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September 1, 2021 e-newsletter
A Video Greeting from Region 2 President Tony Cruz
Watch ALCM’s Virtual Biennial Meeting
Thanks to over 115 of our members who joined us on July 29 for our virtual biennial meeting. You can still enjoy the full recording or watch specific portions per the below links. Our thanks to Tim Getz, Sally Messner, George Detweiler, and Chad Fothergill for preparing the opening Lutheran musical celebration and the closing Compline. Also thanks to all the ALCM leaders who presented and participated during the meeting.

Lutheran Musical Celebration - “Lutheran musicians across North America keeping the song alive during a time of pandemic.” This is a wonderful and diverse compilation showing a wide array of musical styles and approaches, mostly recorded in 2020 and 2021.

Included in the meeting were presentations of the following awards:
Report from the Meeting of the Board of Directors
The Board of the Directors of ALCM met in Chicago on August 9 and 10, its first in-person meeting since January 2020. The tenor of the meeting was positive as our Association is strong.

The Board reflected on the last 18 months in congregations and in our Association and took steps to move ALCM forward in the coming years. Several working groups are being formed to carry out this work:

  1. a group to consider how best to use the funds in the Raabe Prize Endowment to encourage composition to serve our members and the church
  2. a group to determine how best to use the money in our Scholarship Fund to help and encourage students
  3. a group to revise the curriculum from the Leadership Program for Musicians; this excellent curriculum is no longer being used, and ALCM has inherited it; we hope to bring it back to life.

Finally, and most significantly, the board continued a conversation begun two years ago around increasing the number and diversity of voices at the leadership “table.” This may lead to revisions in our Constitution (Bylaws) that would increase the size of the Board while also moving away from a structure that is fundamentally only geographically based.

All of this is meant to nurture and equip the ALCM Board itself so that it is able to serve and lead our members. And through our members the Board seeks to serve the Church.

Michael Krentz
Thank you, Sally!
Sally Messner has been an important member of the ALCM staff for the past two years in her role as events coordinator. Sally has completed her ALCM work in order to focus on her full-time job as the Director of Worship and Music at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Livonia, MI. In addition to coordinating Hearts, Hands, Voices workshops and supporting conference committees, Sally had many important roles throughout the organization. Her pleasant presence and fine organizational skills will be very much missed. We wish Sally well and look forward to her continued ALCM involvement as an active Lutheran musician.
ALCM 2021 Webinar Series
Webinars in 2021 are offered in four separate series. Each series may be purchased individually (one series is actually free) or you may purchase a full-year webinar package (at a reduced rate!) that includes automatic registration for all sixteen webinars throughout the year.

You may register at any time through 2021 and receive recordings of the live webinars which are completed. In 2022 these webinars will revert to the regular price of $25 members/$39 nonmembers per webinar.

All webinars are on Fridays at 2:00 pm Eastern, unless otherwise noted.

Check out the September webinar below!
ALCM Friday September Webinar
Better Communication
through Conducting
Friday, September 24 - 3:00 pm Eastern
Note different start time.

At its very essence, conducting is non-verbal communication. This begs the question: If body language comes into play, what does your conducting really say? This session will examine recent research to help church musicians to be more effective communicators through their conducting gesture in order to convey their musical intent better and to help their ensembles sing and play their very best to the Lord’s praise.
Alexa Doebele
Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities
Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, WI

NOTE: If you have already registered for the Fall Webinar Series or the Full Year Series, do not register again. You will receive a link to the webinar in the morning on the day of the webinar.
Fall 2021 Publishers' Digital Reading Sessions
The Fall digital reading sessions have arrived! Check out the new offerings from the publishers listed below. To view past offerings, log in to the members area of the ALCM website and follow the link under "Quick Links."

Call for Submissions
CrossAccent and In tempo
CrossAccent, journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, is seeking manuscripts for the fall 2020 issue, which is titled "This Is the Feast: Singing Faithfully." Note that in addition to longer articles, the journal also publishes shorter reflections, sermons, conference reports, and reviews of books, recordings, websites, and other resources. Click on the link above for details.
In tempo, ALCM's practical resource publication, invites article proposals for these two topics:
1. Your "Worst and Best” story. The best and worst experiences or advice regarding playing, conducting, singing, hymn introductions, worship planning, technology, resolving conflict, any and everything church music and Lutheran worship. Which strategies turned into train wrecks? Which have you absorbed and made standard practice? Your stories of “bumps along the way” as well as successes can teach, cheer, and encourage us, especially if you can look back now with a smile at previous debacles. If you would be willing to share your hard-earned wisdom and practical tips, please send an article proposal to  

2. Contemporary, folk, or alternative music in worship. In Tempo has recently featured cross-cultural, jazz, rock, and ethnic music put into the service of worship and music ministry. Contributions regarding other music traditions are welcome, too! “Contemporary” spans a variety of interpretations and practices, as does “folk” and “alternative” - what are your “best of the best” music and resources from these broadly defined categories? If you’d like to share your suggestions (especially with musicians of modest congregation size and budget) email for more information and article guidelines.
Coming this fall - a Sunday that lifts up young musicians in the Church! 
It’s time to celebrate the program that is forming faith, educating, and inspiring the future musicians of the Church. Each summer, Lutheran Summer Music (LSM) brings together a community of high school musicians to learn, grow, and worship on a Lutheran college campus for four weeks. These students then come home to their congregations inspired, transformed, and ready to share their enthusiasm for liturgical music!

You are invited to celebrate and share LSM alongside churches nationwide on LSM Sunday, November 21. This is an opportunity for congregations to learn more, support the mission of Lutheran Summer Music, and spread the word to those who may not yet know about the program. 
What will LSM Sunday be like?
You can tailor the experience to your own congregation. Would you like to help provide or plan special music, give a brief announcement, or show a video about LSM? These and many more resources are available to you!

Get Involved
  • Click here to get more information and indicate your interest in participating. 
  • Click here for the list of resources and ideas of how your Church can participate.
Through the Church, the song goes on! 
Kyries & Glorias

Kyries (prayer concerns) and Glorias (thanksgivings) are posted in the members area and on the following page on the ALCM website. The following recent Kyries and Glorias have been submitted by ALCM members.
John Panning, Lynn Dobson, and
employees of Dobson Pipe Organ Builders
Susan Cherwien

In memoriam:
Marva Dawn
Douglas Koons
Fritz Noack

Deanna Witkowski
Pauline Kiltinen
Brad Ellingboe

ALCM members are invited to submit Kyries and Glorias following the link in the members area of the website. Non-members may contact the ALCM office at with information for posting.
Are you a congregation looking for a musician?
A musician looking for a position?
ALCM can help!

Employment resources have been developed to assist congregations in the process of searching for and hiring a musician. Presented in a step-by-step format, these resources will guide you through the entire employment process.

The ALCM job listing service connects those looking for positions in the field of church music with congregations and other institutions that have openings. By completing an online job posting form, congregations can post their positions on the ALCM website where those looking for employment may view them.

Musicians searching for a job may view posted job openings on the ALCM website, where those looking for positions can view them. Both full-time and part-time positions are listed, and new positions are added as received.
A list of ALCM member-led 
Sunday worship streams & recordings is available at:

To be added, please email information to: