September 2022 Update

What If the Power Goes Out?

By Gary Kvasnica

D.M.C.G. Executive Committee

There are a variety of reasons for blackouts and brownouts.  Bad weather, high demand, reduced supply and the weaknesses of the interconnected national power grid are among them. The NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) recently indicated that most of the US is at risk of a blackout this summer due to above average seasonal temperatures and drought conditions.  What would you do if the power went out for an extended period of time?

If you are lucky enough to have a large built-in back-up generator and fuel source that powers your entire home, you are in pretty good shape. (FYI – if your home has solar panel system without storage capacity, it won’t work during an outage). However, not everyone can afford these expensive systems.  So, what do you do? 

A good option is a portable generator. They can be used to keep basic essentials like a refrigerator, some lights and cell phones working when there is no power.  When it comes to portable generators, there are two main types.

Gas Powered Portable Generator

Portable gasoline powered generators are the most prevalent and least expensive. However, gas powered generators are noisy, need to be maintained and pollute the environment.  Also, gas needs to be stored (safety issues), is getting expensive, goes bad and might not be accessible when the power goes out.  

Solar Powered Portable Generator

These devices have a renewable source of energy that we have a lot of in Arizona - the sun.   They don’t pollute or make noise and are easier to maintain. They are also significantly more portable than a gas-powered generator.  This is really nice if you own a camper or are a snow birder... as you can take it with you.

Solar Power Options.   There are a large variety of solar generators on the market.  Before buying a generator, you must do your research.  First thing to determine is what electronic essentials you want to back up.   The more devices, the bigger the system you will need.   You don’t want to buy a system and find out the hard way that it doesn’t meet your basic needs. There is a lot of information on the internet. You can also seek the advice of a professional.

Solar Tax Rebate.  Solar powered generators are eligible for a Federal Solar Energy Credit. You can take 26% (2022) of the cost off of your Income Taxes. This makes a solar generator a more affordable option than in the past.

Tucson Water Hosts Town Hall for One Water 2100 Master Plan

On Tuesday, August 16th, Tucson Water held a Town Hall at the Tucson Convention Center to introduce customers (that's us, Dove Mountain!) to their One Water 2100 Master Plan. This plan aims for resilient and sustainable water over the next 80 years integrating the use of ground, surface, storm and recycled water. The event was attended by nearly 300 people. Attendees had an opportunity to visit with City leaders and Tucson Water representatives during the event and participate in a Q & A session at the end of the formal presentations. The Town Hall event was recorded and you can view it at the link below. At the website you can also learn about the history of Tucson's water resources and conservation efforts, to date




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Photo courtesy of HCW

New Hotel Coming to Marana in 2023 

From the Town of Marana Website:

A new hotel is expected to open next year in our town.

According to the real estate development and construction management company HCW, a Springhill Suites will be built on two acres of land off Marana Center Boulevard near the I-10 and Twin Peaks Road intersection. The site is across from the Tucson Premium Outlets.

“We’re excited to have yet another hotel option with the Town of Marana that provides an alternative level of service for the upper-moderate lodging segment of the hospitality industry. Marana’s robust growth and supportive climate for business continues to get recognition from various local and national industries,” said Curt Woody, Director of Economic Development and Tourism with the Town of Marana.

This will be HCW’s 2nd Springhill Suites by Marriott. The first opened in Goodyear in August of 2020. HCW also has an office based in Phoenix.

So What Exactly Does Marana Public Works Do? 

Manager’s Message: Marana department ‘works’ to get things done

By Fausto Burruel, Interim Public Works Director

Have you ever wondered who fills potholes and changes the traffic lights and manages the road construction projects? The town of Marana Public Works Department plays a vital role in making Marana the ideal place to live, work and play through our infrastructure maintenance and improvement programs. 

Public works has six divisions: airport, capital improvements, facilities, fleet services, streets and traffic. We work hard with our fellow town departments and community partners to ensure an organization of excellence. 

Marana Regional Airport has four full-time staff with a superintendent, administrative assistant and two maintenance employees, who maintain 610 acres, two runways measuring over 6,900 and 3,800 feet, and accommodate over 90,000 takeoffs and landings a year. 

The days are filled with maintenance projects, billings, flight tracking, and providing five-star service to the businesses and users who enjoy the airport. Recent maintenance projects include upgrading the existing lighting to LED lights.

Our highest-profile project will be the addition of an air traffic control tower (ATCT). We are in the early stages and are projected to reach completion in fiscal year 2025. The ATCT will be manned by Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers. 

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