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September 2022

Travel. Learn. Grow.

New Mercies

Listening to God: Episode 1

(I Samuel 3)

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Travel. Learn. Grow.

Travel experience, life lessons, and tools for the future. These are just a few of the things that students can gain from intentional programs, like the Travel & Learn program out of Transforma University. A lot is gained, but the purpose is to help young people live a life aligned with God.

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Featured Video - Prayer Focus

Pray With Us: 40 Days of Prayer for 2022 Leadership Conference

Join us in prayer leading up to the October Leadership Conference. We seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we look to find our bearings, discern our destination, and set our direction moving forward.

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New Mercies

Suffering in our lives as Christ-followers is challenging to understand in many ways. We believe in God who created everything, who sent his only Son to demonstrate love for us, and who indwells us with his Holy Spirit – and yet we are seemingly subject to the same weaknesses as any other human. I have no answers to why this is, but I do have a word of encouragement.

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Listening to God: Episode 1 (I Samuel 3)

Each episode in the series will include a reading of the Bible passage, about 3 short concept videos (like mini lessons from the Bible passage), and a prayer exercise focusing on a Psalm that you can use as a “listening practice”. 

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Prayer and News: Ukraine Ministry

Once a month on the OneChallenge.org website, we are posting the latest news and prayer requests for Ukraine from our OC international ministry workers.

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Books About OC Founder Dick Hillis

OC founder Dick Hillis is an adventurer. His is the story of a man who plunged with abandon into the will of God. It is the story of the ever-widening circles that have revolved around that dive into obedience.

You can view the digital versions of some of his books on our OC website.

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