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In-Person Book Clubs
Fiction Book Club for Adults
Olga Dies Dreaming
By Xóchitl González
Olga, a wedding planner for the elite, and her brother, a popular congressman, have alluring public lives, but their personal lives are anything but. When their mother, Blanca, a Young Lord-turned-radical, barrels back into their lives after abandoning them years ago, Olga and Pietro must grapple with their family's long-held secrets.
Where: Humble Pint Brewing, Co.
When: September 17, at 2pm & 4pm
Nonfiction Book Club for Adults
The Viking Heart
By Arthur Herman
The Vikings have been a group that have captured the hearts and minds of people for millennia. Experts in sailing, they would reach some of the farthest corners of the world, and would help to shape the European world. Using archaeological and DNA research, Arthur Herman lays bare the epic story of a remarkable and diverse group of people.

Where: Library Study Rooms
When: September 15, at 5pm
A Dark Book Club (for Adults)
The Hacienda
By Isabel Cañas
When the Mexican government is overthrown and her father executed, Beatriz agrees to marry handsome don Rodolfo Solórzano, despite the rumors of his missing first wife. But as strange things begin to happen, Beatriz knows that there is something wrong with the hacienda, and no one there will help her.
Where: Leander Public Library Annex
When: October 8, at 2pm
Online Book Clubs
The Kindred
By Alechia Dow
Joy Abara is a commoner. Felix Hamdi is a duke. Yet they are tied together by their bond as Kindred, a mind-pairing that was created to ensure that every person is heard and seen. When the royal family is assassinated, Felix is accused of the murders. With a bounty on his head, Joy is in just as much danger. Their meeting in real life isn't ideal, especially when they crash land on a strange planet called Earth....
Notes on an Execution
By Danya Kukafka
Ansel Packer has twelve hours to live. A serial killer sentenced to death row, he knows what he's done, but he also knows that he doesn't want to die. Not like this. All he's ever wanted was to be celebrated and understood.. His story unfurls through the women in his life, a mother, a sister-in-law, and a homicide detective. These three women sift through the choices that led to tragedy, and explore the destruction Ansel left in his wake.
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