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September 2022

September is Emergency Preparedness Month

If an unexpected emergency should occur, do you have the tools and resources in place to ensure you and your family remain safe? Head over to the Mass.gov site where you will find helpful information as your prepare. If you have a loved one with a disability, there are additional tools available to ensure proper care is still able to be provided. 

Does your EI Program have a Parent Contact?

What is a Parent Contact? They are parent volunteers with children receiving early intervention services. They receive information from the EIPLP about resources and share widely with their community and EI programs

    Upcoming Events

  • September 24: Finding Your Footing Series Begins

  • October 6: Massachusetts ICC Retreat

  • October 7: Turning 3 Essentials Workshop (Spanish) register here

If you or anyone you know is interested in attending any of the events listed above, email us at eiplp@live.com

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For Parents By Parents

Woman holding a baby in a baby carrier on her chest. Smiling with sunglasses on

Our Provider Listened to our Concerns

My son, Parker was born in April 2021. My husband, Ben and I were overjoyed with our new addition, but also understandably overwhelmed. The first two weeks at home were a whirlwind as we found our footing as parents.

As we started to settle into our new life as a family as three (plus two dogs!), we noticed Parker was favoring his right side. He seemed to always look to the right when in his car seat, and always slept facing the right. With that, he started to develop a slight flat spot on the right side of his head. When we brought it up to our pediatrician, she mentioned torticollis was very common among newborns because of the way they are positioned in the womb and referred us to Early Intervention.

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Graphic explaining the Covid 19 vaccine is now available for children older than 6 months
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Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator

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