IDDSI Board Update: We Are Ever Thankful...
The IDDSI Global Board of Directors met (virtually) in September and had a chance to reflect on where we are, where we have come from and where we want to go to over the next few years. It is almost hard to imagine that a simple idea that sparked in 2012 to standardise dysphagia diet terminology has now become international. We realize that we couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of everyone in the global IDDSI community coming together and contributing your time, energy and wisdom. For this, we are ever thankful…  

Here are some highlights of what you have helped IDDSI achieve in the past year:
  • The IDDSI website was re-designed and enhanced based on your constructive feedback
  • 15 webinars were organized/presented in 6 languages from your suggestions
  • IDDSI had a presence at 10 conferences/forums (likely more that we may not know about) because of your advocacy
  • The monthly IDDSI e-bites now has over 20K monthly readers (and IDDSI was recognized by Constant Contact for one of the most read/open e-newsletters) because you are reading the IDDSI e-bites!
  • There are now 20 language translations of the IDDSI Detailed Definitions & Testing Methods, 10 translations of IDDSI Testing Reference Cards and IDDSI 101 webinars in 8 languages because of incredible IDDSI volunteers from all over the world
  • Over 18 IDDSI reference groups/working teams are now up and running with more coming together and getting organized because of wonderful, committed IDDSI leaders and champions 

If you would like to get involved and help with an IDDSI reference group, please get in touch by contacting them here. If you would like to help organize or lead an IDDSI reference group or if there is an existing IDDSI reference group or work team that has already been organized in your area, please contact us (link to and let us know so that we can let others know what you are doing.
IDDSI Reference Group leaders will be meeting with the IDDSI Board in October 2021 for the first time to discuss collaboration and future plans.

As we look forward and plan for 2022, the IDDSI Global Board of Directors is committed to:
  1. Supporting and fostering the growth of IDDSI reference groups so that they can, in turn, help to guide, foster, advocate, facilitate and support IDDSI implementation in their regional areas
  2. Supporting and hosting educational opportunities (webinars, forum, workshops, etc.)
  3. Facilitating and supporting ongoing translations and enhancements of IDDSI resources
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Global Updates
If there is IDDSI implementation activity happening in your part of the world and you do not see the information on the IDDSI website or mentioned in the e-bite, please contact us and let us know, We will be most happy to acknowledge your contribution and let the rest of the world know what you are doing.
Brazil: The Brazil IDDSI Reference Group recently presented in two webinars on IDDSI and implementation in Brazil. Renata Mancopes presented “IDDSI no Brazil, onde estamos?” (“IDDSI in Brazil, where are we?”) at the International Symposium of Instituto de Gerenciamento em Disfagia (IGD), discussing IDDSI’s mission to promote patient safety and interprofessional communications. Additionally, Renata Mancopes and Camila Prime was invited by BRASPEN to present “Desafios e solucoes na implementacao do DDSI” (“Challenges and solutions implementing IDDSI”), alongside SLP/nutritionist Cinthia Godoy of University Hospital Onofre Lopes (Natal – Rio grando do Norte) and nutritionist Cassia Alves on implementation within a hospital setting, and using Instagram to gather experiences with IDDSI implementation. 
Italy: The Italian IDDSI Reference Group is currently compiling a database of people based in Italy interested in IDDSI, and have brought together nutritionists, dietitians, phoniatricians, geriatricians, neurologist, speech therapists and more. A presentation on the IDDSI Framework was presented in Florence in mid-September, and another presentation will be held in Torino in mid-October, along with a training held for dieticians at the end of October.  
Japan: The Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation/World Dysphagia Summit 2021 Congress featured an IDDSI symposium presented by Julie Cichero, Jun Kayashita and Peter Lam in August 2021. At the symposium, Jun Kayashita announced that the IDDSI drink levels and the IDDSI Flow Test will be incorporated into the revised JSDR 2021 standards.
Mexico: An IDDSI reference group is starting in Mexico. Mexico has formally started to use the standardized terminology and definitions for foods with modified texture and thickened liquids by IDDSI. The framework is supported by the Mexican Society of Dysphagia (SOMEDI).
IDDSI está iniciando un grupo de referencia en México. México ha comenzado formalmente a utilizar la terminología y definiciones nacionales estandarizadas para alimentos con textura modificada y líquidos espesados por IDDSI. El marco cuenta con el apoyo de la Sociedad Mexicana de Disfagia (SOMEDI).
If you wish to be involved with the Mexico IDDSI Reference Group, please contact the Mexico IRG.
United Kingdom: The closing date is nearly here for the UKIRG survey to discover perceptions of IDDSI and what clinicians, carers and patients need. To date, they have had over 300 responses which has given valuable insight into the kind of work the UKIRG need to focus on as a group, especially in the field of paediatric dysphagia. BUT more responses will help even more: UKIRG would appreciate if everyone would forward the link to the survey to anyone in the UK who can provide useful information: Hurry - the closing date is 30th September!
And...we want to recruit more members to the UK IDDSI Reference Group (UKIRG), specifically those working in schools, hospices and rehab facilities, plus pharmacists, doctors and patient groups. If you know of individuals who would be able to contribute and join our online meetings every two months , please invite them to contact the UK IRG.
United States: Meet the Pediatric Subcommittee in this month’s update, who have helped design and craft resources to support infants and children with dysphagia . Additionally, this month, the United States IDDSI Reference Group have also chosen to focus on an original study that uses the IDDSI Functional Diet Scale to assess swallowing ability and clarify its association with malnutrition during rehabilitation of stroke patients, given that September is Spotlight on Malnutrition Month. Read the full September update, and check the page for resources and more.
If there doesn't seem to be a Reference Group for IDDSI implementation in your area, consider contacting us to find out how to set up an IDDSI Reference Group.
We are pleased to announce that Version 2.0 of the Portuguese (Brazil) and Vietnamese translations have been released and is ready for peer review.
A special thank you to Renata Mancopes, Cristiane Galbeno Rama, Fatima Lago, and Nhat Ngo for their work on these translations. Through their time and dedication, these volunteers and many other translation volunteers have helped countless people benefit from IDDSI.  
Webinars & IDDSI Learning
If you were not able to attend our recent webinar, “An International Perspective on IDDSI Implementation and Clinical Practice” held on September 23,2021. The session was hosted by IDDSI co-chair Peter Lam and featured the following panelists from around the world.  

