Volume 23, Issue 2 | September 2021
Jesse Micek, President
Olya Katsman, Vice President
Karen Wolff, Second Vice President
Millie Chiem, Treasurer
Philip Halseth, Corresponding Secretary
Ruth Zhou, Recording Secretary
Katherine Valdez, Membership Secretary & Referrals Chair
Grace Cheng, Director
Maria Ehlert, Director
Jed Galant, Director
Gloria Ho, Director
Lu Huang, Director & Website Administrator
Varvara Milinder, Director
David Ross, Director and Student Recitals

Maria Ehlert, Hospitality
Ruth Zhou, Historian
Carmencita Aspiras, Sunshine
Lu Huang, Composer Today
Olya Katsman, MSSL Community Outreach
Dr. Jiang Wu, VOCE
Gloria Ho, CM Chair and North Region Chair, (Piano, Strings, Woodwinds and Voice)
Grace Cheng, CM South Region Chair
Note from the President
Greetings -

Schools are back in session and our students - high schoolers especially - are busier than ever. I hope that in spite of the challenges of living through an ongoing pandemic you are off to a positive start with your teaching this year. I want to bring to your attention a presentation our branch is hosting this Sunday, 9/19. Music teacher Barbie Wong will be speaking about student motivation and what really works with kids and music practicing. We hope that you will attend and also that you will invite parents of your students to attend virtually. The in-person presentation for teachers will be hosted at Olya Katsman's home in Newark this Sunday, 9/19 at 5pm. Her address is 38733 Jonquil Drive in Newark. You will find the Zoom link below for parents and any teachers who wish to attend virtually.

All the best,
Jesse Micek

Important Dates
Barbie Wong:
September 19th @ 5pm
Topic: Helping parents to motivate students at home
Location: Olya’s house + Zoom (Hybrid)

Student Recitals
Location: Christ's Community Church, 25927 Kay Ave. in Hayward 
September 25th @ 4pm
October 23rd @ 4pm (costumes optional)
November 13th – Zoom Recital TBA
January 22nd @ 4pm
February 12th @ 4pm
April 23rd & 24th – BH Recital and Senior recital 
May 13th – Scholarship Recital

Peter Mack:
October 15th @ 10am
Topic: "That's not the way it goes!" Can performers serve the audience
AND the composer?
Location: Zoom

Christmas Luncheon
December 10th – @ World Gourmet on Stevenson Blvd.

MTAC - SACB website
password: mta1
September Student Recital
Branch Directory
September Event: Barbie Wong
A Message from Ling Ling Lin
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your support in the past year for the Sight Reading and Ear Training book series. For these 2 series of books, some of the levels are sold out and are now out of print. We don't expect to print any more. 

We are now selling these levels as web-based, online versions. You can purchase online and then access these through tablets. Both series are accompanied by audio piano music. 

In the Ear Training series, you can answer through the tablet, as well as check the answers and explanations. 

For the Sight Reading series, upon completing the exercise, you can press the answer button to check and verify. Nowadays a lot of families no longer use CD players, the Certificate of Merit, MTAC Piano Test will be online only. Now is the time to upgrade!

Please visit for all available versions. All online versions have samples available. Thank you for visiting and supporting! 

Best regards
Ling Ling Lin
Piano Tuners' Corner
Robin Whitehouse
Phone: 831-247-0043

David Amendola
Steinway Concert Technician
Phone: 415-250-0724

Linda Kay
Phone: 510-910-0283
Accepting New Students
Aileen Chanco
Phone: 510-305-1364
Address:5089 Seaview Ave, Castro Valley, CA 94546

Julie Chang
Phone: 510-366-2193
Address:716 Solstice Court, Fremont, CA 94539

Alice Huang
Phone: 510-709-8293
Location: Castro Valley, CA 94546

Patricia Kast
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Piano

David Ross
Phone: 510-586-9163

To put your name on (or take your name out of) the list, please contact:
Philip Halseth at: