also need to purchase a report. Take it for an independent mechanic inspection that covers everything from the undercarriage, to under the hood, to under the seats and carpeting and behind the lights. Does it pass the “smell test”? It shouldn’t smell like must or mildew or a room freshener bed of roses.  Finally, if you are purchasing the car to get shipped overseas, you can contact us 7 days a week and we can get your car safely and economically to where it needs to go.

Port to Port International is a full service NVOCC shipping company, international freight forwarder and terminal operator specializing in the export and transport of containers, bulk cargo, vehicles, trucks, construction, agriculture and forestry machinery, as well as all kinds of goods in containers to any destination worldwide.1-(800)-549-4858 (302)-654-2444 (302)-654-2445 (fax) [email protected]
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STAT International
Hello Fall! As the new season begins, so should your enthusiasm for your business. Do you need to increase your business’s professional appearance but are afraid you cannot afford that? STAT International is here to help. Our co-working space is a turn-key environment without all the expense of a traditional office. Need a traditional office but worry about the expense of it? STAT International offers fully furnished offices that include a business phone number, printer access and administrative help. Finally, if working from home works for you but you would prefer clients did not have your home address, STAT International has the best virtual service packages available. STAT International is the one stop for all of your business needs.
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND
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Delaware Business Times
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Thanks to Our Renewing Member
MacElree Harvey Ltd.
MacElree Harvey Ltd. Renews Membership in World Trade Center Delaware 

We’d like to thank MacElree Harvey, Ltd., a full-service law firm headquartered in Wilmington, for renewing its membership with World Trade Center Delaware. MacElree Harvey Ltd. was founded in 1880 and its attorneys are licensed to practice in Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Maryland. The firm maintains two offices in Delaware, including its new Hockessin location and Centreville.

Andrew R. Silverman, an attorney with the firm, is also on the WTC Delaware Board of Directors. Andy joined WTC Delaware in 2015 after recognizing that his clients were increasingly confronting international legal issues such as FCPA compliance and multi-border trade agreements. Much of Andy’s practice now concerns providing advice to clients with respect to investment into Delaware companies.

“I am proud of our firm’s involvement with World Trade Center Delaware. I am amazed—but not surprised—by how much Delaware has to offer businesses who want to succeed in the global economy,” Andy said. As a native Delawarean, Andy has developed a deep personal interest in World Trade Center Delaware’s mission in assisting local companies succeed in a competitive and global commercial environment.

MacElree Harvey is a full service law firm that practices business, corporate, and transactional law and routinely advises businesses and individuals concerning complex corporate compliance and internal governance issues, business formation, sales, acquisition, distribution, licensing, commercial contracts and joint venture agreements.

For more information visit their website:
World Trade Center Delaware Gala


Hotel DuPont / Gold Ballroom


Secretary of State 
Choir School of Delaware to Perform at Gala
Administrative Assistant

We are looking for an Independent Contractor to fulfill the position of Part-time Administrative Assistant (20 hours per week) to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks. Duties of the Administrative Assistant include providing support to our management, employees, interns and Board. You will assist in providing office needs and managing our company’s general administrative activities. Full Job Description

Graphic Designer

Do you want to improve the world? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to join a community of committed peers at a world-changing organization?

We are seeking volunteer interns who want to work at a social impact/business development not for profit organization where your talents and contribution will be valued. You will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and impact-driven environment. Full Job Description

Please submit your resume, with cover letter, via email to [email protected] for consideration.
Join us for an immersive digital experience right from the comfort of your own home! Virtually meet local entrepreneurs and small business owners at the 4th Annual Delaware Entrepreneurial Summit on October 13 to network and grow together. 
Use promo code DESUMMIT2021 for 20% off registration
This year's Summit will include virtual interactive workshops on funding, marketing, intellectual property, social media, TEDx-style talks on new trends and innovations, and more! Plus, all registered attendees will be given exclusive access to a one-of-a-kind post-event virtual experience where they can virtually engage with additional content, vendors, and participants.
WTC Delaware provides a full range of international trade-related services with an in-depth focus on export/import of services and manufactured goods.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR HIGH QUALITY PPE? Very large quantities of 3M 1860 masks immediately available from WTC Delaware member My Qme LLC, Qme Spotlight Ecosystem. Contact Dr. Gaylord Neal at 877-403-3286.




WTC Delaware Partners with Bannockburn Global Forex

Do you have overseas vendors, customers, subsidiaries or employees? Do you ever need to convert foreign payables or receivables? Do you have exposure to fluctuating exchange rates?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, WTC Delaware, in partnership with Bannockburn Global Forex, could save you a significant amount of money.