  • Chairperson: Peter Lam, RD. Co-Chair of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)
  • Elizabeth Boaden, SLT. Director, a Fellow of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT), the United Kingdom.
  • Jacqueline Allen, MD. President, Dysphagia Research Society (DRS), New Zealand
  • Nicole Barrett, RD. Senior Manager, Learning Initiatives at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), United States
  • Rebecca Politis, SLP. Associate Director, Health Care Services in SLP at The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the United States of America
  • Jun Kayashita, RD. President, 27th Congress of the Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (JSDR), Japan
  • Nathalie Rommel, SLT. President of the European Society Swallowing Disorders (ESSD), Belgium
  • Julie Cichero, SLT. Co-Chair for the Board of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), Human Research Compliance Manager, Mater Research, Brisbane, Australia
Over 1500 people registered for this webinar to listen to these panelists share an overview of the journey to IDDSI implementation in various parts of the world. 
DGD IDDSI Virtual Workshop
Thursday, October 7
The workshop is full and there is currently a waitlist. For anyone who is registered for this workshop, if you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration in advance so that those on the waitlist may attend. Thank you for your support!
Introduction to IDDSI in Chile
Wednesday, October 13
19:00 - 21:00 (UTC-3) (Santiago time)

Join the Chile IDDSI Reference Group (represented by Rodrigo Tobar and Macarena Pia Martinez) and Luis Riquelme, IDDSI Board, in this Spanish-language webinar, where you can learn and ask questions about IDDSI in Chile.  
How to Use IDDSI in Research
Tuesday, October 19
11:00 – 12:00 (UTC-4) (Toronto/New York time) and 20:00 – 21:00 (UTC-4) (Toronto/New York time)

Join Professor Catriona Steele, research lead for the IDDSI Board and Peter Lam, IDDSI Board co-chair, as they discuss the use of the IDDSI Framework in research and key issues that researchers should be aware of. Professor Steele will also review gaps in our knowledge that represent exciting opportunities for future research. Learn more and ask questions during the live Q&A. Professor Steele and Peter Lam will be present at two webinars – register for the time that’s most convenient for you! 
A Community-Based Approach to Diet Modifications in Vulnerable Contexts
November 4, 2021
11:00 AM UTC+13 (Auckland time)

In this webinar, we will be joined by Mershen Pillay, IDDSI Board, who will share experiences of implementing IDDSI in an inter-professional education project from South Africa called Tackling Hunger via Research and Innovation in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE). Attend this webinar if you want to join the dots between swallowing, food sovereignty and doing something about modifying diets to IDDSI standards – whether you live in a rich or poor country. 
Holidays for Patients with Dysphagia with NFOSD
December 2, 2021
9:00 AM UTC-7 (Arizona time)

IDDSI and the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders (NFOSD) presents a special webinar focusing on patients with dysphagia and what they may face during the holiday season. We will be joined by NFOSD Board Member, Laura Michael, who will bring her industry and caregiver experience in diet modification, and share tips on how the holiday celebrations can be successfully managed with a little thought, planning, and cooking techniques.
Previous Webinars and Recordings
Missed any of our other webinars? All our webinars are recorded and can be found on here, but please note rewatching the webinars on YouTube will not provide you with a Certificate of Attendance.

If you register and then cannot attend a webinar, PLEASE make sure to cancel so we may open another spot up for someone else.  Thank you very much for your consideration. 
IDDSI in Action

  • German Dysphagia Society (DGD) IDDSI Online Workshop, October 7, 2021
  • FNCE 2021 - Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics), October 16-19, 2021 (more information here)
  • IDDSI topics include the following:
  • International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative: Collaboration between Singapore, United Kingdom and United States -Sodexo Healthcare
  • Multi-System IDDSI Implementation: Keeping Education Hands-on in a Virtual World
  • IDDSI will also be featured in the FNCE Learning Lounge and hosting a LIVE Q&A session 12:30-1:30 (Central) on October 18, 2021 
  • 11th European Society of Swallowing Disorders (ESSD) Online Virtual Congress: November 4-6, 2021 (more information here)
  • ASHA 2021 – American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference, Washington, DC, USA, November 17-19, 2021 (more information here)
  • Taiwan Association for Dysphagia (TAD) Assembly, November 21, 2021
  • 8th Turkish Swallowing Disorders Congress, December 17-18, 2021
  • Dysphagia Research Society (DRS) Annual Meeting: March 15-18, 2022 in San Juan, Puerto Rico 
  • Due to ongoing uncertainty about Covid 19 and world travel restrictions, this meeting will be a hybrid (virtual and in-person) event. Abstract submission is now open.
Take a look at our Global page to see where different countries are in respect to supporting IDDSI Implementation.
Interested in starting an IDDSI reference group to help support IDDSI implementation in your country? Contact us.