Water Wisdoms | September 2021 Newsletter
Biosolids Applied to Local Fields & MWMC Biocycle Farm as Fertilizer
At the MWMC, we strive to provide high quality wastewater services and protect water quality as sustainably as possible. That means beneficially reusing as many byproducts of the wastewater treatment process as we can, rather than disposing of those byproducts. One example of this, and an important piece of our sustainability efforts, is biosolids.

Every day, solids from the wastewater treatment process are pumped to our Biosolids Management Facility to be converted into nutrient-rich organic materials known as biosolids over a multi-year treatment process. Once fully treated, the biosolids are dewatered, dried, and applied as fertilizer and soil amendment each summer to poplar trees on our Biocycle Farm, as well as to area ryegrass fields.

To date, 2,637 dry tons of biosolids have been applied on 529 acres this season. Our staff at the Biosolids Management Facility and the Biocycle Farm work hard to complete this work, in partnership with local grass seed farmers.

To learn more about the Biosolids Management Facility and the important role it plays in processing wastewater and effectively managing our natural resources, as well as the Biocycle Farm, click here.
Clean Water University Kicks Off for 2021-2022 School Year
The 2021-2022 school year is officially underway, and so is Clean Water University! This program, offered by the MWMC and City of Springfield, along with the City of Eugene and with support from other partners, is designed to teach area fifth-graders about the importance of clean water.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Clean Water University will be offered in an online format again this school year. All fifth grade classes in the Eugene-Springfield area are invited to participate between now and the end of April 2022. The schools that do participate are eligible for some exciting incentives, including a donation to their STEM program from the MWMC. To check out the curriculum and learn more, click here.
Did You Know?
September is National Preparedness Month, a time to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen anytime.

At the MWMC, planning for resiliency is a big priority, particularly as it pertains to flooding and seismic disasters. Last year, our team finalized the MWMC's Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Plan, which identifies system vulnerabilities of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and other critical MWMC-owned infrastructure. Now, we're working on follow-up mitigation work to help achieve the plan's level of service goals following a major flood or 9.0 magnitude earthquake. This resiliency planning and implementation effort will continue to occur over the next several years as part of the MWMC's Capital Improvements Program.

To learn more about National Preparedness Month and how you can prepare for an emergency for your home or business, click here.
Thanks to Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour Participants!
The MWMC was recently a sponsor of the Willamette River Festival, put on by the Willamette Riverkeeper, and as part of that sponsorship, offered community tours of our wastewater treatment plant. A big thank you to all who attended! We hope you enjoyed learning more about how we clean water for the Eugene-Springfield community. Couldn't make it this time but want to take a tour in the future? Send us an email and we'll reach out about future tour opportunities.

We'd also like to thank all who entered our giveaways via this newsletter and our Facebook and Instagram pages for paddle rentals and PaddleCross Challenge entries. Congratulations again to our winners, Alexandria D., Jon D., and Enya M.
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