Bannockburn Global Forex is a boutique capital markets trading firm specializing in foreign currency advisory, hedge analytics and transaction processing for small and medium size businesses. They work with WTC Delaware and twenty other WTCs in North America to provide our members with a free health check of their current foreign currency cost and processes. The goal is to reduce costs by around 80% and make sure any existing risk is uncovered and mitigated.

“We are excited to offer this convenient, low-cost benefit for our members who don’t have a relationship with a financial institution that provides foreign exchange services which meet their international business needs,” said WTC Delaware President Carla Stone.

“Not only do companies receive better service but better pricing,” said Bannockburn’s Marketing Director Mehgan Flynn. “We’re a boutique, so we don’t have locations on every corner and all of the expenses that brings. The way we’re structured, we cut out the middleman and the high overhead, allowing us to provide much lower rates for our clients.” Bannockburn hopes to save members up to 75-80% of their annual foreign exchange costs, which can amount to considerable overall savings explained Flynn, who was previously the Executive Director of World Trade Center Kansas City.

Named by its founder after the famous Battle of Bannockburn portrayed in the movie, Braveheart and reflective of how “the little guy wins over the big guy,” according to Flynn, Bannockburn was founded in 2009 and has nine offices across the country with only twenty-three employees, thereby reducing the typical overhead costs that are factored in by larger financial institutions. Thus, they pass on this savings to their customers. 

As a WTC Delaware member, Bannockburn’s partners apply specialized experience to a broad industry and geographically diverse client base. They focus on serving corporate clients that do between $1 million and $1 billion in EBITDA, providing free foreign exchange analyses which typically show they can save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for each client—and they don’t charge any upfront advisory fees. They also provide “hedging” services for their clients which enables them to set an annual foreign exchange budget and not worry about the forex markets, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Part of the value they bring to the table is keeping clients informed on market moving events – things happening globally that may affect the value of certain currencies.

As a WTC Delaware member, you have access to Bannockburn’s Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist, Marc Chandler, who is a prolific author and speaker, appearing regularly in the financial media. Chandler is often quoted in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post, among others. Marc also provides his insights and commentary on the markets on the most widely watched financial news channels including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, and Fox.

If you would like to visit with Marc Chandler, or to receive a health check on your currency processes, please reach out to [email protected].

For more information visit
STANDARD - $475 (1-49 employees), $825 (50-99 employees), $1,375 (100+ employees)

PREMIER - $2,675 

STUDENT - $100
Click here to learn more about the benefits of being a member of World Trade Center Delaware. 
New Reports to Plan Your Global Business 

Grow internationally with our Market Intelligence!

Produced by U.S. Commercial Service trade experts at U.S. embassies and consulates, check out these recent reports:

Weekly International Job Posts: The latest 300 job opportunities posted on DevelopmentAid

  • Court Administration and Case Management Advisor, Gambia
  • Junior Business Development Manager, Austria
  • Medical Education Director at LFHC, Laos
  • ABA ROLI Program Director, Trial Advocacy, Vietnam
  • Chief of Party (Ghana Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning MEL Platform), Ghana
  • And more!

To view all the up-to-date jobs, please click the link below:

International Delaware Magazine Released by World Trade Center Focuses on FinTech in the First State

The World Trade Center Delaware has released its fourth edition of International Delaware Magazine which focuses on Delaware's growing FinTech industry.

“Little did we know when we first discussed the theme for this issue just how timely this edition would be,” said World Trade Center Delaware President Carla Stone. “The use of IT and e-commerce exploded during the past eight months as people sought to limit contact with others in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It is clear that financial technology services, or FinTech, is here to stay and will only grow in the future.”

The foundation for FinTech in Delaware was laid in 1981, when then-Gov. Pierre S. du Pont IV signed the Financial Center Development Act, legislation designed to increase employment in the banking and financial services sector by attracting out-of-state institutions to establish subsidiaries in Delaware. Today, Delaware, despite its tiny population, is one of the world's great financial centers. Over 75% of all FinTech investment in the Philadelphia region is found in Delaware and it has the highest concentration of financial services employment in the entire country according to a study by Delaware Prosperity Partnership. The study, "Delaware in a FinTech Future," reported that Delaware ranks No. 1 per capita for the number of FinTech patents issued over the past ten years in the U.S. and No. 5 overall. 

Discover Bank, this issue's presenting sponsor, is making a significant contribution to Delaware's FinTech future. In partnership with the University of Delaware and Delaware Technology Park, Discover is building a new 100,000-square-foot center for FinTech innovation on the university's Science Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus that will combine the prowess of academia, government, and industry to support and grow FinTech's future in Delaware. “We thank Discover and all of our partners who have made this issue of International Delaware possible,” Stone said. “Tens of thousands of readers around the world will learn what we already know: FinTech is the future of commerce and Delaware is its home.”

To read/download your copy, please click the image above.
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